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As Biden Embraces More Ambitious Climate Plan, Fossil Fuel Execs Donating to Trump 'With Greater Zeal' Than 2016

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/biden-embraces-more-ambitious-climate-plan-fossil-fuel-execs-donating-trump-greater

While Biden’s refusal to commit to the Green New Deal

That should tell everyone…enough said.


Trump’s donors are many. His social media has increased it’s already intense e-mail. The unsubscribed stuff I have to get rid of every day.
So which is it. Biden does, or doesn’t support a Green New Deal?
What then does a “More ambitious climate plan” mean?


Well, at least they’ve removed any notion of perhaps being sentient beings.


Kick the can down the road Joe is of course taking the approach of moderation, continue things like fracking while R&D’ing new green energy answers. The only problem with that is we may be out of time already, but nonetheless should be mitigating. An object in motion stays in motion. As studies show CO2 levels continue to rise unabated. Desire, that is power and money, is an addiction that brings suffering.

" Moderation? It’s mediocrity, fear, and confusion in disguise. It’s the devil’s dilemma. It’s neither doing nor not doing. It’s the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy. Moderation is for the bland, the apologetic, for the fence-sitters of the world afraid to take a stand. It’s for those afraid to laugh or cry, for those afraid to live or die. Moderation…is lukewarm tea, the devil’s own brew. " - DM


…and the rats begin scurrying for cover.

Doing nothing to combat global warming is fatal to all. The large petro-industry will get to its ah-ha moment and will jump on the bandwagon of alternative green energy and become filthier rich in the process, and take a deep breath of fresh clean air, and thank God Almighty, I’m Alive!

Nancy “Big Donor Gravytrain” Pelosi is in back rooms with fossil fuel lobbyists as I type, feverishly trying to make them understand that “nothing will essentially change” under Joe Dimentio.


People who don’t take hard stands are the peace makers. The hard nosed are the ones that create conflict, and stubbornly go off to war time and time again to prove that THEY are right.

How would you describe the state of affairs in the U.S.A. right now after half a century of the Democrats not standing up to the republicans, you know, taking a hard stand on the things that are right?

" Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong "


His plan is lame. I’m voting third party. I just can’t bear voting for him for so many reasons. I’ll vote Kanye or Jesse Ventura if he gets in the race.

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Beautifully put

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I’m voting ‘none of the above’ so that not voting Biden doesn’t give the vote to the covidiot.

As someone here (who name I’ve misplaced - Skeptic?) wrote very accurately, that I’ve been remiss about - that being the term used to describe our global environmental crises which should very rightly be Global Climate Collapse! not “warming” or any other political euphemism.
Words are critical to how we perceive and and possibly act. There is no more accurate term than collapse to even partially visit the interactive, interdependent, cascading, exponential growth of the existential threat!
Some say we have but 18 months to save the world; others that we have already passed the point of no return, to save the Earth and all who sail in Her.

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It means he’s prepared to tell a lot more fibs to secure more votes.

It means, get everything in writing. Contracts if possible.


We’ve made commitments in the WTO AGP over govt procurement of services. So those green jobs may be already committed to whichever firm bids the cheapest, probably overseas firms. Thats a treaty so its international law. We need to get out of these treaties because they make democracy impossible. They are blocking affordable single payer healthcare with the GATS too, locking in ever rising corporate profits. We cant expand Medicare without causing a real disaster until we leave these treaties. We’re walking into a trap if we dont amend our GATS commitments. Dont believe politicians and their shameless cover up. 1-2 million have died needlessly while HC has been rigged with treaties so they cant be fixed without leaving them first. (since 1995-1998)

Generally in trade more ambition means willingness to deregulate more. Like for example, eliminating rules on the environment. Generally trade deals lock in all deregulatory changes. With polluters they might create an imaginary right to pollute the average amount and then let polluters who polluter less trade their unused pollution credits to other polluters so they could pollute still more. While those who polluted less than average were paid tax dollars.

Thanks for your reply…WELL SAID!

This is interesting, sort of related. this shows how different reality is from whats being proposed. Make sure to read the links.

Although this is not about the specific services deal thats been cooling for a lon time, it serves as a way to get an idea of the kind of thoght that is driving it… (services liberalization") We need to understand they really want to offshore good paying energy jobs to firms largely based in the Middle East that pay their workers very little. getting rid of the quotas would allow them to do that with those energy jobs as welll as millions of other jobs too in nursing, teaching, IT and dozens of other professions. We’d be left with the crappiest jobs, if that. Why? Our wages are framed as too high here in the US. Now that the option exists to use the WTO movement of natural persons schemes to bring in disempowered, high skill, low wage, guest workers - they really want to do it. Its a major hidden goal of both parties and show just how totally beholden they are to the rich, even when its disastrous to the people of this country, their children, families and futures.
(They are totally fake).

All roads lead there. as its perceived to be SO profitable, this replacing of us in jobs across the board on a large scale, that they wont give up until its happening.

This will be the death knell for the US middle class. Disregard the Obama title - because both parties are united in this (and also in covering it up) the scheme goes back to the 1980s -and its supposed to remake the world financially (one can see that as its mentioned in this 1989 UN document, which draws a connection between it (it was what emerged from the meeting in Punta Del Easte, Uruguay and the meeting there from 15-20 September, 1986- one needs to look for that date. and the odious Third World Debt

Link to document ~https://undocs.org/pdf?symbol=en/A/RES/44/232 especially sector f

See 44/232

~ [ Obama Undermines Climate Efforts in Solar Trade Dispute | Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy ] ~http://www.iatp.org/blog/201602/obama-undermines-climate-efforts-in-solar-trade-dispute

My comment was written with tongue in cheek. My actual feeling about the Global Environmental/Climate Collapse is that we are deep into the 6th Extinction, we have passed many irreversible tipping points, we are fucked! Now, how are we supposed to act? The effort to limit some of the near and distant disasters takes an international effort with motivated citizens and communities. There is no national plan in this country, hell, we can’t even agree what is necessary to combat this lethal viral pandemic that is staring us in the face and killing tens of thousands.