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As American Statecraft Crumbles into Dangerous Incoherence, Where is the Senate?


As American Statecraft Crumbles into Dangerous Incoherence, Where is the Senate?

Andrew Bacevich

How senators of both parties have made themselves complicit in the unfolding folly of Trump's foreign policy


This, is the lesson that any of you in the 95% of the voting electorate that voted to support the Duopoly candidates must learn.

Unless you also are in the top 1%, you are voting to support the continued poisoning of our planet, the death of any remaining Democratic principles, the sale of your children’s futures, and the Neverending spread of Terror and Hate through the MIC.

Your s/elected officials have been conspiring for many years to rob the piggybank, and leave nothing for you.


Left, right, left, right the elections swing–hypnotizing the electorate into somnolence where they dream they are in a democracy. Much ado is made about the (nothingness) of ineffectual changes made. Will we live to hear “what’s done is done”?


The obvious could not be more blatant, the sham of still having even a modicum of actual representative democracy, consisting of at least some respectably civic minded individuals.


Thank you, Mr. Bacevich, for your well thought out, and well expressed, words of wisdom about our current lack of any coherence in Foreign Policy. Compared to the five giants of the Senate that you have paid homage to, the Senate today seems to be occupied by frightened little rats who think only of re-election, in thrall to their respective party’s Groupthink.


What about senators Morse, Gruening and McGovern? God damnit!


Andrew Bacevich always offers excellent perspective. Yes, Congress is as big a part of the problem as BumbleTrump is, maybe a bigger part.

Endless and undeclared and secret wars, and Congress is cutting taxes for the rich. They fiddle as Rome burns.


You named those I was thinking. I’d like to add Robert Byrd of West Virginia for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq debacle and for his insistence on the Senate maintaining its constitutional power.


Even if you are in the top 1%, and you’re voting for the duopoly, you are voting to support the poisoning of the planet, including the ruining of the ecosystem. You may be accumulating more and more money and power, but money will do you no good if catastrophic climate change occurs.


Where is the Senate? Why, having removed their heads from their donors hinders, they scored a massive legislative “victory”, and returned said heads back into said hinders! Just look closely, Mr. Bacevich. They are too busy having a cigarette after giving the American people a good screwing. The poor dears are too tuckered out from that ordeal to get anything meaningful done. Besides, a lot of these folks are crazier than a rat in a coffee can. I really don’t trust them to deal with anyone in an intellectual way. That would involve far too much engagement for these dim bulbs.


Andrew Bacevich reminds me of the late Chalmers Johnson. Both have offered invaluable and insightful commentary for years.


They were also equally great men who served their country well! We don’t seem to have any of that caliber since we lost Paul Wellstone and Robert Byrd.


The U.S. senate is where it has always been: kissing Israels fesses (posterior).