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As Arctic Temperatures Soar, Trump Lavishes Fossil Fuel Industry With Billions in Bailouts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/arctic-temperatures-soar-trump-lavishes-fossil-fuel-industry-billions-bailouts

Oh the irony. Another article yesterday on Common Dreams was all about how the fossil fuel industry is losing money and dying out. I was going to post about how they will not lose money because the government will prop them up and bail them out. And lo and behold this article says exactly that. These industries own the USA. And the taxpayers will be forced keep them afloat.

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If the workers were being bailed out that would be OK, but we know who will keep the cash, now don’t we.


Moses was all out of ideas, so finally he went up the mountain and brought his problem to the Lord. “God, it’s too hot and too dry here, and so all the people are going to die. I’m desperate! Got anything?”

“No problem,” answered God. “What you need is a complete plan, a full agenda.” So Moses put God’s answer onto a web site - there was a spider web on the stone tablet, up top and in the middle, where else could the little spider build her web? Then he downloaded the heavy web site, including the spider, all the way down the mountain to the people.

They were all worshiping gold! Nothing new under the sun.

That’s when Moses almost uttered a certain nine letter G word, “G - - - - - - - -!”, and then the web site crashed. Fortunately Moses made a backup.

Now you more or less know how to solve climate change. Plan well! If you need help, ask. Finally, separate out the worshipers of gold from everybody else.

No, most of those who think they know how to combat Climate Change, do not know… they still want to have their cake and eat it too… professional sports, casinos, new business ideas for new “gadgets” all the time to be manufacture… like… a little thing to “shuck” your eggs… wow!.. a way to make MONEY! …well, $=CO2.