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As Bernie Sanders Rallies Crowd at Keene State College, Supporters Emphasize "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" of Candidacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/09/bernie-sanders-rallies-crowd-keene-state-college-supporters-emphasize-once-lifetime


I really think this is a last chance. If anyone other then Sanders wins (and especially if it Buttigieg) the powers behind the throne will work on policies and initiatives to absolutely crush the progressive movement. They will spend the next 4 years ensuring that a progressive can never come this close again.

If you need an example out of history reflect back to the populists and Socialists that started coming to the fore in the early 1900s’ . They started winning and taking seats in Governments and they forced legislation that the 1 percent would not have wanted to happen. After that happened there was a coordinated effort to crush the Socialists and populists and all the powers of the state were used to accomplish this.

It has taken nearly 100 years for that movement to regain any momentum (Politics and Legislation for the working class) and if a Buttigieg or Biden or heaven forbid Trump gets the next Presidency you wont see such a moment for another 100 years never minding there might be nobody left to care.


Sand and true.
Bernie is probably our last chance in a generation. He’s certainly the last chance in my lifetime.


OK gotta vote smart and too many New Hampshire voters say they have not made up their minds in TV interviews - but that may be skewed network attitude working us over a bit.

please note that 18% of our population elects 52 senators.

Democrats absolutely need to take the senate and keep the house.
Otherwise, Mitch will never, ever permit any perogi proggy’s legislation even get to a committee or floor vote.

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Bernie, who reminds me so of Henry Wallace who was sabotaged from being FDR’s running mate in 1944 is a Progressive’s Progressive. Henry would have expanded on FDR’s agendas. Just thing about that!
BERNIE 2020!


It is usually myself who looks upon the half-empty glass and not the half-full one.

If Sanders loses the nomination or even the election, it could be an opportunity to finally break with the political party duopoly.

No, not something that can be done over-night or in a few months but perhaps years of organising.

The mid-terms should be the target for those who align themselves with the Justice Democrats, such as Omar and AOC, to become an independent party of the Democratic Party. (that goes for saying regardless of the result)

Debs indeed represented a rise of working class consciousness, but the mid-1930s gave us re-newed labor union militancy and the 1960s offered the counter-culture, civil rights and an anti-war movement.

Not all is lost in defeat if there is an organised response to it can be created.

Can Sanders in defeat take up the baton and run with it, is the question we must later ask. Or can a new generation such as “the Squad” and TYT rise to the occasion?

As always the answer to all the questions is…we’ll have to wait and see. Patience has been a virtue of socialists for decade after decade.


After Debs it took nearly 80+ years for anyone to come out and say they were a Socialist in the USA. It still used as a pejorative in Public discourse and only recently have people begun to embrace the term again.

That stuff that went on in the 50s and 60s was simply from the impetus that Debs and the Socialists had given AND was only allowed to happen because the Soviet Union still existed.

You will note that unlike the 50’s and 60’s the Capitalists have ensured that any Country that attempts a different model is destroyed. Added to that in the 50s and 60s the media was not as concentrated nor was the technology that allows for the surveillance state as pervasive.


Imagine if there were NO LABELS, such as Socialist and people actually LISTENED to what the politicians had to say and voted accordingly. Of course, nowadays, I think the people are so set on voting against their own best interests that it doesn’t make any difference.


We the voting public need a plan that will fatally destroy the democratic establishment if the word “super delegate” is even heard anytime once during this phony rigged election. Americans need to learn to defend themselves form this extremely hostile attack. The democrats and republicans continued election rigging makes 911 look like a picnic. 911 destroyed some buildings and human lives, but the illegitimate government is after the last remaining vestiges of what formerly was known as the United States. If we don’t defend this nation as such it will not survive the day, and quite frankly, it may already be to late to save America.


This is most certainly is Bernie’s time to shine.

The Democratic Party establishment knows how Bernie will soon be filling stadiums and how if he rules the primaries they will once again face totally destroying any credibility they have when they begin Bernie’s orchestrated political assassination and the subsequent elevation to the nomination of God knows who from the establishment hopefuls waiting in the wings, which will definitely destroy any hopes for any progressives willing to stay in the party only to be denied once more time, with the lie that a moderate will have a better chance than Bernie to win, or, they will see reality, refuse to blow up their party and embrace the progressive platform addressing all the major concerns of the majority, and embrace His Honor, and President to be, Bernie Sanders.

There is no Hillary Clinton in this pack with Bernie, so, fucking Bernie openly is going to be much harder for both the Democratic party and the media.

With as many folks as Bernie has been able to mobilize in every state he goes into, there will be millions of Bernie supporters to answer to as well.

I fell in love with him in 2015 when he announced his candidacy. He broke my heart when he broke his word to fight and contest any nomination all the way to the convention. It broke again when he embraced the Queen of Bad Political Losses.

I’m all in now.

I hope Bernie states within the next couple months, openly in front of the media for all to hear, that this time, if there is any monkeying around by the political party that has enabled him to run for the Presidency within, he will fight till the very end, all the way to the convention, and contest the results even through the courts, if foul play illegally altered the results of the choice of the American people.

And the millions of his supporters will be mobilized to fight the forces of Evil Doers who would see him cheated again.


It’s all about the stupid fucking labels that people in this country put on themselves.

Democrats and Republicans.

US against Them, or, Them against Us.

How fucking juvenile is that? Really.

Only those two to choose from actually. There are others, one with a very progressive platform, but does the electorate even bother to look at them?


Humankind. Most of us don’t even use 1/4 of the sense we are given.

We use these labels to identify with like it’s some kind of college degree, or at least, a group of honor, and integrity.

Can anyone here honestly claim to feel their political party establishment is run with and by honest people with integrity?



Bernie will not lose the nomination Alan.

It can only be taken from him.

And yes, this time hopefully more of all you people out there who are lifelong Democrats, will finally find the smarts and the guts to get the hell out of supporting another corrupt political party by remaining on government records showing your registration as a member.


One of your best posts, PB. Thank you!


Steeeee-rike! Right across the center of the plate!


I’m guessing even odds at this point in time.

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All the other candidates can talk the talk but Bernie is the only one who can walk the walk. Bernie knows how to get things done. The others are all out for themselves or their corporate sponsors.
Bernie 2020!!!


Our last chance. At least within the confines of trying VOTE our way to
Saving ourselves and the planet.


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Can any of us imagine surviving another 4 years of Trump?

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No is the short answer but it seems the popular consensus over here in europe believe he will.

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As in he will get re-elected? If that is the case then the work finally accelerates for US Americans who actually give a damn for the rest of the global citizens, the eco-systems which are out collective support system, preventing a nuclear winter and rejecting the capitalist agenda of two sides of one business party to begin in earnest. If Trump does lose we still need to do this work. I am not so confident we have the time. Stepping first from the brink of nuclear war and ecological collapse must be our priority which will require first removing Trump.