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As Big Box Stores Thrive, 1 in 5 Small Businesses Expect to Close in Next 6 Months Without Urgent Federal Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/big-box-stores-thrive-1-5-small-businesses-expect-close-next-6-months-without-urgent


One solution : shop small, not big. Even the playing field.

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The bottom of the United States economy was shot in the back, and apparently the bottom half isn’t going to recover anytime soon. The top half will have to discover what all of this means soon enough.

Yes, it’s a Jacob Blake reference.

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One has to ask the question - is this part of the Re-set I keep hearing about? Was the virus used as a spring board? I’m scratching my head wondering why the entire economy was shut down for a virus 99% of people recover from?

We had a healthcare crisis for sure…but an economic one?

I have the same feeling as I had after 9/11 which was clearly used as a spring board to re-shape the Middle East…and beyond.

I read recently that, since March, 1200 restaurants in NYC have closed their doors permanently. This is devastating. Just wait when local and state governments start laying off people right and left.

Oh, and I forgot, the rich got richer.

Very scary times.

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I like that. In fact I’ve tried to do that when possible since the “Great Recession.” Actually before that with a Walmart boycott.
I suppose the big box stores get more favor from the trump regime than the little guys who have little to give in return, like campaign cash.

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I feel it was a test run at least. And is speeding up the “need” for 5g and cashlessness.

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Some times shopping small is not an option when Big Box puts all the small family businesses … out of business.

Case in point is my small southern town where the two pharmacies were long time family businesses.

Big Box Pharmacy came to town. The local yokel city council gave them part of a park which had been donated to the city for common use. Graded off the park to construct the store then have Big Box fifty years of no taxes.

Big Box cut prices temporarily, put the small family pharmacies out of business … I drive twelve miles to nearest small town to use another family pharmacy. Most of the sheep just kept on grazing right to the door of Big Box.

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We can supportive of each other, and aside from signing online petitions or supporting various causes online we can choose to show our support by example. Sometimes a well constructed video or a well rehearsed speech in public might do well to positively influence our fellows. I do not have such skills, although many of you may have them. What I can do is wear something that almost everyone identifies with, something that connects us all and represents our commonality.

It seems to me that there is an abundance of division and less commonality, and those of us who have or perceive that we have something in common might have the chance to communicate better if we perceive each other as equals. Common Grounds prevents links so I recommend finding the “Equality” website where we can buy t shirts to represent our common goals. I think these simple garments might afford the opportunity for communication and possibly provide a means by which we can see each other in a favorable light. And then we can talk as equals and find solutions to help all of us.

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Big box stores depend on a one-way outflow of plastic packaging materials.

Decomposed plastic at the molecular level now resides in human protein molecules.

Plastic nano particles also reside in rich people who depend on a plastic throw away society.


They also depend on a one-way outflow of money from the local communities to corporate headquarters. They are akin to vampires sucking the money/life-blood from communities as they drain the life out of them.


The GOP has been enhancing corporate profits for decades at the expense of small businesses, yet a majority of small business owners around here are dyed-in-the-wool Republicans.

Corporations can provide affordable medical insurance to employees whereas many small businesses can’t even get medical insurance or it is unaffordable. M4A would make small businesses much more competitive with corporations, so I guess the Dimcritters serial hostility toward M4A makes them complicit with the GOP in disadvantaging small businesses.

Meanwhile, Home Depot’s founder keeps bragging about the boatloads of money he is dumping into GOP campaigns. Our local contractor community calls Home Depot agent orange.

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…and the greedy monopolists rubbed their hands together. “Mission halfway accomplished,” they gleefully said to each other. “Soon we’ll own the entire market… and then we can jack our prices sky high and drop employee wages into the basement. Gotta love consumers’ susceptibility to FEAR!”

Even if you have to pay a little more (if you’re in a position to afford it)

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But, but, we had to go to plastic bags, or all the trees will disappear. Remember that lie from the 80’s? I never bought into the oil corporate propaganda about plastic bags, but maybe that’s because I live in a state covered by about 80% trees that are regenerated about every 12-20 years for pulpwood and paper manufacturing. Not once in the years leading up to that point, did the demand for pulpwood ever come close to outstripping the supply of trees here, not even close.

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Good ideas B.

Exactamont. I absolutely refuse to consider buying anything from Amazon.

I’ll search the Web for the item I need and willingly pay a premium.


Do you not see the writing on the wall? We, the 99% have become the serfs and peasants while the Corporations and their billionaires and millionaires are the lords living in the castles. Storm the moats! Stay out of the big box stores when you can.

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To Speechless I direct my first question: Where did youse get that 99% of people recover from Covid19 virus?

Moreover, Speechless raises some very valid questions. Answers likely hinge on the difference between over-arching and unifying conspiracy theories versus the kinds of “commonalities of interests” that are standard discussion behind the closed doors of the boardrooms of our Corporate Caliphate. I should rephrase that grammar cuz I didn’t intend to make it seem that the trans national and amoral GREED IS GOOD incarnation of the Globalized Corporate Caliphate is something that we, the Wage Slaves or Food Chain Survivalists on the Planet of the Clock Punchers possesses. If anything, the Corporate Caliphate possess U.S.

The “Re-set” Speechless keeps hearing about is, I presume of the unbounded by the constraints of human fallibility\nature variety of unifying theory that human nature defaults to when the world ceases to compute.

At least fails to conform with our current disk operating system. We can all be reprogrammed. That is the lesson we learn as Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas weaponized as Cold War indoctri-NATION fail U.S. and the snookered WTO codified Free Trade League of Nations versus both failing systems of our bi-polar world post WW II pre-globalized however sectored spirals of uncontrollable monetarist Inflation\Deflation.

The remedies of the self-serving Czars of Supply\Demand driven perpetual growth machines on a finite planetary eco-system and the ideological\spiritual\spritz-ual drought of these ZOMBIE ECONOMICS: OR HOW DEAD IDEAS STILL WALK AMONG US as Aussie iconoclastic economist John Quiggin titled his book while he taught at Princeton U.:

Leaves us earthlings without Common Sense much less Common Dreams. We’re all asking in our native languages and code shifting whether any of even exceptional U.S. or seemingly bottomless Down Under Coal Reserves to power China’s Global Free Market Imperial ascendancy will be able to survive much less thrive in a far more severe landscape watered by Trickle Down Acid Rain…

Both were described as the Panic that led to the GREAT DEPRESSION requiring a New Deal and more than 2 World Wars to stabilize into a world of those with Social Safety Nets and Those Exceptional Nation-states without such Social Safety Nets. Hello Normalization of Homelessness and Healthcare-lessness.

Incidentally, see career Red Baiting then China Opening Nixon’s beginnings in Public Service at the Office of Price Administration (OPA) while still serving in that Socialist organization the U.S. Naval Reserve (see Wikipedia for brief dossier). Especially consider the soon after WW II deconstructed OPA in the context of Cold War boiler-plate rules and regs barring central banks and central banking much less government interference into the Free Markets that we’ve heard so much about, if none of U.S. has much experience in life with any such thing as Free Markets. Only experienced fleetingly as Black Markets. Namely Limitless and Non-Regulated Capitalist Growth v. the Social Realism of Communist Devolution into Cult of Personality and The Ultimate Fixed Hierarchy.

We don’t have the luxury or patience to keep paying attention, studying and thinking out loud as we all within our communities communicating and trying to be heard as we figure out in real time what all has transpired and where we fit in to any new scheme of things.

More is the pity that Common Dreams hasn’t yet provided a Public Interest Forum for discussing the news of a couple-three days ago, via Twitter and then some MSM reporting that Alt White Right intellectual leader of the pack, Richard Spencer has thrown his support in the upcoming elections behind Biden and the ‘liberals’ whom he considers to be more politically competent in this place at this time.

Within the confines of a few Twitter statements and not yet seated for any pan-a-vision interviews on a tight leash of his own authorized interrogators, I have to say that I agree with Spencer’s 2 lede statements of his opposition to Trump, even if I do so for very different reasons and from very different motivations. But here, consider Spencer in his own Tweeted “statements” that, of course can be viewed as self-serving since he’d slipped as a national Boogie Alt White Right Man and hereby reasserts the political theater conceit of his king-making abilities:

I considered this report and others I could find via online search after not just hearing Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Jean Guerrera who has written HATEMONGER on Democracy Now the first contextual biography of the Trumplican longest-held advisor within the White House that is not a family member. Namely Alt White Right racialist ideologue and Immigrant demonizer (Jewish Diaspora son of Holocaust survivor refugees that Jewish Diaspora and Zionist Support NGO’s hate to even acknowledge as a force behind this most destructive of White House administrations) Stephen Miller.

Amy Goodman and her co-host-interviewer-producer Juan Gonzalez did not leave enough time in their 1-hour syndicated radio and cable tv daily news-cast to get beyond the contradiction-laden surface of Stephen Miller. Either as a banal opportunist and\or force behind the cult of Trumplicanism that has taken control of the GOP. Clearly pushing Trump from failed self-serving businessman whose generous stake was an inheritance freed via corruption from any obligations to the Political Bosses and Organized Crime that was the engine of NYC’s ability to make so much of its turn-of-the-20th Century wider global spectrum of immigrant waves. Donald Trump being driven to redeem himself and his generation of Fred Tump’s hard-won if not completely fair family fortune and prove their worthiness as members of the Calvinist Elect and not the outer-boroughs grandchildren of the Preterite refugee German immigrants whose family fortune was built as part of the Blue State of NY Tammany Hall corrupt Democratic Political Machine.

Mind this E-CONomic factoid: For whom Big Government contracts for subsidized low-income Public Housing was as much an endlessly fertile Golden Goose as were insider\outsider ethnic hierarchies and personal GREED IS GOOD garden variety opportunism Uber Alles.

But here is the longer and non-broadcast Part 2 of the interview with Stephen Miller biographer of HATEMONGER, Jean Guerrero, that didn’t have time to air on the syndicated DEMOCRACY NOW from their netcast: ttps://www.democracynow.org/2020/8/26/make_america_white_again_stephen_millers

As Isabel Wilkerson has written and discussed in the progressive circles in which her academic work is welcome, caste systems replace complexion or climate-related evolutionary adaptation differentials that are no more than skin deep in any mix of nature\nurture responsible for who succeeds and securely eats and finds shelter as opposed to who is ground up in our caste-structured predatory market arrangements. Those arrangements can be determined in a republic that allows each stakeholder citizen to fairly choose their representatives and where majority rules, rather than access in a Pay2Play Feudal System.

Or, whether in the latter case a Corporate Caliphate or Feudal Lords of Health\ HIgh FInance\Housing\Life Sciences\Tech\TeleComm\Welfare (either Corporate Welfare or Public Interest based Social Welfare like the kind that rules in all military force structures) will work however humanely and imperfectly to organize our common wealth and secure our clearly destabilized National Security.

That’s a funny as cancer and military industrial budgets phrase: NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. Not funny as in ha-ha funny. That modifying dangling verb as with the current graffiti di Via Dolorosa or Via Dollarosa formulation of NO JUSTICE=NO PEACE can never be secured without the informed consent of the body politic aka The Governed (as opposed to The Ruled which is the Fascist Start\End point for all discussion, let U.S. be honest about who the enemy is that has most effectively united our disparate communities of mostly competing interests dba collaborators and co-conspirators).

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Psalm Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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