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As Bonn Climate Talks Conclude, Another Failure for Planet Earth, Humanity


As Bonn Climate Talks Conclude, Another Failure for Planet Earth, Humanity

Jon Queally, staff writer

As ten days of UN-sponsored climate talks came to end in Bonn, Germany Thursday morning, global campaigners demanding far-reaching solutions to the crisis of a warming planet expressed dissatisfaction on multiple levels and said the continued foot-dragging of governments is sentencing future generations to unparalleled catastrophe even as scientists issued grave new warnings about the dangers of inaction.


How about a little thought for a change?
A reflection on the last 200 years?

Where we have created great comfort for some of us, at the cost of the entire planet and the rest of us?
Where the continued narcissism of the worst of the human strain has been celebrated at the cost of everyone else’s lives?
Where the awareness of how humanity can survive on the planet while being reciprocal to each other and the planet has been realized?
Where the futility of war and religion and money has been realized?

How about framing ALL EVERYDAY things in a language that alludes to these historical events?
How about establishing the common good as the goal of inspiration, instead of the acquiring of materials, and reprimand of any other behavior?

But the worst of the human strain sit in their powerful recliners, and order the murder of those at the bottom for their organs.
And we enjoy the harvest.
Because, you know, we have to better than those around us.

Immaturity will be the death of the planet.


Of the 3 basic electric vehicle technologies (all-battery BEV Tesla/Leaf, Plug-in Hybrid PHEV, and hydrogen fuel cell), the PHEV has by far the most potential to reduce overall fuel/energy consumption for driving and household use. The short driving range of 10-20 miles on the small PHEV battery pack creates more economic incentives to drive less, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby walking, bicycling and mass transit become more viable modes of travel. The small battery is the more ideal match to rooftop solar, whereby households can more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption; complement regional utility grids rather than overwhelm them as would large battery BEVs; offer a lifesaving emergency backup power supply that isn’t completely dependent upon the grid.

The problems associated with today’s utter dependence upon long-distance driving are mirrored in globalization which serves manufacturers shipping the longest distance. Just as absurd traffic undermines other fundamental modes of urban/suburban travel, the global economy undermines the more important local, regional, state and national economies.

Here then is a basic outline for reducing fuel/energy consumption in planning future economies. Drive less, fly less, truck and ship goods around the world less. No doubt, Big Oil, Auto and Boeing would rather cities remain places citizens seek vacations elsewhere, only to find more of the same demoralizing traffic and rural campground RVs, jetski and snowmobiles an insulting assault upon nature.


With all the information and communications of the world at our fingertips, things can’t help but improve. All that’s holding things up is a few superrich greedhead troglodytes and their fear driven con and neolib stooges.


If corporations must be compensated for future losses as a result of laws that protect people and the environment (TPP etc.), why shouldn’ corporations be forced to compensate people for the loss of future life years as a result of death and diseases caused by actions of corporations.