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As Australia Reaches Deal With Facebook Following News Blackout, Critics Warn Corporate Power Plays Won't Save Journalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/23/australia-reaches-deal-facebook-following-news-blackout-critics-warn-corporate-power

Journalism and “the News Business” are two different things.

Journalism was a profession, in some ways a code of conduct, and it is largely dead. It exists perhaps on a handful of small, independent efforts. But even then, they always seem to have their own agenda driving their efforts. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Journalism was protected by a “wall” between the business side of a news company, and the newsroom. The Business side left the journalists largely alone, and sold the ads and managed deliveries. That changed under Reagan, as he led the corporate drive to consolidate the media into the hands of 6 corporations. The wall came tumbling down. The corporations who’d just bought the media outlet, wanted to extract maximum profits, and that dang wall was in the way.

Thus, Journalism is dead. This story from Australia is vulture’s picking at the carcass. Its corporations that don’t produce journalism but propaganda, arguing with a provider of a pipe into people’s brains about who gets how big of a cut of the profits.

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This was a daylight robbery by Murdoch etc. to grab some cash for his failing enterprises. The big tech octopus views it as protection money. The free press won’t see a dime, but will continue to be censored by the FANG vampire squid.

I like your perspective on this. I am wondering how you obtained this historical perspective ?

You mention propaganda. PR - as it’s known. I miss those journalists like Cronkite, Christiane Amampour, you know the type.

Journalists used to write the books, now it’s politicians and news personalities.

From a small independent Australian publisher:


I’m not sure what’s the big deal. Countries ban Facebook. Facebook bans countries.