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As Antarctica Melts Away, Seas Could Rise Ten Feet Within 100 Years



This would seem to put the lie to the nonsense from the deniers heard on late night talk radio that the ice in Antarctica is growing. For them, black is white.


I wouldn't put too much stock in the predictions of Associated Press stories, as the particular scientists chosen often underestimate. In 2002, 1,250 square miles of the Larsen B ice shelf unexpectedly collapsed in a month. So when major melts/changes happen, it may happen FAST with little warning.

And the Antarctic Sheets are but one facet of this. If the frozen methane ocean deposits are released over a short period, and permafrost melt accelerates as well, temps may rise closer to the worst-case scenarios. And no, stopping eating meat won't help much.


How many of the numerous nuclear power plants that are located on coastlines will not be properly shut down and have their profoundly toxic fuels and waste moved to higher ground before catastrophic immersion and circulation into the sea? I feel that I am reasonably optimistic that out of the current 7 billion plus people on Earth today, perhaps a handful of the most exceptionally resilient may survive the 6th Great Mass Extinction that I believe is already underway. However, the chances of even that are severely diminished by the existence of even a few of these de facto sitting radioactive dirty megatimeb0mbs. The consequences our species reaps are multifold and cascade into tangential courses that will require both connecting dots and acting proactively at a far deeper and widespread level than I have been able to observe the momentum of our collective make. The evolution of vision of the light spectrum has given us a potent ability to navigate dangers as they occur but, alas, overall humanity suffers myopia in the dimension of time that is sending the herd over a cliff. It is my theory that the resilient survivors of the current multi-crisis will be those that have above average ability to act in concert with wisdom motivated by deep compassion, or in short, higher evolving love. The odds that there will be enough to sustain a viable population are drastically cut if they are also required to have an above average resilience to radioactivity.


Yeah, I take that into account. I see the baggage of domination as a dead end, the challenges will be magnitudes higher and only those that evolve the tricks to higher cooperation will make the cut, IMO.


I for one do not decry the impending rise in oceanic levels. To be sure, it will hurt Manhattan and most of Florida, and possibly San Francisco and La Jolla and San Diego, maybe even Big Sur, but except for the latter I'm pretty much OK with that outcome. I think the first five floors of Manhattan sunk would be a splendid thing. Manhattan could become the "Venice" of North America. Gondolas not taxicabs! That might be a beautiful thing.


It's all Bull....in 1962 we were warned of global cooling and that Cleveland Ohio would be under ice by the year 2000. How did that work? These are natural climate swings.


The deniers are amazing. I just heard some fool putting down the idea of global warming because he said he saw a video of a man in New England throwing a glass of water into the air and, it is soooo cold back there, that the water turned to ice crystals before it hit the ground. Well, OK, then, that proves that warming is indeed a myth. More proof on your local Fox News station at 6 pm where "truthiness" rules.
By the way, if previous experience is any indication the predictions will be conservative compared to what actually happens. Florida is going to have a whole different coastline and Rush Limpball's Palm Beach mansion is going to be underwater.


What YOU are saying is bull. The cooling interpretation didn't last very long and has been thoroughly discounted - like your ignorant opinion. If you are so sure then go live in Southern Florida.


The good news is people in Queens will own beach front property, and won't have to drive to Jersey.


Now that AP has satisfied its slender self defined obligation to objective reporting on climate change, it can go back to ignoring the issue and lending credence to deniers' claims when it isn't.

And my local rag, the Walker - er, Wisconsin - State Journal, which depends on AP for almost all of its outside content, apparently didn't deem this worthy of inclusion.

However, there was an enlightening item about a "terror owl" that's been attacking folks in Holland.


Yes, this is what I have been thinking about.... funny, a thought came to me... rather comic... what if, in 1942...when that "Alien space ship" ... came and well, gave us some technology... it was about how to make some nuclear "feeding grounds" for them... so that they would be able to use this planet for their own supply of "food"....
This is the only thing I can think of that would bring those who want nuclear ....to "want" it so bad... otherwise, they just must be crazy....


Swim Rush, swim!!!


OOOps... since, yor are beached... well, you probably can't swim... you know...


If global warming is so serious, why does Mr. Global Warming, Al Goore, have such a big hour that uses so much energy? If the oceans are going to rise, why did he purchase ocean front property in CA? And, why does he fly his private jet contributing so much to the pollution that causes global warming?
There are many reputable scientist that disagree with the theory, especially since, over the past 20 years, the earth has actually cooled. The polar ice cap that was going to be gone is larger than ever. Talking about short-lived ideas.


Paper-thin surface ice replacing 15 foot ice is not a polar cap. It melts back off in August up North. If you look at the government's new map of the North pole it is a small square, about half the coverage or less of the old global cap. I used to fly across it and it was solid (no breaks on radar) all the way across. Now the South Pole is melting.

You deniers never took Earth Science in college. The Ocean will become 400 feet higher again, and dozens of coastal nuke plants (which cannot be moved, since it takes 40 years just to decommission them, will all start melting down). Nuke plants can't be controlled when the switching vaults flood like they did at Fukushima.

Al Gore is just a Tennessee huckster claiming he invented the internet and global warming. Neither is true. But all the world's National Academy's of Science agree that Global Warming is true and man caused it.



Thank you Thomas Jefferson for this reply....I try to reply sometimes to post like that, but I get tongue tied... I find it hard to come to terms with anyone thinking like that.... My actual biggest problem, is that I have to keep functioning in a this society... in almost the same way I always did.... I have made some changes... but I get down during the day because I'm not living like I feel I should... I haven't eaten red meat since 1977 chicken since 1980..... I grow a garden, pretty big, but can't do it up much cause of my job... I give some of it away.... I have chickens... just four right now... I've had more....getting some more in the spring...
You see, I would find it very natural to live off grid... I grew up on a farm and when young, in my twenties and thirties, thought I'd go nuts back up here, just "hangin out" everyday in my little rural town... but, no... not any more.... I loathe going to work everyday... even though my job is pretty much okay in some ways...
I'm just ready to give up all this "wonderful" technology... but, i don't own this house yet... and I have a 15 yr old... my true test will be once she is out and gone on to college.... three more years... I do plan on retiring at 62... you can't pay me to ride down the road anymore.... after that... i drive 500 -600 miles a week... non profit job... I just can't seem to find anything closer... and ...I make less than 30,000 a year... it's not the money keeping me there... most of what's near me... is even less....
I am rying my best ... to hold up my head and keep going.. .and spreading what I know and understand... about our situation... but it is getting very difficult.... to keep positive... spring may help, when I get o plant again...


Not all scientist agree. Even the UN has contradictory reports. But, some people would rather call others names than do the research..... You say the global cooling was short lived and debunked. It was preached as gospel. What makes you think those that say the climate is in a normal cycle and the whole global warming will hysteria will not be short lived as the climate is in a cycle? If that is true, the folks will have paid a very high financial cost for nothing at the expense of those who create this hysteria and profit from it. There are more than an adequate number of scientist that say this is a normal cycle. Guess they received their earth science studies from the same people that sell mail order minister certificates. So, all should settle down, look at other data, and most of all, stop getting so upset as that makes you breath heavily and contribute to the CO2 output causing more warming. Join a conservation group, plant more greenery, convert the CO2 to O2 and the world will be happier.


How mature...name calling!


What cooling?