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As Bevin Refuses to Concede, Critics Warn Kentucky GOP 'Totally Gearing Up to Steal' Gubernatorial Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/bevin-refuses-concede-critics-warn-kentucky-gop-totally-gearing-steal-gubernatorial

It had nothing to do with Trump. This Bevin jackass is roundly despised by the people there.


From the article:

“‘If you lose, they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world,’ the president said. ‘You can’t let that happen to me!’”

Rule of thumb: nobody–I mean NOBODY!–who speaks of him or herself in the third person should be trusted with power in any measure.


I’m not making this up.

Trump is taking credit for making the election close – claiming Bevin would have lost by more without his help.


I hope some coal miners tar and feather Bevin and run him out of town on a rail.


“nothing to do with Trump” is a bit of a stretch. Sure he’s an a-hole but Trump’s a factor.


If the vote count is that close, then I’m guessing that the voters, again, are proving how damned brain-dead and asleep they are.


“If you lose, they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world,” the president said. "You can’t let that happen to me!"

So said this ego maniac.


Kentucky, like W. Virginia, is in dire straits because Old King Coal is heading for the ash heap of history. 30-40% economic contraction?
When things get desperate humans do desperate things. Like vote for a Trump, a Paul or a Bevins.


Bevin only lost by .4% so, I wouldn’t be to confident in that

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Wow, so if all the votes in all the counties have been counted–and Bevin lost by 5,000 votes-----and yet refused to concede------I suppose that this is the newest GOP tactic----if you lose, contest it and never leave the office . He’s totally imploding the system of voting—and if this Bevin scam is successful--------I suppose that this will be the next GOP scam for all elections.
Oh wait—yes this is America— and as for Bevin —someone will just shoot him.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, I wonder just how many voters were disqualified from voting? I’ll bet that most of them were not the “RIGHTkind of voters”. Ones that were not on the right. Where the Republicans are in power this is a typical scenario. Eliminate as many voters that won’t favor you plus use the always powerful “LCS”. Lying, Cheating and Stealing! This is not exclusive to KY. It is a national phenomena.


President Donald Trump smiles…–that is not a smile but an imbecilic grin.


I am sorry but…this is just a taste, a sample of things yet to come, a preview…these are times when you need both eyes open and both ears to the ground because it is getting ugly very fast…


Yup. It’s like trump just makes it up as he goes along. Of course, in this case it seems he has sold the GOP on it as well as they all know that the polling prior to Trumps trip to Kentucky on Monday showed Bevins up by as much as 5 points.
Oh well, the truth doesn’t seem to be held in high regard these days.


A friend who served as a volunteer at our polling place here in central Kentucky remarked disgustedly that many people were against Beshear only because he is pro choice. Apparently, unpaid and dying miners, abysmal pay for teachers, an inverted and unfair tax structure, and constant threats to Medicaid and other social services by the incumbent don’t seem to bother them—only abortion. I love my home state, but I utterly despise the politics, especially when rabid fundamentalist christians—and the power-hungry politicians who feed on fear— are involved.


Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats need to be ready - need to be getting ready now, making plans and preparations - to stop a gang of Republican and Trumpist bullies from charging in and intimidating.

The bullies need to get a punch in the face. Metaphorical, and if needed, physical.

Or, y’all can just roll over as the fascists continue steamrolling toward totalitarianism.


“Pro-life” except for the actual living.


Hunter Thompson didn’t call his home state the “dark and bloody ground” for nothing.
Rest assured, if the people of Kentucky or West Virginia get half a chance, they will rub shit all over themselves. And then blame the “darkies”


Oh, they love little pink fetuses, until they draw breath of course. Then you’re on your own kid.