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As AT&T-Time Warner Close Deal, Floodgates 'Wide Open' for Corporate Mega-Mergers

As AT&T-Time Warner Close Deal, Floodgates 'Wide Open' for Corporate Mega-Mergers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Thanks to a federal judge's decision this week to approve AT&T and Time Warner's $85 billion merger—which, if allowed to stand by the Trump Justice Department, will spawn a "massive media-telecom behemoth"—anti-monopoly advocates are ominously warning that a flood of major corporate acquisitions once considered "


At this stage, the current government no longer represents the interest of the general populace of the U.S. Honest and dedicated civil servants who did the hard work have been stifled by political hacks placed in leadership of government agencies. Teachers have been belittled by politicians bought of by the charter school industry. It is a very sad and disturbing time. The progressives have been divided and overwhelmed by corpratists in politics.


Since this merger was approved by a federal judge this suggests that the anti-trust laws need to be revised. Congress needs to act.

One church, one bank, one “phone company”, one or maybe two airlines, et cetera, all claiming to be better for “competition”. Congress will not act, because Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Courts are owned by, and operated for the benefit, of corporations. The electorate, most of whom live in a state of powerlessness, has been left behind, because the hard right and the corporatist remnants of the Democratic Party, have abandoned their voters and their responsibilities for the lure of short-term gains in campaign contributions and private sector jobs(after the politicians leave office). As a result, the public at large learns the hard lesson that all elections have consequences. It would likely take several Congressional elections over decades, and several Presidencies to clean up the mess left by the shards of the Reagan Revolution, the Bush I and II years, and the Clinton “third way” Democrats. Obama, for as much potential he may have had, was essentially a lightweight Republican.


JAKE! It infuriates me when you reporters /authors run articles like this but don’t tell us the sources.

WHAT judge made this horrific ruling? How can we protest with one arm tied behind us?

Tom, I agree with you except for one thing: Obama was no lightweight republican. Look how many people he killed and bombed in Afghanistan, not to mention elsewhere. Look how many people he deported.

He’s just as vicious a fascist murderer as the others…he’s just smoother talkin’.


So consumers have been gouged all along in the ever advancing bigger gouge that is predatory capitalism. Greedy rich pricks have long lost all humanity. Dump is one of them and his piglets squeal at every extra buck extracted, damn the consequences for the greater good.


Rule by Corporate Monopoly –

Capitalism isn’t about competition – it’s about killing the competition.

The noose on the American citizen and our alleged democracy tightens.

A hideous cloud of Fascism is descending upon us, complete with monopolies, military build up, demonizing, dehumanizing, disenfranchisement, concentration camps for men, women and children considered to be enemies of the state and with a would-be demagogue at the helm of the ship of state. Make America Great again, indeed! Please God, some clothes for the king and while you’re at it, some brains and resolve for the people.And one more thing, a moral compass for this treacherous journey.

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The most telling of all is the rise of cruelty.

Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?
We are truly back to the gilded age!

1 Phone Co, 1 Airline, 1 Media outlet, 1 of anything!
You would think we don’t actually have antitrust laws anymore… Hmmmmm.
Didn’t we bust up AT&T once upon a time? Guess that was a fluke! Now Verizon is the old AT&T,
and AT&T is the new what? And what is United Airlines or, Comcast?

They all own our government, so… I guess that just makes us serfs!
Work hard, send us your pay checks, and STFU!!!

The court OK’d this deal, but what regulator, or public oversight group, like the FTC, FCC, or whomever, got to look at this… I suppose none!

Well, so sad, to bad, consumers! You’re just gonna get to bend over again!

Amazing! Though, not really!