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'As American as Apple Pie': #MyNameIs Hashtag Celebrates Beauty of Diversity After David Perdue's Racist Attack on Kamala Harris

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/18/american-apple-pie-mynameis-hashtag-celebrates-beauty-diversity-after-david-perdues


Evidently name calling is as American as apple pie too.

All well and good to respect our candidates, but hopefully one day we will get past name calling and debate the issues we elect officials to represent in more cognitive terms.

"Cognition refers to “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses”.

Some cognitive psychologists assert:

“Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is a comprehensive theory about the nature and development of human intelligence. It was originated by the Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget. The theory deals with the nature of knowledge itself and how humans gradually come to acquire, construct, and use it.”


RethugliKKKan Senator Perdue is actually a chicken.


Funny how names sometimes change their meaning. At one time “trump” meant something to do with a card game, like diamonds trump hearts. Now it means “racist idiot with a stupid orange mop”.


I just shmaarked my coffee…hahahaha

I’d be willing to bet a tub of fried chicken that ole David Purdue doesn’t speak any other languages other than usa english.


English etymology has changed over time to the point where many languages have become obsolete.

Sorry, that link doesn’t work and I can’t locate the reference. It is a pie chart showing how the combination of language origins changes within the english language.

I heard he “peeps” a lot when he isn’t making racist comments.

We should all “flip him the bird”.


I really love the beautiful names–this provides a deeply loving psychological suggestion to the child.


Just as a brief thwok upside the head.
Take a moment to consider sorta halfway around the world the STUNNING terrace agriculture technology of a people of the Philippines, the “Sky People” have built & maintained the rich ecology of rice terraces for thousands of years. From the Long Now Seminar, “Design by Radical Indigenism” by Julia Watson.

The Towering Terraces of the Ifugao | Julia Watson

Folks whose families have fled with a dream of the American experience frequently flee entire legacy cultures at the hands of transnational corporations and autocrats.

One minute and forty five seconds - about as long as you spent reading this and worth every second (the former that is…).


But by the same token, Lyndon B. Johnson provided healthcare to many children in terms of Medicare/Medicaid and there was no love lost in his approach.

I had to look that up. I thought you were referring to a breed of chickens. We don’t have that make here in Europe. But i had a good laugh when i saw the images of the packets. We only have kfc, mcdonalds, burger king. Awful places.


When Trump called Kamala Harris " A MONSTER AND A COMMUNIST" that showed me his stupidity, racism and insanity are off the charts! Can you imagine if Biden wins and something happens to him and Kamala is POTUS. A women; who is an anathema to Trump and a black woman who is a former prosecutor whom he scorned with pejoratives… decides to go after Trump!


It appears to this hombre that the “Sonny” in David (Sonny) Perdue might just mean a boy who has yet to grow up. Sometimes I ponder whether Redneck should be classified as a language or just a dialect. One might call that a dialectic digression from the topic at hand.


Senator David Perdue of Georgia’s extended slur ‘Kamala-mala-mala-whatever’ sounds like he pointedly wanted to conflate Kamala Harris’s name with Malala Yousafzai, a Muslim female high school student from Pakistan who barely survived an assassination attempt undertaken because, as a young woman, she attended a school.

Let’s break this down. Taking the time to pointedly mispronounce someone’s name expresses an abhorrence of that person, a denial of their humanity, a denial that the person’s opinions will ever be taken seriously by the speaker and an encouragement to listeners that they take the same tack as a favor to the speaker. It’s a tool that a schoolyard bully might use.

I’d say that Senator Perdue set out to gratuitously conflate Senator Harris’s name with a specific Muslim name. He wanted to simultaneously express his racially-driven abhorrence of all Muslims and of Senator Harris with the same swipe. He used the Muslim label to tacitly express to a racially oriented crowd his abhorrence of Senator Harris because of her nonwhite skin tone.

Others, such as Donald Trump, have pointedly attacked female nonwhite legislators at the same time that they have left male nonwhite legislators alone. Senator Perdue’s continuance of this bullying trend is noted.

Georgia Senator Perdue is locked in a tight re-election race with Jon Ossoff. ~www.predictit.~org gives David Perdue a slight edge, 65 cents on the dollar to Ossoff’s 41 cents on the dollar, but ~predictit.~org often leans somewhat strongly toward wealthy people who have lots of disposable money to bet on political races. So, I suspect that this race is going to be close.


Please don’t insult rednecks. The original rednecks fought for decent pay and hours at their work and other human rights. The term is used derisively when it should be quite the opposite.

You could always use “rectal aperture” as would befit him quite well.


Yes, anyone that worked in the sun for most of the day and inspired the use of a neckerchief.

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Feel free to check out parts of my music collection or my tan line, I am proud of my Texas heritage, much like Jim Hightower, but like Jim am proud of my Progressive stances as well. I do admit that some colloquialisms associated with rednecks (I use them often) are pretty colorful.

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His cousin Sonny, Ag Secretary and former governor of GA, is also a chicken.

All the people who lit their hair on fire over Devi Perdue being a racist, knowing as a Republican it’s a must part of their CV, calm down. These are the “liberal tears” that the reich-wing loves to see. He was playing to his crowd and you are not a member. Use it as campaign fodder, but let’s not make it out to be Devi recreating 1960s Georgia by jumping up and down in his white sheet screaming the ‘N’ word. Progress? Let’s concentrate on his 96% voting record in support of Trump/McConnell instead.


If you ever bought a pair of Reeboks, you made Devi Perdue richer.