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As Americans Increasingly Bear 'Real Costs of Climate Crisis,' Polls Show Soaring Realization of Global Warming's Threat


You want to regulate corporations and you can’t even regulate yourself? Time to put up or shut up buttercup. If you’re going to tell other people what they have to give up, you’ll have to lead the way. Ruin your own economical position before telling other people to wreck theirs.


What are you doing on this site? Who do you work for? The oil and gas industry or a shill company for them? Seriously, look at your post.


Look, we all have to do it.

The chart here looks like completely different than charts 10 years ago showing that cars were only 15% of carbon emissions:

Of course our EPA is run by one of Trump’s swamp creatures so is mis-reporting.

Yes, we should all do what we can. However, it WON’T be enough if we don’t rein in corporate pollution too.


By the way, it’s nearly impossible to find good info. Now nearly all the sites break down literally car emissions from country to country and completely leave out corporations like plastics toy manufacturers. What’s happening in Beijing has WAY more to do with corporate pollution than simply the cars people drive.

Yes, cars need to be changed to electric. But it’s not going to put much more then a dent in the real pollution going on.

Google is nearly USELESS now because it filters out non-corporate friendly sites as I’ve found out with many topics in the last year and a half. When there was good information you could see the exact companies that put out more emissions than all cars world wide, every year.

That the topic even only calls out carbon as if carbon is the big problem is a climate crime. Maybe everyone means chloroflurocarbons.


Excuse me, we do need transportation. You’re sounding like an unreasonable plant to make progressives look bad. If there is no transportation cities will have no food.


I’m retired. Don’t work for anyone. I’m here reading what a lot of people have to say that don’t own up to the spirit of their convictions. When you’ve done the things that you want society to do, you’ll have room to talk. Until then you are little more than a hypocrite.


Excuse me, You are the hypocrite. If you don’t including regulating corporate pollution it’s because you have no problem with it. I take great strides to leave a small foot print. Why are you letting off the biggest polluters on earth? Also, about regulation, do you know we could get double the gas millage on cars with regulation? Without regulations I hope you choke on your fracking poisoned water.


You are the person that would advocate rules for others convening how they use energy but won’t pony up for an electric car and some how that makes me the hypocrite. Interesting.

It’s funny that you should mention fracked wells. My house sits right on top of one. Literally. From the back of my property, I can see two well heads. One for drinking water and one for gas. I know it will blow your narrative, but my water isn’t contaminated. In fact, despite what you’ve been told and have come to believe, there is little to no contamination from fracked wells. Come down here sometime and I’ll drive you around and let you try to point out the damage caused by those wells. I’ll give you a hint. You won’t find any. Then I’ll show you a map so you can see just how many there are. It’s astounding. If the people that post their opinions on this site were to be believed, this area would be an environmental calamity. It just aint so though. There are a lot of people heating their homes much more cheaply because of these wells. I’m guessing you would rather them freeze or go broke trying to pay for more expensive alternatives. I’m certain that you have turned the gas or the gas powered electricity off at your house and gone off the grid with solar and wind. That is if you aren’t a hypocrite. After all, the average payback is only 10 years or so. No problem for a progressive right?

How do you deal with the hate that you feel when you wish others to choke? Do you really think that wishing ill on others like that is a positive human attribute?


You’ve exposed yourself. I’d say watch gasland but that would mean me feigning like you don’t know better. My there are a lot of paid shills on internet.


I don’t know just how you think I’ve exposed myself. I’m retired from the civil service. I’ve also worked in the military and for two major corporations. Today I simply take care of my small property and I don’t work for anyone. Every word I’ve written is the honest truth. If you want to know what it is like to be around fracked wells, I live in southern Tarrant County Texas. That’s the county that Ft. Worth is in. I’ll be glad to show you around. You would be amazed at how many wells there are here and how many people are living in, around and over them without issue. You are being sold a bill of goods everyday and not having any first hand knowledge, you are buying it hook, line, and sinker. The funny thing is that people around here will bad mouth the wells too, but when asked how they are affected, they have no answers because there are no real problems. This is the 34th largest county in the country by population and it sits on the edge of the Barnett Shale field. There are thousands of wells with 100’s of thousands of people living among them. If there was a real problem, you would have heard about it by now. I don’t need to watch Gasland, I watch the rig work that drilled the hole below my property, as well as dozens of other rigs and bore holes, I’ve watched as the pipelines were installed, every single weld on those pipelines is xrayed for quality incidentally, I watched the trucks come in and work that process too. I’ve watched the people maintain the wells and one of my grandsons actually worked doing that for a while. Don’t believe me though, go to an area that has a lot of this activity and see for yourself, but don’t use a petroleum product to get there. That would be hypocritical.