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As Bolivian Regime Delays Elections a Third Time, Media Continue to Ignore Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/06/bolivian-regime-delays-elections-third-time-media-continue-ignore-coup


Tesla’s Elon Musk said last week " he’ll take the Bolivian lithium and whatever else he wants. "
President Trump says, " It’s all yours, partner. Btw, what was our cut on that, again? "
American Exceptional Schism with the rest of the planet is just a beautiful thing to behold, ain’t it?
" God, guns, guts and musky nuts built this shit hole country, dammit. " With a little help from the MSM, of course.


Yes, coup it is and coup it is denied. The US media that we call “media” are not going to report that.

But watch out. They are not going to report a coup coming here either, and you can bet we’re not the only ones who know that.

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The fake news is going to carry the unelected, apartheid regime over the finish line.

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Not only media but countries are guilty of gross hypocrisy on Bolivia.

For example, Canada’s prime minister prattles on about rule of law and human rights,
but his scary deputy prime minister leads the so-called ‘Lima Group’ of right-wing
governments plotting to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela –
and they welcome support from Bolivia’s illegal coup regime, of course.

from the article: ‘That media narratives remain unchanged even after the release and acknowledgment of new evidence indicates that it is official dogma, and not reality, that sets the tone of journalistic coverage.’

the same folks who are behind all these foreign right-wing coups are the ones who control big corporate media: the CIA!



“…US media have a well-documented history of supporting right-wing coups and regimes around the world, and not much seems to be changing. It is abundantly clear that Morales was unlawfully overthrown by his country’s military on false pretexts. The United States supported and continues to support this coup.”
Ah, yes. The U.S. butting into the politics of other, sovereign nations, where we have NO BUSINESS INTERFERING! We do have a bad habit of doing that…& ALWAYS we are supporting the repressive right-wing of whatever nation it is. There’s no telling what crap we do in the world cuz’ MainStream Media outlets insist on only reporting whatever our gov’t says. However, print journalists are often on site, reporting what is really happening. Is there a reason MSM can’t hook up with some of that “reality reporting”?
The truth is there for those of us who care to read it, but that is not the vast majority of fellow Americans. If they knew how many right-wing coups are backed, even orchestrated, by the USA, they wouldn’t find it so unbelievable that one COULD HAPPEN HERE! And while we bitch about Russian interference in our elections (& rightfully so), we remain blissfully unaware of all the times, in multiple nations, where WE are the ones screwing with their elections ~ putting in power, NOT who the people there want to lead them…NO…the USA does shady shit to make sure whomever WE want is who ends up President.
Of course, WE ARE UNAWARE of what our gov’t is doing IN OUR NAME! That’s right, yours & mine, brother & sister! Because we claim to have a ‘free press’ & news media, the whole world expects that we know what our Country is doing here & elsewhere. “Ha!” You’re more likely to hear the truth about US from British, state run media outlets. I have found this to be disturbingly true since right before war in Iraq, which is when I began looking at other media, comparing to our coverage, & waiting to see which turned out to be truth. (Hint: It wasn’t U.S. media) I watch & read way too much news, I admit it & I don’t advise overdosing, as I do. Gets way too depressing! But, it’s smart to know what the world knows & to know what kind of crap our gov’t is DOING around the world! The obscene amount of our tax dollars that flow into “Defense Dept.”, Pentagon, every year…Well, I’ll just say that it has little to do with our defense! And, our CIA, NSA & more 3-letter acronyms, have way too much federal funding to butt-in to others’ sovereign affairs, in secret (secret to us) & even their budgets are kept secret!
While the thought of a coup happening here – “a takeover? No way!” – seems insane BS… IT IS NOT SO CRAZY. Right-wing coups are a U.S. specialty elsewhere. Always Right-wing. Always Oppressive. Violence & poverty for the masses. NOT what the people want, or who they voted for. Corporations & the wealthiest, a small group of people, win with these coups; also the military benefits, as they are needed to keep the poor majority “in check”. The living conditions & wages for all but the richest few, are a downhill slide after right-wing coup. {Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?} Hunger & gang violence & desperation take over the lives of majority, common folks. They, technically, live in democratic countries & elect their leadership. Technically. But, if you could ask them I wonder what they’d say?
We have alot of practice under our belts & if you think it can’t happen here too, I’d have to ask, “What color is the sky in your world?” The powerful elite here are greedy as hell & have no intentions of a fairer USA for workers, or people of color. The only color that matters to them is color GREEN ~ green is the color of POWER. The rest means nothing to them! It is NOT what I was taught about this Country, my Country, but this does NOT, at all, resemble the America I grew up in & learned about in school, almost 60yrs ago!
This is to be a USA that our founders tried to PREVENT, with the U.S. Constitution & Bill Of Rights. And, no it wasn’t perfect ~ but we have been maturing in the right direction, growing up over time & had been working to right wrongs, injustice, raise folks up out of poverty…we had been. Until the 80’s. Everything began to change then in the USA. Radical change. Against the working class that BUILT THIS NATION! They just don’t CALL IT ‘Socialism’ when the wealth is redistributed to the “leisure class”. It’s taken from poor & middle class, given to the ‘upper crust’ - those who already have life of luxury & want for nothing, need nothing. Funny that there’s no disparaging term for that type of wealth re-distribution.
Yet, any attempt to rebalance the scales, when they get so top heavy that the bottom can no longer hold it up, is met with cries of, “Oh my God!” “Why, that’s Socialism!”
“THAT.” Those with all the money & its power, along with our so-called representative gov’t officials (also in the wealth class), they decry as ‘socialism’ & downfall of all that is good & holy, to hear them flipping-out about it. It’s blasphemy! The sky is falling! It’s a communist plot! That’s UnAmerican! Dam* those Liberals! IT IS ALL BAD! But…that isn’t the truth.

When any sense of having some equality has vanished. When the people actually doing the WORK of working class cannot provide for their family, working 40hrs a week. When minimum wage jobs are MOST OF THE JOBS left in this Country & when wages do not even keep up with cost of living here…after 10yrs [in 1980’s] of NO increase in min. wages & any attempt to ‘catch wages up’ now gets shot down by GOP…
When, “of the people, by the people & for the people” – has become, “of the richest, by the richest & for the richest” (including corporate} – there must be a time of reckoning. This cannot maintain itself forever. Something’s gotta’ give! And NOW is the time! If not civilly, it will be settled by violence, as in other extremely disparate 2-tier societies through history. That is NOT the best way! It’s the “other” way & sometimes, the only way to make necessary change happen. When righteously needed change is fought against, but MUST happen for society to continue to function as a whole… It’s like a pressure cooker & if ignored, “KA-BOOM!” And what a humongous, irretrievable mess there is to clean up then!
We seem to be like the pressure cooker, with that ear-piercing whistle going off & getting ever louder! I hope we remove it from the heat before it blows. I hope so, yet I fear not.
It should not lead to a Civil War ~ more of an American Revolution 2.0…cuz’ if we’re smart, we should stand united as one people fighting for the justice due to ALL Americans & for our fair share of the American Dream, or at least a piece of the pie that we work so hard to produce ~ not just the dam* crumbs!
I hope it doesn’t come to that, but have little hope at this time. One way or another, change is a’comin’…