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'As Bad, If Not Worse, Than Watergate': Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Massive White House Cover-Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/26/bad-if-not-worse-watergate-whistleblower-complaint-alleges-massive-white-house-cover


“THIS IS WORSE THAN WATERGATE”! The Republicans in the Senate, will probably stop impeachment, which is tantamount to treason! And if they do… they and the whole Trump Administration including Barr and his Mafia, attorney Giuliani should be locked up!


And we should undo all the judges appointed under Crumpus… but like that will ever happen. Crooks!


From the following article:
‘There are broader considerations involved that go beyond the phone call with the Ukrainian president.
For significant sections of the ruling elite, Trump has lost whatever has remained of his credibility and usability.’


Right, just who allowed that to happen in the first place? Could it have been Chuck Schumer? Last I heard he was allowing McConnell to FAST TRACK Federal judges 15 and 20 at a time. Get in the way back machine and you will see Obama waiting months and months to even start making appointments to the Federal Bench during his first term. In the second term he sat on his ass and allowed Mitch to deny him the constitutional ability to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. All you have to do is just a very easy google or two and the Democrats are always the root of the problem.


Trump never had any credibility. Not even when he was an NBC reality star.


Agree - they are the enablers for the republican neo-liberal party to do all that it wants. Both parties are filled with neo-liberals and that is where their loyalty lies.


Jeez, liberals are desperate. Russiagate didn’t stick but this will? You do know that Obama and Co. own Ukraine scandals, don’t you?

I don’t know what’s more pathetic: Wash DC or rank and file liberals who actually believe this sh*t.

Meanwhile nothing’s getting done except war, social division and destruction of the middle class. Who says liberals are better than conservatives?


Where was this response from the Dems when another whistle-blower, Chelsea Manning, divulged war crimes?


Yeah well if you had any sense of history you would appreciate the fact that the murderer Al Capone was not imprisoned for murder but for tax evasion. This is something you have in common with Ghouliani. Neither of you gets that there is more than one law on the books.

I doubt that many readers at CD are not acutely aware of the ongoing crimes committed by this administration, as well as previous ones. But if we can get him out another way, we’ll do it. The result is still the same.


Meanwhile Saudi Arabia murders Jamal Khassoggi in its embassy; executes thousands of people with no fairness and medieval processes, engages in creating chaos in the middle east, has clear ties to 911…yet they are our ally and apparently patron for a lot of US politicians and companies.


No doubt about it…the fake opposition Party!


If polls showed Trump losing to Bernie, why would Democrats risk impeachment and Muller redux that could help Trump?

Like “Democrats for Nixon” feared McGovern, corporate Democrats for Trump fear Bernie more.


Stop and think about what an absolute shit show a Biden vs. Trump election would be. And telling too that they decided to wait until he went after Biden to pursue this. Trump has done things that are impeachable. At the same time, this will mean that issues impacting people are going to be pushed into the background. Who knows where this goes, but it could be a major focus on the 2020 election, and I don’t think that would be a good thing, especially if Biden is the damn nominee.


Oh, they went after the whistle blower(s). Many Democrats aided those war crimes, take money from war profiteers, voted for disastrous wars, continue to vote for insane military budgets. Someone running for president that is talking progressive and is getting lots of positive media coverage is guilty of some of that stuff, and that person happens to be less problematic than most others that are running, which is mind blowing. What a system, what a party!

On this, I do think he has done impeachable things since he became president. I don’t think Pelosi has a principled bone in her body and doesn’t do a damn thing without some calculation. People can debate this all they want, but it is a show none the less with people like her in charge. I think one of the things motivating her is his attacks on Biden, but who knows.

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It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

And ouch, Trump just demanded in front of lots of people that the “spies” (his word) who gave the whistleblower information come forward. He also remarked that they dealt with spies differently back in the old days.

Otherwise, though, he’s not behaving like a guilty caged rat.


Liberals are no better. Distraction propaganda.

You talking about liberals or conservatives? I lose track, they’re so much the same.

What do you mean by liberal? Is Noam Chomsky and Bernie liberal? Is Hillary Clinton a liberal? What do you mean when you use that word? Cause I am on the left, and I am not a liberal.


I am certainly in the minority on this but I’m with Tulsi: