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As Anti-American and Anti-Good As It Is Possible To Be: Trump Refuses To Lower Flags For Murdered Journalists


As Anti-American and Anti-Good As It Is Possible To Be: Trump Refuses To Lower Flags For Murdered Journalists

No words. Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley says the sick man in the White House has declined his request to lower American flags in the city to half-staff to honor the five Capital Gazette journalists murdered last week. “Obviously, I’m disappointed," he said. "Is there a cutoff for tragedy?” Meanwhile, tearful fellow journalists spoke at memorials to air a vital truth: "We are not the enemy - we are you."


Got any flagpole scalers willing to make the choice one of WE THE PEOPLE ? If not maybe we should start carrying our own flags and lower them to half mast en mass.

I am also reminded that hanging the flag upside down messages crisis.


Flying the Flag on the 4th, tomorrow, upside down would be the patriotic thing to do. IMHO.


DT hates the press that hates him and refuses to kiss his ass. He would lower the flag on the death of one white supremacist but not the press. He’s a racist and bigot and always has been no different than his father or Jared’s bunch. That one photo of DT hugging the flag he and his people love to promote: He’s a patriot, he loves this county, blah, blah which is BS. He loves the money and the adoration. He would wipe his ass with the flag in public if the mood was on him just to prove he can do anything and get away with it.


The ignorance, utter evil and serious mental illness of the “malignant narcissist” shown clear with this umpteenth betrayal of everything america says it stands-for. This regime from Hell doesn’t care about anything except greed and self-interest, not the environment, not your families future, not a sustainable future for any of us…and if you wealthy believe you will escape, you got another think comin!

The orange Mussolini shows his contempt for all except himself, his corporate masters, and his cronies daily and turns America into a reflection of his twisted malignant mind!

Had enough yet, America?


I have flown my flag at half mast since Trump took office. Neighbors and people used to ask me periodically who the mourning was for, but once it got around that I was mourning the death of the Presidency and democracy, they no longer ask, they are used to seeing my flag at half mast now.


I’d like to echo the words by Abby Zimet on the “'Spineless NRA Toady” Rubio…to strongly endorse and attach it to comments on the malignant orange pig in the WH! If you aren’t really pissed and infuriated at the obscenity that is the trump regime and all who sail in it, you are NOT paying attention!

"Fuck You and Your Fake Fucking Outrage Over People Being Fucking Shot By Fucking Lunatics That You Motherfuckers Keep Allowing to Possess Fucking Firearms"!

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" - destroyer of a nation and its peoples - of everything my (trump’s) diseased tiny mind and filthy/bloody hands touch!


When Trump finally, mercifully and thankfully shuffles off this mortal coil, my flag will again fly at full mast.


Yea, verily yea! Though, if Pence or others of his ilk take over, it may again have to fly at half mast.
*A thorough house cleaning is needed, then perhaps, flags at full staff and even fireworks!
*When I was a young boy during WW-II, I learned a song at my mother’s knee;
*“Oh der fuehrer said ‘Ve ist der Master Race!’ Und so ve Heil Pffft, Heil Pffft! Right in der fuehrer’s face!”
*Somehow, that little ditty seems appropriate today.


Apart from being good at being a dick, Dump is also good at changing his “mind,” to use the term loosely, repeatedly.

Btw, do you readers know of anyone who voted for Stephen Miller for president? I don’t. I say “Sic ‘im!”


If I believed in flying a flag, I would hang it upside down…and tattered.


Yup. Now what, Emph? Michael Moore (?) asked how many of us are willing to die in fighting fascism… uh, which is what I thought hundreds of thousands of Americans did in WWII…


We can’t even get a thorough house cleaning with just taking down the OC. Cheney and Kissinger are still slinking around…and ALEC and NRA and Heritage and Federalist Society…et al.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::nauseated_face:


Today’s citizens may be too soft, scattered/diverted, and ignorant, generally…certainly seriously un-informed and kept so by a corrupted failed fascism-serving media. Knowing history is critical to understanding the present - even tho times and people change, it seems to me much has become very shallow in many respects, with a broad education a thing of the past - such people are easily manipulated and diverted.

The American Volunteers of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (and the other International Brigades from over 50 country’s) who went to Spain to fight with the republican Spanish government against the fascist Franco regime and his allies Hitler and Mussolini, in the Spanish Civil War, were all heroes - many Volunteers died fighting fascism in Spain.

When the Lincoln’s returned to America they were labelled “premature anti-fascists” and some were later brought-up before HUAC and its malignant leader, Joe McCarthy.
An interesting connection there was McCarthy’s chief council, Roy Cohn of NYC, who was later lawyer-for, and mentor-to…Donald trump, our current malignant fascist “leader”…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” - George Santayana.

Billy Kwan, character from Peter Weir’s great film, asked, as Tolstoy did before, quoting Luke, “What then must we do”?


Well, the protests worked – the prictator ordered the flags to be flown at half-mast for the slain journalists:


Prictator… I love that! Will borrow it if it’s ok with you…


V, you’re a lot better at history than I am😣.

I knew about that creep Cohn, Dump, and HUAC, but I didn’t know about the “premature anti-fascists.” Nor did I know very much about the Lincolns. Thx. My dad had that book A Quarter Century Of Un-Americana…about HUAC. I can’t find it.

It seems our generation is the only folks who know what fascism really is and how bad it is. I guess the US is really going down… I admit I’m shocked at the number of people in the same category as Sessions, Nielsen, Homan (who’s been sidelined in the news? While he’s one of the Nazi stalwarts…), Miller, Bannon, to name just a few of the current crop. Pence is another category. Ryan, another. McConnell?

Some “happy Fourth of July.” If anyone says that to me today, I may puke on him…


It’s more than ok – we need to spread it far and wide so people get used to calling him what he IS!


Thanks…and I agree with you.


Pwr 2 the DISGUSTED peons!