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As Bolton Pick Raises Fears of Pre-Emptive Attack, Pyongyang Urges US to Adopt 'Serious Attitude' for Peace

As Bolton Pick Raises Fears of Pre-Emptive Attack, Pyongyang Urges US to Adopt 'Serious Attitude' for Peace

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A senior North Korea official on Monday urged the United States to behave as if it seriously wants peace.

In his short speech to the general assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), a global organization based in Geneva, Ri Jong Hyok said, "Now is the high time to put an end to the U.S. anachronistic anti-DPRK hostile policy and its futile moves of sanctions and pressure."

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I second Pyongyang’s sentiments. It is way past time for the US to adopt a ‘serious attitude’ for peace.



The senior official is extremely naive if he thinks the US will ever behave as if it seriously wants peace! The only peace the fascists like CRAZY JOHN WANT IS TO BOMB THE WORLD TO PIECES!


Start with the 29% who support war.


Wall Street loathes peaceful solutions…no profit in peace…big money in war…especially the eternal occupations and wars that Murka’s 21st century agenda mandates.

Dubya telling us “I am a war president” set the tone for the agenda during the early years of the century.


Trumpco is trying to isolate the US with only the support of Third World Dictators. He shuns Europe, China and nations other than Russia with a viable military. Does the Trumpco massive arrogance prevent them from setting up the US for attack? Or understanding that tossing around nukes like candy may cause other nations with nukes to join in too?

Far from being naive, I think the senior North Korean official is indicating that Pyongyang is learning to play the international PR game. It recognizes that the Trump administration has added yet another loose cannon in Bolton and is trying to position itself as the responsible adults in any upcoming talks, which I don’t think will happen in any case.

The emergence of Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong, pretty and personable, in recent event seems to indicate North Korea’s willingness to go on a charm offensive to woo world opinion and help mitigate its pariah status (and deflect attention from two female pawns facing the death penalty in Malaysia as part of Jong-un’s assassination plot against his half-brother).

First I thought perhaps Trump would get the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the two Koreas together. Now it’s beginning to look like Kim Jong-un.

That a blood-thirsty idiot like Bolton can become National Security Advisor, including as someone who helped make the decision to invade Iraq and continues to support it, shows the utter breakdown of sanity in Washington. If we avoid World War III we’ll be lucky.


Thanks for your perspective.

Every nation that has tried to achieve security and peace from the US and its lap-dogs has been destroyed. Feigning deadly weaponry only accelerated the carnage and slaughter.

North Korea has great cause to fear the madness - as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Latin American nations have - and the South should see finally they are only a pawn to US belligerence, territorial exploitation and occupation, cloaked in “security” - all people are pawns to the madness. The US doesn’t give a shite about South Korea’s (or anyone else’s) millions - even the Earth itself.

So what do the warmongers care about? Power, wealth, status and to be seen as “great”, religion? The metastasizing madness we are witnessing is rooted in all of these, glued together by greed, vulture capitalist economic domination, ignorance, racism, bigotry and idiot ideology.

The entire world itself and all nations have great reason to fear the madness of the depraved people in power and their utter lack of wisdom, decency, empathy, integrity, moral compass, rationality, and I must say love - a madness we and Mother Earth - all will be lucky to survive…


“but I think we have to look at what North Korea’s motivation is here.” But John, we already know what your motivation is, and it’s because you are a hypocritical asshole. YOU WANT WAR, EVERY FUCKING TIME, you artificially inflated dildo!

Bolton adds to the stench of the present swamp with a logic never before seen.We can now see where Trump gets his secret information. From the peddlers of pure hype and sycophant logic. If this crowd isn’t sidelined they are going to get us all incinerated with a nuclear winter. I just wish that it was just hyperbole. It isn’t. I voted for Nixon twice and during his darkest days, he damned near Nuked China. We went to DEFCON 2. Kissinger prevailed thank God

What in the bloody hell is bolton wanting, deeply, truly wanting? It’s not money. Power? How long does anyone’s power truly last? Especially with IQ45’s chaotic WH. Is he “simply” a psychopath who wants to be the puppeteer of someone to incinerate the planet?

Anyone here remember the joke about Minnie f*****g Goofy?

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The American people want peace. The Korean people want peace.

Back off, Neocons/Neoliberals!