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As AOC and Ayanna Pressley Demand Answers on Trump Policy That Would Deport Sick Kids, ICE Officials at Hearing Refuse to Talk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/aoc-and-ayanna-pressley-demand-answers-trump-policy-would-deport-sick-kids-ice


And yet, nancy will not openly and forcefully demand Impeachment. This admin has thrown the Rule of Law under the bus without any recourse, no actual push-back and those in power sit on their hands, deaf, dumb and mute to it all. I’m going to go puke…


This should be the end of any subservience of the congress to any other branch of government. Yes, they can subpoena but it is time to enforce contempt of congress and lock some of these Trump officials up for as long as is required to get them to submit to the will of congress - which should be the will of the people. We know what AOC will do but since Pelosi works for Wall Street and not us - we will have trouble.


With People like Pelosi, is congress really necessary? Just do whatever Trump wants.


Well, reader, it is after all a one-party system; opposition need not apply.


Kill me first…

So easily you surrender…

As one old timer to another: HUH?!


Any chance you could package that and send it to Nancy?


I can’t find it listed in the Federal Register so there is not final ruling on it. In regard to how this would be considered, ICE would be the last place I would expect to find it.

No one listens to me anymore. I have given up. Why don’t you try? You can quote me if you like.

All the immigration policies and suggestions and now aiming at sick helpless immigrants and at homeless people (internment camps)??

Niemöller must be turning over in his grace…First they came for the Muslim immigrants, then they came for the Hispanic immigrants, then they separated innocent children from their parents and put them god-knows-where, then they bullied Mexico and other countries’ governments to prohibit the asylum trek of terrified immigrants (terrified to stay in their home countries which WE had a huge hand in ruining), then they came for the sick or crippled or most vulnerable of the immigrants, then they came for the GLBT population (one T at a time), then they came for the homeless…WHO IS NEXT?
(I know I didn’t get everyone who should be included.)

Is this all Miller’s handiwork? Is Donnie Dump really only a puppet? Is any of these ideas his???

Have none of these goddamn agency officials EVER heard of Nazism and the trials at Nuremberg? WTF?

Pressley is so correct about the lows stooped to by these miscreants in Dump’s administration. We might have to invent a new word for lower-than-low.


You do know I meant to package the contents of your emptied stomach, right? Hmmmm, maybe those rubber joke vomit puddles—-send those to Nancy and her fellow spineless-corrupt “representatives of wethepeople.”

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:-/ Thanks, I didn’t and now I do and I like it. Been under too much stress and have lost my sense of humor. So much stress I have gutted my site, locked the doors and turned off the lights :-/// There used to be a fun-shop in downtown Phx where I’m sure they sold those puddles. I ought to by a gross of them and send them out but then I would be tagged as a puddle _______ something or other :-)))


What rule of law? That’s so yesterday.


Gilbert, I get it. The stress, frustration, rage, impotence, etc. are omnipresent. But we can’t all crash / be depressed at the same time. We come onto sites like this to vent and commiserate. I don’t really have a clue as to how much hope anyone has for this fascist-Nazi regime to go under within the next few years (meaning less than a decade). Young people seem to have energy to keep fighting. You DO have a sense of humor, wry at times; use it to buck yourself up.
I think you and carl had a miscommunication.

Dump is deteriorating more and more daily, and maybe thanks to Bandy Lee and her group, more people are willing to say the unthinkable aloud: Emperor Dump is losing it (and Dense is standing in the wings gleefully rubbing his hands and salivating). I’m beginning to think Dump will totally crater before the next election. Then we have a whole different battle. Lol…I guess god will have to choose whose side she’s on—the so-called Christians’ or wethepeople’s. Ha ha ha…


Tanks Toni…I have had some personal experiences as of late to cause me to shut-down.

That wacko in the White House best just turn himself over to those with specially designed coats, usually in white with very long sleeves.


These problems need to be corrected. However, the fundamental fact is that the US has no comprehensive immigration policy. Both political parties like the “brew ha ha” at the border and keep it flourishing. Demonize those fleeing, especially from south of our border and we take the attention off of the US policies applied against many of these countries that drive people from their homes to a strange and officially unwelcoming country. The fuel of myth is like a star and it will burn out after a while. So it has to be the problems within these countries that drive so many from their homes. Given US history in many of these countries it is time that we made a concerted effort to solve problems we had a hand in creating. Or do we continue to draw boundaries through sick children based upon poverty and political expediency?


It’s the fiber, I tell ya. Eat more beans (urp) and even your stomach will withstand the onslaught of encroaching fascism. I’ll see you for calisthenics at 5:30.

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The latter. As long as fascists, oligarchs, plutocrats, Nazis, or whatever other words you want to use are in power. None of us has a big enough can of Raid to end their plague.

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