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As Bernie Sanders Says 'No Apologies' for His Position, 70+ Rights Groups Back Call for Prisoner Voting Rights

As Bernie Sanders Says 'No Apologies' for His Position, 70+ Rights Groups Back Call for Prisoner Voting Rights

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday unequivocally doubled down on his position that prisoners should have the right to vote—as dozens of civil rights groups urged every other 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to adopt the same stance.


When ​Brianna Ross​ was 19, she was convicted of a felony for ​stealing diapers​ for her son.

Nah…there is no wealth gap problems! No financial or racial inequality!
Still flying that red, white, and blue rag proudly?! If so, you are a fucking MORON!


I wonder about the strategy behind rolling our this proposal now, but I have no problem with permitting people in jail to vote. Why should they be denied?

When did loss of voting privileges for committing a come into being? How did this get tacked on to serving time in prison as a punishment. Seems like once someone has done their time, that should be it in terms of punishment.

But many people seem to like to keep meting out punishment over and over on people who are down.

Really interesting that so many rights groups are backing Sanders’ proposal.


Bernard has those elite bastards cowering under their golden parachutes.

The vote? How about starting with some potable water?


Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but the programming and IDIOCY is so prevalent in this despicable country that even the people who are DOWN beat up others who are DOWN! Don’t believe me? Read some of the moronic and hateful comments on Yahoo!


I hate to put all this pressure on one or a few representatives when such decisions are best made by all the people.

Direct Democracy

I hope you are including the corporate-owned damnocrats who, behind closed doors, are planning how to stop Bernie.

Bernie is on the right side of this issue! That is why he is being attacked and vilified.
This, among other things, speaks to his integrity and courage. At this point, he has my
primary vote.

I live in Florida. Sixty-four percent of those of us who voted in the midterm election of 2018, passed an Amendment to the Florida Constitution to restore voting rights to most
felons, post-release. This was a huge step forward for a Southern state.

Now, however, our “freedom-loving” (snicker) Republican-dominated state legislature is trying to stymie the wishes of the voters by inserting a provision that would still bar
ex-prisoners from regaining the right to vote until they have fully paid off any and all fines, fees, Court costs, etc. before they may vote.

One law for the poor and/or minority; quite another for the privileged, it would seem.


I suspect that this Infrastructure deal that the Vichy Dem “leadership” announced with President Caligula today has something to do with Bernie’s momentum. It’s possible that they already see that Bernie has a better change than the Corporate Golden Boy Status Quo Joe. Which brings us back to: they’d rather see Trump win than Bernie.


If all felons are denied voting rights, then all multi-millionaires and billionaires should be denied as well as many of these super rich a$$holes are benefitting in some way or another from the private prison industry.

Most are corrupt conservative creeps so they mustn’t be allowed a double benefit.


I spoke with a Trump, Republican, acolyte about this and her perspective was that what is so horrible is that very few of the felons would vote Republican. I never thought about it that way, but I like it!


Will it get a vote in the Senate? It’s a good start to negotiating with ML McConnell, but kabuki and; oh right, the ginned up coup in Venezuela. Where a lot of the goodies the multi-nationals want to steal from someone else’s cookie jar, are stored.
Quid pro quo among billionaires & the Corporotocracy is becoming really a bed full strange fellows. And more than a few women, too.
M4A hearing was on the agenda, too.
Coincidence isn’t what it used to be, though.
Here’s to hope.

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Here’s more info, including the “cons” which, I fear, are very relevant in a country this size/population. I do think that on MAJOR ISSUES (i.e. Single-payer; going to other countries to pillage; fair taxation system; etc.) should apply to a direct democracy vote. All I know for DAMN SURE is that "representative democracy is BULLSHIT as long as the alleged reps rarely poll their constituents before a big vote!

Hi Clyde_Crebbafrabitz: and judging by major media —the gang of corporates are touting Joe, and proclaiming his raising 6.3 million immediately–plus many news outlets give Joe the BIG headlines and are only talking about Joe, and sadly, a lot more Dem cheating will be going on, because of course----the delegates. They are pretending that everyone wants Joe, and it’s Joe, Joe, Joe, everywhere-----so I guess the DNC delegates have already voted Joe as president for the Dems.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a democratic republic and one person, one vote really mattered.

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I don’t have a problem with every citizen of age being allowed to vote. Some felons in prison now are likely wrongly convicted. It is no secret the system is far from ideal and is definitely inequitable… How many people has the Innocence Project gotten released – and that’s for the more serious crimes. It seems there are more consequential things, like improving the criminal justice system, to pay attention to? Want to know about a very, real, horrid issue that even Eisenhower warned about, but nothing was ever done? Well, Kennedy tried… See ourconstitution.info, Home and Medical-Military Industrial pages (under Home). The matter of the out-of-control Intel Apparatus needs to be addressed NOW – the CIA needs to be OUT of our universities and medical institutions. If the Senate overseers were doing their legitimate job, we would not be in this situation. We do have “a lot of killers”, and everyone needs to know this and demand a thorough investigation. Join me in Miami or protest wherever you are NOW!!

ONE EXCEPTION: When you murder someone, you deny them the right to vote for what ought to have been the rest of their natural born life. I think that should cancel out your vote for the rest of your life, even if you have “served your time”. (Youngsters are citizens, but we deny them the vote until they are 18. So citizenship is not the sole criteria. “Citizen” murders should not get to do what their victim can no longer do.)

I don’t have a problem with some exceptions to allowing some people in prison to vote.

I’d like to see the large number of people who are in prison for things like minor drug possession be allowed to vote.

Thank god for Bernie Sanders. A senator who ideas are grounded on moral/ethical principles. His courage exemplifies what moral leadership looks like in the 21st century. Thank you.

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NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. If a person has his/her voting rights taken away, for any reason, they should not have to pay taxes - period. One should always have a say in what is done with their money by our government.

Which is why a sales tax is so insidious, any time you pass through a burg with a sales tax you are paying a tax you have no say in.