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As Biden Taps Blinken as Secretary of State, Critics Denounce Support for Invasions of Iraq and Libya

Somehow, I’m getting deja-vu? AGAIN!






Biden is the DNC version of Trump. Less bluster, more smile and feel-good rhetoric but as he promised, nothing will change


were we really expecting anything less??? sos from the damn dems and their new leader.


The divisive diversion of identity politics is only skin deep.


Well, when it comes to policy, there will be next to no ideological or class diversity in his administration. The very notion that working class people would be anywhere near his administration, or people that are in line with his own party on policy, is out the window. Biden’s search for a VP and those in his administration starts with ideology, and openness to being corrupt. When identity comes in, it is used as a means to provide cover for the crappy things Biden is set to do.

Harris was the darling, the pick, of Wall Street, and who is Wall Street dominated by? Rich white men. She was the pick of rich white men. A woman of color that was serious about economic, social, racial and environmental justice would not get supported by those rich white men. So, it is easy to see that you could support someone like Harris, but that isn’t supporting women of color broadly, because in order for that to be the case you need to focus on policy aimed at uplifting people. Instead, it just benefits that particular woman of color, and her identity is then used to shield her from being critiqued for being just as corrupt and worthless as someone like Biden. The thing is, you need a really self-serving and corrupt person that is willing to do that, and Harris is certainly that.

The Democrats are the party where failing upwards it the norm, because you move up in that party not based on how good you are at solving society’s problems, or uplifting people, empowering workers relative to capital. No, you move up by pleasing donors and make the wealthy even wealthier. Mayor Pete has a bright future in that rotten party.


Look on the good side; he is not Hillary, a totally rabid warmonger. Can he learn from his mistakes?


That Biden is going to pick a bunch of monsters on anything having to do with war is not surprising (though I welcome any suggestions from Medea Benjamin, which I’m sure she will make, on what we can do about it. How about we pressure some Democratic senators to vote against this pick?)

But what is surprising and very disappointing is what the hell Bernie was doing hiring Matt Duss. I don’t need people claiming to be progressive who are allies of monsters. To a certain extent I still blame Bernie for being Biden’s ally and not attacking him more but I let that slide a bit (I’m still annoyed) because I understood Bernie was worried about 4 more years of Trump. What the hell is Duss’s excuse?

If Ro Khanna becomes senator, he better vote against this guy or he’s lost my support.

Maybe progressives in Vermont can pressure Bernie to vote no. Does anyone remember when he said Clinton wasn’t qualified to be president because of the Iraq war vote (~https://www.cnn.com/2016/04/06/politics/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-qualified/index.html, which I wish was said of Biden)? How could Bernie think this guy is qualified?

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As if!


And the winner is: Lauren Sánchez?

California is 38.1% Latinx according to the 2010 Census and 5.8% Black… so, Newsom will doubtless choose a ravening, dead-eyed, autocratic kleptocrat? Is Kimberly Guilfoyle, still infectuous? Any Kardashians able to read teleprompters? Are either Sofia Vergara or Shakira naturalized yet?

A Centrist = War mongering Wall St whore who works exclusively for oligarchy with an ability to put a sentence together. The rest of the world would define this as a far right wing position.

Also defined as a liberal.


Yes, there’s clear reason to expect a more thoughtful and enlightened “handling” of the pandemic, including the rollout and distribution of the Covid vaccines, with Biden at the helm. The fact that the voters moved Trump to “lame duck” status has allowed the nation a huge sigh of relief, though we’re not surprised that he’ll fight the mandate of the people to the bitter end. The nation’s mental health has improved perceivably, just knowing that he and the despicable individuals he chooses to surround himself with will no longer be driving the bus.

The obvious and meaningful differences between a Trump presidency and that of a Joe Biden have been sufficient to justify a “hold your nose” vote for Biden, but there’s no reason to expect what we might call progressive national policy from Biden and his brand of cronies. The same constant monitoring and resistance that was necessary with Trump will be necessary with Biden and his administration; indeed, we need to be even more focused on a Biden administration and the unDemocratic Party because they’re much more subtle and deceiving in their treachery. And the msm will not be scrutinizing a Biden administration like they’ve done with Trump.

The Biden administration and the unDemocratic Party will be held accountable if the progressives of our citizenry are vigilant and genuinely committed to making progressive policy a reality. Sadly, that’s not likely to happen. Even when they’ve had opportunities to reject the treachery of the unDems and start their own party, they’ve stayed with the unDems because, with exceptions, that’s essentially what they are, committed to the Party. Sanders, AOC and the rest of the squad, Khanna and the others of the so called progressive caucus, sheepdogs all. And voters choosing to call themselves progressives have been and likely will continue to stay with the unDemocratic Party. Inertia, fear, it doesn’t matter why. It’s reality.

There’s a new political party developing right now, the People’s Party, that’s genuinely committed to those ideals and policies so many so called progressives profess to so badly want. If those calling themselves progressives moved to support the People’s Party, it would become influential in very little time. But when it comes to commitment that might actually make it happen, they quite predictably resort to the same old submission to the unDems that makes them such a reliable voting block. Such a deal for a political party, unwavering loyalty from a voting block in return for nothing but scorn.

So, what are you going to do this time around, progressives?


You don’t want to use ‘we’ in that sentence?

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Unfortunately, there’s still room for Hill in this cabinet.

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Thank you and no doubt about it, it would have been better presented if I’d asked “So, what are we going to do this time around, progressives?”

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So, America has essentially ousted a narcissistic psychopath in exchange for a warring corporate sociopath. Phew, what a relief.

Here today, here tomorrow.

JFK 11/22, got little mention this past weekend.


Systemic forces in the US politics make it very difficult to develop a robust alternative to the two dominant political parties. One has to have the long view and stay the course without getting derailed by short-term outcomes. The Populist Party found that out at the end of the 19th Century when they put in their lot with the Dems.

But I’m all for a People’s Party to challenge the establishment again. Probably best to start at local and state levels and build. And work for systemic changes in the electoral process like Move to Amend, rank-choice voting, etc.

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Yes, Joan. The Mayor Pete’s of the world will find their home in the Dem Party.

It’s funny that most of the “left” MSM keeps talking about the repub party being in trouble. But the Dems keep losing most elections and are getting farther and farther away from the people. The Dem Party is the one that is in trouble.


Can you elaborate on what you mean here? Because the divisions and hierarchies created by racism, mysogyny, colonialism, etc. are quite real and employed regularly to “organize” society.

I didn’t vote for either of the Duopoly’s candidates, but I too got stuck with Joe Biden.   Go figure . . .


The people in the MSM are rich and class is important to them. They just aren’t in your class. Since any class based issue is off the table, since they are by definition opposed to structural changes, what is left but identity? Have a problem with austerity, sick of these white men wielding all that power? Well, here is a woman of color and she will gladly cut programs the poor and working people need. Have a problem with that? Sexist! Racist! Don’t like us bombing this or that country? Well, did you see the BLM and the rainbow flags on our bombers? The neoliberals are horrible. Structural sexism and racism is real, but they use identity in manipulative ways and it turns people off, which undermines the fight against structural racism and sexism. It is infuriating all around.


I am opposed to identity politics. We already have one woman who is a senator, so I suppose by some people’s identity politics we should have a man for the other. And the woman is white, so the man should be Latino. Yuch. I can’t stand Willie Brown’s attitude on this (~https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/11/22/newsom-faces-new-pressure-to-fill-harris-seat-with-woman-of-color-instead-of-presumed-favorite-1337700).

I don’t think Khanna is all that likely, but I’d be happy with him or several other people.

If the pressure to pick a woman of color actually resulted in Barbara Lee being senator, I’d have no complaints (though someone here said her district would lose a great rep and won’t get nearly the same for a replacement). I don’t know that much about Karen Bass, she seems OK (@skeptictank liked her), but I know Khanna better. I’m sure there are plenty of horrible women of color to be found though.

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