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As Biden Mulls VP Pick, Pundits Vie for Most Substance-Free Forecast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/07/biden-mulls-vp-pick-pundits-vie-most-substance-free-forecast

Meh. Of course the DNC will go with Kamala Harris. She’s a twofer…female AND black.

Here is what we know about Biden’s VP pick: She will be a Neocon militarist who hates Russia (and perhaps China). As Biden’s already done, she will attack Boss Tweet from the Right, demanding that the US act more aggressively against those nuclear powers in their own spheres of influence.

She will be against universal healthcare, free college, student debt forgiveness, etc. She will be an uncaring sociopath, maybe a full-on psychopath. Like Joe, she will be a Republican in mufti, demanding austerity and cuts to the tattered remains of the social safety net in Amerika. She and her boss will distract from this atrocious attack with talk of “fiscal responsibility”. And - She will have ovaries! Yay?

And we also know that absolutely none of this will be discussed (or even mentioned) across the MSM, nor by pseudo-progressive outlets anywhere.


The leadership of the Democrats has gone so far to embracing neo-liberal capitalism, imperialism, war mongering, and plutocracy while putting a superficial air of ‘wokeness’, I wouldn’t be surprised for Biden to select Michelle Obama…


Has anyone heard from Oprah lately?

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One of , or the most, destructive, corrupt, and undemocratic things the Democratic Party controls and the subversion they direct are the nominees for office - who is allowed and supported by the DP DNC apparatus and crony-corruption.

The DP heirarchy - not the common rank and file - only allow their “team players” - those that will (sometimes) support the often hidden agenda to maintain the power of the neoliberal corporatist, big-money wing of the DP.
The DP since clinton have been a wholly-owned subsidiary of big-money and campaign-contribution bribery to assure no progressives or threatening candidates may be put forward or run unless they toe the DP corporate, for-profit war-machine, for-profit health-care insurance and big-pharma scams to victimize the American people - of course much else as well.

The current DP entrenched hierarchy are the enemy of representative progressive/left representative governance, and de facto enablers and complicit to the weakness of Congress; having the idiot intent of their “strategists” lose election after election and representstion to malignant republicons and corporate shills/agents! The treason and destruction of America and society and much else are the product of the big-money Clintons, Obama, et al wing of ewhat was once a more representative party, and that reality must be smashed and reformed if we as a nation and society are even to confront and rebuild what destruction the trump/Republicon regime (with a little help from its friends) has wrought!

A treasonous destruction enabled and aided by complicit tools of oligarchy, corporate fascism, for-profit wars, and vulture capitalism!

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Fear not my progressive brothers!
Norm Solomon, RootsAction, and Bernie and “Associates” have the pressure on Biden cranked up to 0.9 atmospheres.
At least I think that’s what that hissing sound is.
Could be the air being let out my tires too…
but TRUMP!


Kamala Harris is a black Hillary. How did that go in 2016?

And in “it’s a toss up” department, we have the question: which is the larger failing of the d-party, corruption or stupidity?

Hmmm. Perhaps old Joe delayed his pick because he got a call from old Bill. Maybe they met in some private jet on some airport tarmac to discuss “things” over a bourbon and branch. Joe’s clearly bent on going with a corrupt, neo-liberal, already widely disliked female, maybe he’ll simply choose to resurrect Hillary. After all, the Party decided to bring Joe back from the dead. Maybe Joe will return the favor.

Maybe they’ll attempt to bring Hillary back to life. We know she’s still in denial about her losses. She clearly covets the presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Really. Hey this is the Dems we’re talking about. And isn’t it fun just to to think about it? You know, this is a horror show and as Brother Wilder said in Young Frankenstein, “IT COULD WORK!” The Walking Dead ticket!


I have always wondered why the ‘news’ doesn’t just put out a chart of any prospective candidate’s voting record with a bio. I now realize that the ‘news’ doesn’t want us to be informed. Democracy could be actually a reality if people had good information rather than innuendo,propaganda and opinion.

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Should be Elizabeth Warren. But it wont be, corporate elites wont allow it. The bubble the inhabit hasn’t burst yet.

Well, Biden promised not only a woman but a woman of color. But then Bill was the ‘First Black President’ so doesn’t that make Hillary Goddamn Clinton an honorary woman of color?