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As Bevin Refuses to Concede, Critics Warn Kentucky GOP 'Totally Gearing Up to Steal' Gubernatorial Election

And – you can’t do that to ME. Uh - this is not medieval France, where “I Am The State” was one of the French kings (Louis XV or XIV, can’t remember which)

To answer those questions, a prerequisite would be to understand the purpose and function of the democratic party, (the covert branch of the republican party) and their tactics, and how those tactics have been employed in every endorsed candidate since about 1975. To understand that it would take something in the nature of a book or two to understand, I’m not even going to attempt that here, so believe whatever you want. The mainstream ABC, CBS, FOX version, whom the republicans also claim to hate, but fully endorse, is exactly the version that is espoused and accepted by their left of the isle counterparts. The democrats’ right wing affiliation is no secret among actual progressives, in fact it is the dividing line between actual progressives and the status quo. For the cliff notes version, someone can write them down if we live long enough. there are no simplified explanations of this available in the right wing mainstream media. Again, it, cant be explained in simple enough terms. I’ll provide a simplistic analogy: just because there are multiple competing teams doesn’t mean they are not all playing football.

“Let the people think they govern and they will be governed.”

William Penn

Look, its been fun but I’m here to confer and comment on progressive issues with progressives, not you. Why are you here?

I’m a progressive too, just one that deals with reality, data, and history. A moderate democratic governor in a red state elected prior to a redistricting year matters immensely. You want progressive change: you need the legislatures and congresses to get it. The first step to doing that is changing the way legislative districts are drawn, that’s the real, constitutional, prerequisite. As I noted, the New Deal wouldn’t have been the same without the 1930 election that gave Democrats seven governorships and a slew of competitive districts after redistricting. To me, that’s progressive, not meaningless platitudes about the true meaning of the Democratic Party and football game analogies. We may agree to disagree on that though.

Your apologetics for republican mantra are appalling. Your affinity for moderation in a time of utmost emergency is a prayer for inaction, and check your thesaurus: moderate has the same meaning as conservative. By your standard, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein and about half the senate and congressional republicans are “moderate progressives”. Call it realistic and practical, I call it genocide, and suicide. Your brand of moderation is exactly how we arrived here, and obviously not the way forward. This is not the first time I’ve seen you, you are a right wing troll. They don’t make a bullet cheap enough for you. I’ve forgotten more history in the last minute than a thousand generations of your family will collectively ever know. And also, your fucking stupid. Go hang out with your Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh addicted buddies Fascist Pig.

Thanks. It’s ironic a rightwinger like myself appears to know more about progressive history, like the importance of the pre-redistricting election of 1930 to the New Deal, than one who has “forgotten more history in the last minute than a thousand generations of [my] family.” But yes, both parties are the same, it’s a terrible thing that Kentucky’s new governor plans to roll back Republican work requirements in Medicaid and re-enfranchise felons who have served their time, or “genocide and suicide,” as you say.

Sounds like something you looked up just now and knew nothing about before. Also it sounds like the net sum of all your recently acquired knowledge regarding FDR. Truly knowledgeable and intelligent people don’t cite one example as their proof of superior knowledge. Since you brought it up though, what so you know about what FDR had to go through to get those same democrats to go along with him, and how close he came to quitting because they wouldn’t. As for your new found deity in Kentucky, don’t forget Obama 's first act was going to be closing Gitmo, and provide universal health care, and regulate the banks. Trump was going to bring the jobs home from overseas, In fact, if a politician kept his campaign promises it would be the first time in history. But then of course you wouldn’t know that.

Here was my first comment. It was a fact-based redress to your ideological comment about Democrats not fighting, losing anyway, and being Republicans “through and through.” So I wouldn’t say it’s exactly accurate to pretend my discussion was based on one example but that’s me.

Bullshit. We didn’t care about Victimization of the Nazis when we declared war on Germany, bombed the fascist cities and hanged the fascist leaders. Nonviolence doesn’t work against fascism. Peaceful protest won’t stop a bullet or stop you from ending up in a camp. You either exterminate the Fascists or the Fascists will exterminate you.

What you speak of this is the same rotted sickness killing the country while masquerading as jesus.