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As Asylum Ban Takes Effect, Rights Groups Sue Trump Over Effort to 'Inflict Maximal Cruelty on Vulnerable People'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/17/asylum-ban-takes-effect-rights-groups-sue-trump-over-effort-inflict-maximal-cruelty

We could echo Joseph Nye Welch who famously asked Sen. Joseph McCarthy “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” and direct the question at Trump or really any Republican at all. They have shown their hatred for liberty at every turn. They have shown their ignorance, envy, greed, etc. as well. That they insist upon party uber alles does reveal that they know their days are numbered. We cannot let corporate “Democrats” simply take their place. We need true Progressives to right the ship. I am so sick of people who are afraid of People who are only seeking security for their families. I’d like to see Lady Liberty animated and using that torch of hers to light of some of these MAGAt types.

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Even if Trump’s action was “lawful” it would not be just. Too often our “laws” do not reflect any resemblance to cosmic laws and this US American “law” is one. Why? It conveniently neglects our history of genocide, theft, slavery. The Americas–all of them–are the turf of the indigenous peoples who have migrated across the continents for thousands of years before the European invasions. Yes, invasions not migration because crossing the Atlantic ocean in ships all the while claiming a “christian” ethos when they should have stayed on their ancestral lands to work out their problems hardly qualifies as a migration.

Let’s face it shall we: Your nation cannot engage in profligate consumption that has wrecked the climate and eco-systems, interfered in foreign nations all over Latin America thus giving rise to this wave of desperate migration and rest on any convenient, let alone cruel, “law”.

Note the reference to “Mr. Cohn” Trump’s mentor.


This echoes earlier attempts to get only the rich to immigrate to the US. So, if people don’t take a plane directly to the US, they aren’t eligible for asylum??!! This is hogwash based on underlying racism.