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As Biden Taps Blinken as Secretary of State, Critics Denounce Support for Invasions of Iraq and Libya

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/23/biden-taps-blinken-secretary-state-critics-denounce-support-invasions-iraq-and-libya

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These people should be tried for war crimes.
Instead, they are rewarded with plum positions.

But this is what we all expected from the start.


Blinken “has been described as having a centrist view of the world” and “has also supported interventionist positions.”

First, what the hell is a “centrist view of the world?” and second, how does that square with “support[ing] interventionist positions.”

Is interventionist the same thing as imperialist? Does centrist mean status quo which means US hegemony?


So, we have voted out a corrupt president that surrounded himself with toadies and sycophants and replaced him with, an old party animal that has thus far surrounded himself with toadies and sycophants.

I voted for Joe Biden. And all I got, was Joe Biden


All I know is that if a democrat is described as a “centrist” that means they are a conservative.
Remember, there is no difference between a Republican “moderate” and a Democratic “centrist”


The US military’s terror attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya were only disastrous and catastrophic for the people of those nations, and to a lesser extent to the people of the USA.

To the warlords and banksters and giant energy companies, those US terror attacks were a rousing success. This is why the warlords and banksters and energy company executives have instructed Biden to appoint Blinky Boy as Secretary of State. They have confidence that Blinky Boy will pick up right where Pompous Boy left off.

Let’s be candid. Let’s stop calling decisions and policies “disastrous” when, for the people who ordered them, they were wildly successful.


I voted for Biden too, just to get rid of Cruel Stupid. But we should have no illusions about what we are getting with Biden.

I’m glad that the Biden admin will be in charge of distributing the Covid vaccine - Trump would have been so cruel and corrupt. However, if Biden remains pro forma, I see little evidence that he and his admin will be able to step into the moment and address the larger challenges we face.

Unless Biden quickly does substantive things to address economic and environmental challenges on the basis of helping people in need, the door will remain open for a return of Trump and his ilk.

But four years is a long time, so we will see.


Paging Winken and Nod.

Rogues gallery thickens. Quelle surprise.


“Centerist” = Neocon BLOB, serving Authoritarian Oligarchy at home, foreverwar, cluster-bombs & death squads abroad.

“Progressive” = deluded reactionary MSNBCNN dopamine addict, brainwashed since their smug suburban childhood.

“Putting Biden’s feet to the FIRE” = blaming their victims, US, Russia, Antifa/BLM, Trump, Ralph Nader… as their fat equity portfolios JUMPS yet another 1.79% this morning to +70%?

“Everything’s back to NORMAL” = Fuck you, PAY me!

“Lesser of two evils” for rich-ass honkies sheltering-upstate






From what I can tell, “centrist” means “will do the bidding of one’s corporate masters,” whether one is in politics or media.


More war, oh boy I can’t wait. /s


“Biden’s reported selection of Blinken, and potential selection of Flournoy, to serve in two of his administration’s top foreign policy roles is likely to draw rebuke from progressives who have demanded that the president-elect assemble a cabinet committed to peace and diplomacy and free from the corrupting influence of weapons manufacturers, defense contractors, and other powerful corporate interests.”

I would gladly settle for any cabinet NOT committed to the maintenance and extension of the USian Empire and its forever wars.


Neocon, neoliberal, Hey, what’s in a name?


Which is just another way to say fascism.


I can’t disagree.

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I understand that Biden’s transition team is supposed to “look like America” in terms of the mix of race and ethnicity. Well, in the environmental world, this tactic is known as “greenwashing.” This is race/ethnicity washing. On the surface it might seem like a good thing, but when you dig down, these people represent a narrow slice, the upper crust of society.

You won’t find the Biden transition team or admin looking anything like America when it comes to CLASS. The vast majority of us will not be represented. ALL the PUSHING will have to come from the OUTSIDE.



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Now will the Joe Biden wish-fulfillment fantasy columns stop, and may we move on to attacking and resisting this war criminal and Kamalacop as heartily as we did BossTweet?



Biden winks, gives Blinken the nod. Back to the kill list, fire up those drones, back to regime change – nothing learned. Military industrialists rest easy tonight while the world trembles at our arrogant, ignorant might,



You think this was a victory?
And yes, for the moment
we’ve won but
don’t celebrate delusion
'cause we’re a long way from done.

Corporate democrats voted in
cursing those who brought 'em
we’ve still got to fight them
from autumn to autumn

We’ll fight them for the climate
We’ll fight them for our health
We’ll fight them to topple
the dictatorship of wealth

We’ll fight them for jobs
with livable pay
We’ll fight racist cops
by night and by day

We’ll fight them for justice
all of us or none
We’ll fight to end war
and when we are done

We’ll celebrate freedom
our banner unfurled
and together begin
to create a just world