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As Bolton Hurls Threats, Congresswoman Omar Demands US 'Must Rule Out Military Action in Venezuela'


As Bolton Hurls Threats, Congresswoman Omar Demands US 'Must Rule Out Military Action in Venezuela'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton openly threatened Venezuela's elected government on Twitter and White House officials continued to warn that U.S. military intervention remains "on the table," Rep.



Oil, check
Economic pressure on Venezuela working, check
Trump needs a distraction, check
All systems go…



Twitter, tweet and twaddle.

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It is vey interesting the major European toadies, that have jumped on Trump’s war wagon, are governments in near collapse … except the Brits. They collapsed years ago and now exist as a figment of the imagination … a ‘propaganda state’.



Oh boy two Dems speak out, where is your leader Pelosi on this. Some resistance.



An aside, to how out-of-touch Trump can get, he has suggested Bible literacy for schools! They stopped doing this in the sixties in my city. The religious mix in the US has soared since then.
More images of the past.

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Maybe she’ll stay quiet, fade away, and make room for someone else.

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While frowns surround.

Why do cowardly traitors giggle when serving pain, suffering and anguish to friendly families just trying to get by the best they can.

We all gotta duck when their shit hits the fan.



Johnson sez:
“… John Bolton openly threatened Venezuela’s elected government on Twitter and White House officials continued to warn that U.S. military intervention remains ‘on the table’ …”

The greatest threat to the Venezuelan people remains the assorted thugs, pimps and highwaymen arrayed around the table.



Do I need to register as a foreign agent if I do not receive compensation for supporting Venezuela, Cuba and Iran against the present U.S. regime? I fantasize about a couple of million people calling the state dept help lines asking them this question. Inquiring minds want to know.



Obviously there are covert operations going on along with the in your face of this administration war mongers. What is CIA or FBI doing?

Brazen in our face corruption throughout the world of the global elites. They all wanted the resources of Venezuela.



Listen to the comments on here. It’s all about the US and how leftist socialist governments are basically innocent.

Meanwhile back on planet earth, climate change is destroying the habitat of Venezuela as at the same time the population sores. (thank the Catholics for keeping people ignorant about sex education.)

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As the world gets hotter, expect more food disruptions. Refugees in Venezuela are just the beginning.

But hey, just keep having kids and blame everything on the USA, that’ll work.



And of course, not all species can just run for the nearest border when overpopulation and habitat collapse caused by humans affects them.



Also, need to squash any idea at all that certain policies or ideas are a means of development. They cannot let these things succeed or fail on their own, they must use the incredible power of this government, institutions like the IMF, private right wing organizations and other capitalist countries to stop any other ideas in their tracks and to make sure that they fail. China is bad enough, doing what it is doing while employing radically different ideas than the IMF usually forces on other countries. Venezuela, with large oil reserves? It cannot be allowed to succeed, just like Chile couldn’t. Chile made the error of trying to implement socialist changes within a multi-party democracy, and the elites did not like people getting those types of ideas. So, the economy (i.e., the people of Chile) had to be made to scream. When Allende’s forces actually increased the support they got from the populace in the elections shortly before the coup and his assassination, the dye was cast as they say. It was the coup or letting the thing possibly succeed with popular support, and that wasn’t an option.

Luckily for the elites, Venezuela has decades long problems that previous governments could also not solve, and it struggles with the things other major oil producers struggle with too, as well as most other developing countries. So, it was vulnerable in many ways. But it isn’t as if the opposition, who is more unpopular than Maduro is and backs deeply unpopular policies, has any actual solutions. If they get power, it is loot the store time.



The attached image shows three pigs at the trough, chuckling at their power to destroy cultures and governments not to their liking and extremist capitalist ideology; to wage war and commit crimes against humanity…depraved madness, contempt for truth and justice, and “religious” bigotry/racism and ignorant stupidity - bolthead, pompous, and pinhead!



This is what I call, “Politics as a Sporting Event.”

Over here you have The Elites, and over here you have The Populace.

Go Populace GO! YAY TEAM!!!

Ecology does not work that way, and this is not a sporting event, but it does allow heterosexist natalist fantasies to cook the books to make either capitalist or socialist dreams seem true.

Oil is destroying the habitat of the planet. As that is happening the population grows.

Venezuela, turns out, is on the planet.

Exponentials are a thing. Wars for diminished resources and civil unrest caused by habitat collapse will grow worse, month by month, until people begin to look at these crisis from the perspective of population versus resources in a time of ecological disruption.

In places where the Catholic church rules the education of society, habitat will continue to collapse and people will continue to have children, then pray when the food runs out. The Elites will seem to be winning, until agriculture and water supplies actually do run out. When fires destroy what’s left of the forests, when storms and floods continue to push people into refugees, the Elites and the Populace will have to put down their pom poms and wake up.

Expect that to happen soon.

Until then Joan, you’re just a cheerleader for rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Go Populace! WOO HOO!

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Yes, in the above picture we have the three stooges of fascism!

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Calling people thugs, and pimps. Just wondering, did that magically create resources on the planet?

Because what I see is that people will turn to violence when they get hungry, yet, from the videos I am seeing, they still manage to carry small children around.

Those running the military know resources are running out. They see the ecological crisis. But, like here in the USA, actually discussing habitat collapse and climate change means confronting religious ideas about family values. And that just does not happen.

So much easier to take to the streets and use violence, call names, use the military, whatever.

Not a moment of any of that will make drinkable water appear nor change the CO2 levels. And having a baby in this chaos is really insane.

Define thugs.



That’s just total nonsense. First of all, the US has not invaded Venezuela.

Secondly, this is 2019. China, Brazil, Russia and India are players in world economies.

And finally, climate change is a thing. It affects all countries, around the planet. To keep reciting the dogma that all problems are caused by the US ignores habitat collapse.

Does the current US government make habitat collapse worse? Yes, duh.

But so do all the other countries stripping the earth for just one more day of shopping and breeding.

And as the refugees from South America move north, this is what they can expect.

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