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As Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Triple, Researchers Cite 'Toxic' Environment



Back in 2001, I was a 911 operator. Hours of boredom punctuated by moments
of terror. Got a call from a guy complaining that someone had left packages of
pork on his porch. It's apparently not getting any better. The same crap happened to the Italians and the Irish, mostly because, in the early 20th century, not only were they "furriners," but because they were Catholics. Catholics, Jews, and Muslims have been getting disrespected and even worse, for decades. How soon we forget .It is, indeed, a toxic environment, fed by casual, conversational racism.


This bigotry must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Chump and his allies are trying to make Muslim an M-word.

It's disgusting. No group in America should have to bear the brunt of discrimination and hate crimes.

We need to speak out now, before the nutcases start burning and bombing Mosques.


"Can't we all just get along" -Rodney King, 1992 . Appears that some people can not.

Hate crimes against any group are unacceptable.

I will point out that Jews continue to be the most targeted group for religious hate crimes.. 59.8 % of all religious hate crimes according to the latest FBI figures.

And No, I am not Jewish.


I have been a Muslim for more than thirty-five years and have read the Koran from cover to cover many times. What you say about it simply isn't true. NOT AT ALL.

The Koran NOWHERE demands "blind obedience," nor does it talk ANYWHERE about religious or racial purity.

Your characterization of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) as a "psychopath" is clearly the result of reading and believing lies.

As for the Jews, the Koran says that they, like Christians, are fellow monotheists, "Children of the Book," (i.e. revealed text) and that Islam is a continuation of the religion of Prophet Abraham (may God be pleased with him!). NOWHERE does the Koran call for the extermination of the Jews, but on the contrary, ordains respect for them. Islam accepts all the Hebrew prophets as prophets of Islam.

I will be charitable and say that you have been misled, and not that you are deliberating propagating hate yourself.

The Koran does talk about people like you, and the people who MISinform you, though: "In their hearts is a disease, and God increaseth their disease."


Please spew your bigotry elsewhere. It isn't welcome here.


How about a citation for your claim about religious hate crime numbers?


I already did. FBI hate crime report. Look it up.


I did. The site you are referring to is clearly a pro-Israeli site.

The percentages you quote are based on hate crimes "reported", not arrests or convictions. If I call the police 1,000 times and report hate crimes against Confuciionists, they would become the number one victims in my town by your standards.

Also, though very misleading, the numbers are also from 2014. The latest FBI report says that hate crimes against Muslims have increased by three-fold just in the past month.


It is shocking and dangerous that my post has been censored. The claims I make are not hate. Some are my views by they are backed by facts which all serious students of Mohammed accept.

If we are not to permit ourselves a discussion about the motives of people who are presently, right now, killing us, not all Muslims just the ones actively killing us right now, we will lose more of our citizens, ones whose lives could have been saved.


The Official FBI site is Pro-Israel? Ok. But isn't it a bit odd to say that the FBI site is somehow biased for Jews, and that the figures are wrong ( reported 1000 times ect.) and then cite the exact same site to support your argument?

I guess I will just leave you to argue with yourself.


If people would only realize that there are more similarities in the scriptures of the major religions than differences the world would be in a better place. A lot of evangelicals are still believing that Catholics are followers of a Satan cult. Every religion has its fanatics who mostly take a sentence here and a sentence there out of the scriptures and mold that sentence to their belief.

As far as the hatred of Islam is concerned, it has a lot to do with America's and Europe's meddling of the Middle East in the first place. When people in those countries strike back with whatever they have they are called terrorists. And since most people in the Middle East are Muslims the masses believe that it has something to do with religion. The West has used religions as well - fighting in the name of Christianity.


It is amazing how bigoted many Americans are and, in comparison to what many places in the rest of the world have to deal with, how easy the hate comes to the surface as a result of events occurring so far away from most of them. Why are many Americans so afraid? Is it the result of living in their privileged fairy tale bubbles untouched by reality?

The prejudice seems to sit there just below the surface and it does not take much for Americans to paint an entire group of people as bad, whether it by based on religion, ethnicity, or skin color. This is a major piece of the history of the United States.


Macsta, I was the one who flagged one of your hate-filled, bigoted posts because it certainly is not only lies, but hateful lies. And I am glad that Common Dreams honored my action, because people like you need to be told that your bullying is EVIL.

You clearly did not read my comment that I have read the Koran over and over because if you did would not make your ridiculous assertions without a tremor of shame. The only "serious" students of Islam who make the claims you do are the ones who are seriously intent on demonizing Prophet Muhammad and religion he taught.

As for the motives of the Muslims who are "actively killing us right now," I suggest that you look at American support for Israel and its policy of genocide, at American genocide of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the history of the West in the Middle East for the past 900 years.


Yes, Cloudchopper, you are absolutely right.
Muslims say that if the Jews would practice their religion, and Christians theirs, we would have peace.


OK, let's talk about "motives".

What do you think about the fact that the US has dropped bombs on at least fourteen Muslim nations since 1980. Do you think those being bombed just might be motivated to strike back?


and that's what the power center plays on. divide and conquer.


It is neither shocking nor dangerous. Read the terms you agreed to in posting on this website. Bigotry and hatred are grounds for exclusion. Free speech is a guarantee afforded to you by a state, it is not a license to say whatever you want to whomever you want without consequences.

It's not "the Muslims" targeting weddings with drone bombings. It's not "the Muslims" who are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks in the U.S. It's not "the Muslims" who, in the U.S, are working ceaselessly to deprive women of their rights. You can thank the Great Christian Democrats for that.

On the topic of women, how about you take a cursory look at the history and texts of Christianity before you start waxing on about how Islam characterizes women. Ever been to a Christian wedding? Take a look at the vows.

Open your eyes. If you're worried about Muslim women, how about you ask them what sort of help they want. Stop acting like you're trying to rescue the very people whom you are victimizing. The biggest threat faced by Muslim women isn't Islam, it's bigots like you.


Cloudchopper you really need to do some homework. Why don't you read the Wikipedia entry on Mohammed. Haven't even done that have you?


You seriously come in here justifying a series of hate crimes against Muslims and tell us to go read wikipedia? Fuck off.