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As Automation Concerns Grow, Support for Universal Basic Income Soars

As Automation Concerns Grow, Support for Universal Basic Income Soars

Julia Conley, staff writer

Americans have become far more receptive to the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in recent years—with many saying that the potential rise of automation in business is a top reason that the government should ensure all Americans are guaranteed an income.

From the article:

“We don’t need to threaten people with homelessness and poverty to get them to work…”

Some people just get a kick out of it.

We need to look at the whole picture of computers and robots and figure out how this digital stuff can work for the benefit of people. Right now Silicon Valley doesn’t consider humanity and just puts out new things either to make money or simply disrupt the status quo. There is a need for ethics because at the moment there is none when it comes to Big Tech. What see are are winner-take-all monopolies trying to increase their monopolization. I think basic income would just be a band aid solution for a major problem which is certainly destroying privacy, also destroying democracy, and now threatens to destroy much of meaning in life by destroying jobs, even those jobs that are considered creative. Humans have to put at the center. Right now humans are being edged out in favor of digitization.

My husband and I get VA and SS disability along with my regular SS pittance (worth 5k a month) so I would rather the UBI was means-tested b/c I would feel embarrassed and guilty getting anymore than what we get now, with the proviso that anyone getting that much or more should be automatically ineligible for it unless something changes. I seriously think it’s inhumane that some get [much] more than we do and yet they do nothing to alleviate the discomfort that far too many in this country are living with! **

**When we were working we had 3 jobs between the 2 of us and still never even grossed 36k a year – by the time we paid taxes we barely made over 25k. NO ONE should have to live on that tight a budget, especially now b/c everything is so much higher than it was when we were trying to eke out a living (Mike qualified for VA benefits in 2006).

Roll the Corporate Tax Rate back to 35%, raise the tax rate on the super wealthy back to 90%, and their will be plenty on money for every American.

Just don’t ever again allow another Republican or Democrat near our government.

They’ve had 217 years to get it right, and fucked it up so bad, that they deserve no seat at the table, ever again.

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Among the many cool things we’ll be able to do once we’re voting on the basis of community interest rather than personal gullibility.



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Don’t fall for a UBI - it is a certain pathway to serfdom.
The UBI is being proffered by many in the corporate world - and there is a reason for that.
It buys them time - perhaps another ten years to continue their plunder of the common-wealth before the plebs realize their UBI payment has become relatively worthless due to inflation.
The UBI as envisaged by the neolibs replaces all social security/disability/unemployment support payments.
It is inherently inflationary - more money issued to all, regardless of income level, to buy goods/services while making no direct contribution to productivity.
As it causes inflation, calls for it to be increased as its value erodes will be rebuffed with the ready made argument it will worsen the inflation pressures.
It’s a no win situation.
Prof Bill Mitchell takes the UBI apart here:

And thank God those are pipe dreams (for now). That list is a solid prescription for hastening our slide into an authoritarian socialist state in which all the social & economic progress of the last couple centuries may be reversed & eventually utterly destroyed in a matter of a few short years.

And a terrible idea remains a terrible idea, even if good people advocate it.

Help the poor? That’s going to go over swimmingly with the rich.

The notion of UBI is just as pretentious as automation of transportation with self-driving cars and trucks, where most of these jobs are lost, and which is NOT going to happen. UBI is seriously being considered because the corporate interests who advocate for self-driving cars don’t actually need the technology to bankrupt brick-n-mortar small businesses with Amazon style warehouse retail and delivery. The term ‘automation’ most accurately refers to the human driver as an ‘automaton’, not to self-driving car technology.
These jobs will increase, but they will generate less personal income.

Make everyone poor!