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As Bibi Marches on Congress, Obama Says If Iran Talks Fail 'Military Action' Awaits


As Bibi Marches on Congress, Obama Says If Iran Talks Fail 'Military Action' Awaits

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though voicing no overall criticism of Israeli state policy when it comes various issues involving regional politics, its own nuclear weapons program, or its treatment of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the number of U.S.


If there is no agreement, then war awaits? Iran is not a threat to the US. The arrogance the US government exudes that it has some kind of mandate to control the rest of the world is astounding. No wonder everyone hates the US.


My God, more death and war, always war war WAR. This time they’ll have to lock up all the peace people, lock every one of them up for the length of the war, I think they will do that to show how loyal they are to Israel, again for some reason I am not smart enough to understand.


The headline does not seem to match the story. Common Dreams has long had a habit of provocative headlines. I’ve seen many that were simply lies. There was a time when this was my most favorite and trusted website. The idea that “exaggerations” is somehow helpful, is of course, true. Bill O’Reilly has proven that. Still, that’s not the kind of news and opinion that I care for.


Why would Iran want a nuclear weapon? Maybe becuae Israel has nuclear weapons in Dimona in the Negev

desert?? I suggest a NUCLEAR FREE middle east.


Iran has the legal right to develop Nuclear power. Indeed if Iran wished they could develop Nuclear weapons just as the United States of America has done.

There is no military option sanctioned under the NPT unless authorized by the security council which of course includes China and Russia.

The threat of Military action by a state against a member nation of the UN is considered a crime under the Geneva Conventions.


I think this one is about keeping the dollar the worlds trade currency.


Iran lives with up to 5 nuclearly armed aircraft carriers at a time patroling her waters. The US has said it will not renounce first use of nuclear weapons. If I were Iran I would want a nuclear weapon on a missle just so I could deter the agression of the USA. Their ayatoylah however has renounced the development of such a weapon and restrained factions that would want it. We know this from US intelligence which we refuse to acknowledge. Actions speak louder than words and in terms of actions and capabilities they are not near the point of making a bomb. They do not know have the ability to enrich uranium to the point of making a bomb and have signed onto inspections that would detect it if they tried. And this is not a good enough deal for us?

How else would we stop this threat? We are just itching to use our nuclear option. Most of those enrichment facilities are buried so deep in mountains that it would take a nuclear weapon, many muclear weapons to crack even a few of them open. If we do that I can assure of two things. even if this slows them down it will not stop them. Secondly it would mean that the hardliners in Iran would be proven right and Iran will then not hesitate to develop a nuclear weapon and put it on a missle, just for self defense. Why then pursue such madness? It seems that this is what the elites in our government really want. First they want to display our nuclear fire power. See how big and bad we are, so what if we kill millions from fallout. and secondly to make a long time enemy who will be at war with us for generations justifying our MIC and assuring its profits. The despicable politicians who run Washington may get their way but we, as a nation will be the ones who suffer. Its what Netanyahu wants also, although he wants to con us into doing his dirty work.


What the US foreign policy establishment calls “diplomacy” actually always take the form of violent, terroristic ultimatums issued by a nuclear armed thug - so It seem likely that Obama negotiators probably actually have made threats that “military action awaits” to the Iranian negotiators. But just the same, you are correct that the “military action” quote by Obama is misleading and is totally out of the context of what he actually said.


Those who have nuclear weapons, in the hundreds and the thousands, say that no one else must have them because these weapons are too dangerous. The United States and Israel are making no serious efforts to reduce their nuclear stockpiles, let alone disarm–and yet it is Iran that is an “existential threat” to this sad, old planet!


What a bunch of amazing and disgusting remark by these darlings of liberals and “progressives” (whatever the hell that word is supposed to mean)! They plan on boycotting Netanyahu’s speech - but for entirely the wrong reasons as they practically fall over themselves declaring their undying love and support of the violent rogue state Israel.

To hell with all of them!


WE did not kill one million, the military, and increasingly its privatized mercenary armies did that.

And how did they manage the feat? Part was Bush triggering the ancient hostilities between Christians and Muslims with his allusion to the Crusades; nor did it do much to alleviate conflict when so many Christian churches posited that Islam itself is tantamount to terrorism.

The real power here, as is the case in any war based on choice not necessity, is using propaganda to incite in a percentage of citizens, the false belief that war is the only option.

It also doesn’t hurt that the imagery of so many Hollywood films, the story line of so many “Good guy/bad guy” TV series, or the frothing at the mouth competitive rivalries set between popular sports teams also reinforce the idea of winner and loser; and along with it, the idea that the winner gets do whatever HE will.

This is not the story of We, The People. It’s the story of how power behaves when power anesthetizes all checks and balances, and when power uses a false flag event coupled with its control of media–a phenomena seen now in the run-up to war with Iran/Russia (and any nation that dares to oppose U.S. global hegemony via this New World Order unipolar world agenda)–to control The People when not deceiving them.

When writers in Europe complain that citizens have no agency when it comes to things like global warming remedies or global currency/trade deals, and in nation after nation, citizens rise to oppose the New Austerity, pushing this idea that what power does is the same thing as WE THE PEOPLE is a component of the Propaganda State.

Convince enough people–even when their liberties have shrunken to those found in any other totalitarian land–that what’s engineered by Power represents THEIR will and wishes, and the Great Con remains in place.

And this has NOTHING to do with a Christian God or any other God’s existence.

Did 4 people really give this tripe their nod?


…but you like Monsanto just fine.

“Goes to the credibility of the witness, Your Honor.”


A nuclear free world! The U.S. “leadership” started many recent wars. What makes you think that the MIC/Deep State leadership can be trusted with this level of amplified lethal force?


" We are just itching to use our nuclear option."

This is what I mean about the promiscuous and irresponsible use of the collective WE pronoun.

I don’t know if the same screen names returned ARE military recruits whose personal universe is so tied to the Military industrial complex that for these posters, WE directly identifies with this deadly entity.

However, just as the white colonialist does not and cannot speak for the Indigenous tribes, U.S. martial forces do not speak for all citizens.

It is dangerous and deceptive to purposely couple WE THE PEOPLE with the naked and deadly objectives of the Military State.

Although infiltration by MIC forces into Hollywood and TV, added to print media has twisted many minds, the FACT remains that the nation is not Sparta and MANY people oppose muscular foreign policy. FAR MORE would if they were given the truth.

You wipe out the voice of dissent, the call to peace, and those millions who are NOT marching lock step with these diabolical policies when you claim that WE want to use the nuclear option.

And listen, genius, even inside the MIC there are still some who understand that this will be the LAST WAR. The Crusades mentality, this time reformulated as End Times may work to convince a percentage that this is a holy war and (supposedly) God’s will, but there are still sane minds who know better. Let us hope that THEY prevail.

WE is not ONE pro-Mars rules SIZE FITS ALL.


Alas, the civil engineer is free all day (again) to post. How convenient.


Best post in this thread. First one with any genuine insight, too!


We the taxpayers of the United States have no obligation at all to continue to support the terrorist nation of Israel with our hard earned tax dollars. Israel is a fascist pariah state trying to rule all of the middle east using US money and military power.


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“If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves.”
― Howard Zinn


Same things we were told before the genocidal war on Iraq after having caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children under the age of 5 as a direct result of 10 year economic santioning of Iraq.