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As Biden Reopens Texas Detention Center, Amnesty Demands Immigration Policies That Put 'Best Interests' of Children First

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/23/biden-reopens-texas-detention-center-amnesty-demands-immigration-policies-put-best

I definitely don’t welcome this news. We need to know it’s happening, however.

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Someone I know and respect works for the contractors that supply the tents and such, a portable city, custom sized, anywhere trucks can go. Their biggest customers are fire crews and then disaster relief. They go very near and into harm’s way, to provide sanitary comfort in less than ideal temporary situations. Trailers full of washers and dryers, showers, water. They serve meals, they have air conditioning and heaters. They are not cages. They are not called cages when flood, fire, and hurricane victims live in them, side by side with their rescuers. Workers are contract, not hourly, so if it takes 18 hours a day for a week to break, down move, set up again, and maintain, then that gets done. They get paid well, to scrub toilets, and tents that house hundreds. They house overflow from hospitals and prisons due to Covid. I can only imagine but I do, that if I hoofed it across the border and I was 9, that I might dream of a better home, but I might have slept in worse places, and be glad of a clean cot. I can’t speak for the counselors or wardens, how they treat their charges,
but like disaster relief, increasing immigration is a growth industry, and we are not 5 star.


Yet, still no announcement by the Biden administration that they will end our neoliberal policies and support for brutal and corrupt dictatorships in central and South America that are the cause of America’s refugee problem in the first place.

Nothing will fundamentally change.


Yes - but these workers can leave - the children and teenagers detained in these migrant camps cannot - so for them they are jails.
@BigB @commonvoice1


"All of these extremely disturbing facts surrounding this detention should illicit massive amounts of outrage in all of us, but the Biden administration seeks to deflect the criticism by assuring us their version of childhood detention is thoughtful and humane, even while opening a facility where kids are delivered in unmarked vans to an internment camp that is geographically remote and difficult to access."



Spot on. Apparently the Biden administration has decided that one child’s jail is another child’s kindergarten.
I fear this policy is just the beginning of Biden setting the bar very low.
Oh look, the fascist Vilsak just got confirmed again.
Very low indeed.


Wow. Guess it’s time to hold Uncle’s feet to the fire, eh?

'Cause, the rightist war criminal in the Offal Office is just begging to be pushed Left…


Wow, this brings back heated discussions with reich wing relatives of mine whom I repeatedly informed that if they were in earnest about stopping illegal immigration, the U.S. would have to address its root causes, namely, U.S. free trade and interventionism. It was like talking to walls.

They were convinced these people came here because they were “lazy” and wanted “free stuff,” and that U.S. foreign policy was attempting to free their countries from the “tyranny of socialism.” In their eyes, the U.S. could do no wrong. They failed to see that the policies they were championing, were the cause of their greatest concern. Needless to say, our holiday meals became quite heated and lively at times.


Perhaps you should investigate the actual accounts of young people who went through these experiences. Here’s one I found, I am sure you can find others: =https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/07/11/written-testimony-kids-cages-inhumane-treatment-border

Can you not imagine more humane solutions?

Do you know the people who run the child detention center (jail)?

Do you know the conditions that will be imposed on these children?


So called centrists are just slightly more polite fascists and should be treated as such.


This is just nauseating and echoes the sort of vile propaganda that the Nazis put out about concentration camps.


Really? Is this the same Amnesty that gave Russia a free pass on Navalny? If they were so worried about it, why did they let Trump walk on them?