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As Bills Advance, Will Grassroots Resistance Finally Overcome Fast Track Push?


As Bills Advance, Will Grassroots Resistance Finally Overcome Fast Track Push?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


Get ready for a giant whooshing sound that will make the NAFTA whooshing sound sound like a whisper…


NAFTA is a beta test of corporate control of the judiciary. Corporate control of judiciary will go live globally when TPP is signed by Obama.


Fastrack is taking Institutional Stupidity to the top of Congressional and Presidential priorities.

Only comfortable traitors will even think of voting for it.

Only a power drunk President could imagine even wanting it.


Clinton was busy promoting the TPP immediately before launching her pre-campaign speaking tours, and has consistently supported fast track. Judging from the media marketed to libs (MSNBC, online media, etc), middle class liberals support it.


Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, which H. Clinton has fully supported. In the weeks prior to launching her pre-campaign, H. Clinton was busy promoting the TPP. Our liberal media have gone into overdrive to sell Clinton as the 2016 candidate.


Still waiting for Obama to explain to Am people the upside for them of the TTP and TTIP, but I’m not holding my breath.


No, he’s not power drunk–he’s taking orders, doing as he’s told by his corporate masters. As for calling Congressional supporters traitors, here’s how I see it: the entire purpose of Fast Track is to allow passage of the fiercely undemocratic and destructive TPP and TTIP, for the sake of further entrenching the power of corporations. That power comes at the expense of humans. Assuming that Members of Congress are human, if they support the triumph of corporate power over humans, that indeed makes them traitors, traitors to their own kind–human people.


Generally, I think electoral politics is a waste of time. But this is important enough, and the outcome delicate enough, that we need to all do our part, calling “our” Members of Congress and haranguing them to vote no on both Fast Track and these “agreements.” We need to be very loud about this: it’s not just about job loss. It also threatens environmental rules, local rights, democracy in general, net neutrality, access to the internet, the right of Europeans to keep their health care systems and to ban GMOs, the right of any place to restrict bee-killing pesticides, or refuse to host a cyanide-leaching mine above their water supply, etc.


Any politician associated with the fast track destruction of America using TPP as their weapon of choice should be put on a fast track out of office.

Politicians supporting TPP are traitors to humanity and servants of immortal corporate monsters.


The most important thing to do right now to try to stop this is to call Senator Ron Wyden - immediately, if you can - to tell him to publicly oppose fast track and help us stop the TPP, because of the role he has in all of this. The next, if you haven’t called your representative and your two senators, is to call them to tell them to Vote No to Fast Track for trade agreements/No to Trade Promotion Authority. As a matter of fact, it is probably a good idea to call them even if you already have. Bernie Sanders put up a petition on Credo Action we all can sign: Make secret trade agreements public, demanding that we, and Congress, be able to immediately read the texts of all pending trade agreements.


wildfire - thank you. It is also strongly suggested that we all call Senator Ron Wyden ASAP to tell him to publicly oppose Fast Track and help us stop the TPP, because of the role he has in all of this right now.


Yes, I call and hassle his staff about this at least once a week;) 202-224-5244 is his DC number