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As Bayer Ditches Monsanto's Toxic Name in Merger, Green Groups Say There's No Erasing Its "Toxic Legacy"


As Bayer Ditches Monsanto's Toxic Name in Merger, Green Groups Say There's No Erasing Its "Toxic Legacy"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Monsanto may soon be dead in name, but its "toxic legacy" lives on.


Alphabet, Spectrum, Blackwater…now Monsanto as Bayer. Obviously it is much easier to change a name then a companies moral compass.


The green groups continue to be feckless since they won’t recognize this name-change is an example of the process of monopolistic consolidation that is a structural feature of advanced capitalism. At some point, they will attribute it to Trump, rather than name the beast that they (and all of us) must fight to give our species a chance to continue life in this biosphere. All of our institutions have become childish and irrelevant because they refuse to say the obvious: KAPITALISM KILLS.


The Bayer name came with some heavy baggage of its own. Monsanto as its partner is a perfect match.


Bayer has done a good job of white-washing its history. Sourcewatch has good backgrounder to work with.


WWII & IG Farben

It was in World War II Nazi Germany that IG Farben (Bayer) entered into its most sinister phase. As the leading chemical company in Nazi Germany, IG Farben took over chemical plants across occupied Europe. The company used slave labor in their their factories and even operated their own concentration camp. There, the company conducted medical experiments on inmates and manufactured poison gas used to kill thousands. At the end of the war, the 1945 Potsdam Agreement called for the dismantling of IG Farben into its constituent companies. Twelve IG Farben employees and directors were jailed for war crimes at the Nuremburg Trials.[7]

Bayer was re-established as Farbenfabriken Bayer AG in 1951. It changed its name to the current Bayer AG in 1972. Although the company is a different legal entity to IG Farben and its founding companies, a direct line of continuity can be traced to personnel, infrastructure and technology of the three incarnations.[8]


Yes, very heavy baggage. 1933-1945 Bayer, then part of the IG Farben cartel, colluded with the German Nazi regime. From here on out the new name will be BayMon which has a fascist kinda flavor…


Bayer is the new Monsanto.

They can change the name, but the crooks are all the same.



RIP Robert F. Kennedy, June 5th. 1968

I know, off topic.


You’re absolved. Go in peace with thanks.


I don’t think there’s any point in granting a grace period on this one. Monsanto is not a food growing system but a chemical production and a looting system. Bayer does not hereby acquire resources to grow food, only to peddle poisons, very much in line with the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry that it knows well. The idea is to consolidate and reinforce control.


Yeah what’s up Common Dreams? Zero retrospective on the meaning of the RFK assassination? Fifty years ago today.

Here’s a compilation of reactions at Counterpunch: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/06/01/what-is-going-on-in-my-country-rfks-assassination-50-years-later/


Two books worth checking out, which show how insane this system now is, and how insane and destructive mergers like this are.

“The Transformation of American Capitalism: From Competitive Market Structures to Centralized Private Sector Planning” by J.R. Munkirs. The book explains how the “free market” capitalist system has been toast and non-existent for well over a century, at least, and how private centralized power has controlled the economic system ever since. The data in this book makes that clear, and keep in mind that economists that talk about a “free market” have a particular definition of a “free market” that doesn’t describe the existing economy. Our economy is dominated by monopolies and oligopolies, and this is increasingly the case in the global capitalist system.

The other book is “Poisoned for Pennies. The Economics of Toxics and Precaution” by Frank Ackerman. The book goes over the economies, and the impact to the environment and human health of things like lead, Atrazine, and asbestos, among other things. What you see in the book is that most capitalist enterprises have benefited by creating costs, then pushing those costs off onto others and the environment. Many of those costs are outside of the pricing mechanism, and the modern capitalist system is dominated by politicians that are paid to allow corporations to create costs which they then push off onto society at large, workers and the environment. He also critiques things like cost-benefit analysis, the idea that you could place a market value on all environmental impacts and he shows, time after time, that these interests often knowingly lie about the impacts of their products, and often claim that the costs of regulation are far larger than what they turn out to be, especially when you take into account externalities. If Monsanto were to pay for all of the costs they have created for people in the US and elsewhere, and if they were to pay for the environmental costs they’ve created, they would have long ago been bankrupt, and the fact that the company is not only bankrupt but has been flourishing says a lot about this system, as does the fact that this merger is allowed to even happen.


Don’t forget Altria, formerly Philip Morris.



Thank you so much for that! When I posted my comment observing the assassination, I was looking at the autographed picture on my wall from Bobby to me. I was almost 7 years old when my father interviewd him for the campaign coverage and we each (my two sibs) all got autographed pics. I remember watching the TV all day and my mother and sisters were in the mourners’ procession that saw his casket at St. Patricks.
It was another salvo from the fascists.
Some liberals seem to think it’s politically correct to disrespect the Kennedys these days. The fascists have duped the nation.


monsantos name and hatred will be transferred to bayer … a legacy they can add to spreading aids knowingly in the 3rd world , using slave labor and forcing gmo s and toxicity of innocent members of the human race

when bayer becomes less like a corporate citizen with sociopathic tendancies and moves to be a better citizen , this may be revisited