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As Border Chief John Sanders Resigns, Demands for Trump Officials to Be Held to Account for 'Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/border-chief-john-sanders-resigns-demands-trump-officials-be-held-account-government

“Children are being locked up in isolation with no adult supervision, who are very, very ill and they’re just lying on the ground on mats.”

Racism ala 2019 American Rednecks

Of Course the First _ _ ore said it rather crudely “I Don’t Really Care Do You”


Where are all those vocal ‘pro-life’ groups?


With most criminal cases there is usually a person charged. With corporate crimes there is most usually a “settlement” or deal between the prosecutor and corporation - you know that “corporate person”.

It seems to have become the norm today that when crimes are committed involving an entity that can “make a deal” the government is all too willing to hold the entity “responsible” via a fine or some such slap on the wrist - just the cost of doing business - never an actual person charged, prosecuted and tried, who was responsible for the policy or giving orders to those carrying-out the orders, and that must change! That change in this case must include identifying and investigating EVERY person involved and corporate or other entity, personal criminal culpability, and massive monetary compensation that will never really enough to compensate the victims!

In this case of depraved indifference for the lives and well-being of others held in captivity, especially the children, that evasion of law and responsibility must not be allowed or tolerated!

Those giving the orders, like at Nuremberg, must be held accountable; no “deals” no fines to evade their crimes! Kidnapping, “ordinary” child abuse, accusations or sexual abuse, mental assaults from being separated from parents and family, siblings, and all the enormous mental abuse and life-long consequences must be prosecuted - every boss and worker, anyone responsible for the policy and those “just following orders” - that defense didn’t work at Nuremberg and it must not be tolerated or allowed now!


Bodeswell and Emphyro, thank you, your comments are spot on. The republican party, the current president, and the rabid defenders of both, are mean, stupid, cruel and have created the worst thing our country has experienced in my long life. The USA has never been a perfect country, especially around the globe, but these cretins, not content to make the rest of the world suffer have brought it all home. Vote like your life depends on it.


They are only “Pro-Life” until that baby is born. After that they don’t care what happens to it.

Notice that trump is the only “president” that I can remember that doesn’t have a dog or other pet in the white house. That’s a good thing…If he has children locked up in cages, what would he do to a puppy?


There are so many 'Good Germans" who are being complicit in all this fascist s**t. Have they no compassion, no empathy, no soul?


While i agree that they need to be held accountable, the sad truth is that there is no one around who are willing or able to do so.
The entire government, courts and all, have been corrupted beyond measure and as a result only truth tellers and activists can expect to be prosecuted under the current paradigm, while state sanctioned criminals like John Sanders are protected and rewarded.


Trump and his ilk do not consider these children as human.

They treat them like animals as that is what they consider them.

How can we as a people treat Trump with any respect when he deserves none.

To tolerate this inhumanity is inhuman as well.

This may sound radical to some however, law and order no longer exists when the rich and powerful can lie, cheat, steal, and treat others like dirt.

I’m in favor of introducing all of them to the dirt.

6 feet of it.


So has anyone heard when hearings begin in the House directed by their dear leader Nancy Pelosi…the purpose being to alert the public what is truly happening? Public testimony by the legal advocates that seem to be the ones who actually know what is happening?

Anyone hear when those are scheduled? Or any other action to go after the Trump Administration on this in any way, shape, or form?

Sarcasm ^^^^^^^^^^

She loves her fascist Trump.


The media have been talking about toothbrushes and soap???-------they keep the lights on 24 hrs ----this is a form of tourture —depriving people of sleep is tourture. Rep Raul Ruiz has entered legislation to end this tourture . ----------Where are all the so called “Christian’s” ??? We should be helping our neighbors not shutting the door in their faces---------but then if these children were blonde and blue eyed there would be no “crisis”------


I heard that trump’s pick to replace John Sanders is a typical swamp monster. Someone completely wrong for the job. Of course we aren’t surprised at that, but one would hope that he would screw up and appoint someone without ICE in their veins. (pun intended).

I agree Buffalo-- and just like the Germans under Shitler, we’re all going to be implicated in the history books. Us “good” Americans that are letting this go on month after month after year, right before our eyes.


The UN Convention on the Treatment of the Child was signed by the US in 1995. It includes two articles that appear to me to be relevant. They are Articles 22 and 24, which I copy below. I think a good case could be made that the administration is in violation of those articles. Since the US is a signatory to the Convention, I think that it may arguably be in the category of “supreme Law of the Land” under Article VI, paragraph 2, of the Constitution.

Article 22

  1. States Parties shall take appropriate measures to ensure that a child who is seeking refugee status or who is considered a refugee in accordance with applicable international or domestic law and procedures shall, whether unaccompanied or accompanied by his or her parents or by any other person, receive appropriate protection and humanitarian assistance in the enjoyment of applicable rights set forth in the present Convention and in other international human rights or humanitarian instruments to which the said States are Parties.
  2. For this purpose, States Parties shall provide, as they consider appropriate, co-operation in any efforts by the United Nations and other competent intergovernmental organizations or non-governmental organizations co-operating with the United Nations to protect and assist such a child and to trace the parents or other members of the family of any refugee child in order to obtain information necessary for reunification with his or her family. In cases where no parents or other members of the family can be found, the child shall be accorded the same protection as any other child permanently or temporarily deprived of his or her family environment for any reason , as set forth in the present Convention.
    Article 24
  3. States Parties recognize the right of the child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services.
  4. States Parties shall pursue full implementation of this right and, in particular, shall take appropriate measures:
    (a) To diminish infant and child mortality;
    (b) To ensure the provision of necessary medical assistance and health care to all children with emphasis on the development of primary health care;
    © To combat disease and malnutrition, including within the framework of primary health care, through, inter alia, the application of readily available technology and through the provision of adequate nutritious foods and clean drinking-water, taking into consideration the dangers and risks of environmental pollution;
    (d) To ensure appropriate pre-natal and post-natal health care for mothers;
    (e) To ensure that all segments of society, in particular parents and children, are informed, have access to education and are supported in the use of basic knowledge of child health and nutrition, the advantages of breastfeeding, hygiene and environmental sanitation and the prevention of accidents;
    (f) To develop preventive health care, guidance for parents and family planning education and services.
  5. States Parties shall take all effective and appropriate measures with a view to abolishing traditional practices prejudicial to the health of children.
  6. States Parties undertake to promote and encourage international co-operation with a view to achieving progressively the full realization of the right recognized in the present article. In this regard, particular account shall be taken of the needs of developing countries.

Kudos for that post.


The prospects for migrants has gone from bad to worse. Mark Morgan,hard line anti-immigrant advocate and the acting Director of ICE, will take over as Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection.

All that these so called pro lifers ever care about are only fertilized eggs and the unborn. Once a person is actually born, it’s perfectly fine with them if they are killed, or if they die of starvation, homelessness, or disease or are abused or traumatized, especially if they are poor, disabled, or are not white. Sometimes I truly think that they only want all of these unwanted births to take place just so that they can have more victims to abuse, so they can get more slave laborers, and so they can enjoy watching them all suffer for their own sick entertainment. This anti-abortion and anti birth control crowd cannot be doing what they are doing for the sake of God, because if they were doing God’s will then they would have actually read their Bibles and then they would also know that during all of Bible times that birth control, even though it was primitive, was never prohibited. They would then know that abortion was always legally allowed and could even be forced upon a woman if her husband ever suspected his wife of infidelity. They would know that no one could ever be murdered BEFORE birth during Bible times as OT Jews believed that the soul only entered the body with the newborn’s first breath taken AFTER birth, and that during Bible times that no woman ever having a spontaneous miscarriage would ever be suspected of or ever accused of having an abortion as a crime. These women would never be suspected of doing anything at all wrong. During Bible times, women and not men had complete control over pregnancy and childbirth, and the men were NOT ever allowed to attend them or to help them during childbirth. Men could not even be near any woman who was menstruating either, as this was also taboo, and so men did not ever interfere with these womanly activities. As an example used to substantiate these facts from the OT, unborn children, even dearly wanted unborn children, who were miscarried if another man were to cause this to happen during a fight or something, causing this harm to the expectant woman, were only seen as being a property loss to the husband, and so the man who caused the miscarriage would then pay a fine to the husband, but he would not ever be charged with murder, as he would be in America today, unless the woman had died. The death of the unborn fetus was considered to be a loss of property, and this was not ever thought of as being murder. We are opening a very deadly can of worms by being even more overly strict by interpreting OT law in this wrongful way because it is not the will of God that we do this, but the will of man, and because by passing these draconian laws we will cause too much harm to women and girls and will do little if any good. It is unbelievably sick that these so called Religious Right Christians object so strongly to Muslim Sharia law, and then institute Christian Sharia law that is almost exactly the same thing themselves, because they BOTH come from the exact same place, the OT or Old Testament!

Christ once said that the Pharisees, whom He often called “the sons of hell” and “the brood of vipers,” were all so rotten that every time that they made a new convert that this new convert was even worse than the last one was. It appears that now, after over 2,000 years that Christ was absolutely correct in His assessment of Pharisees, because these modern day “Christian” Pharisees are much worse than those of the time of Christ as they are not satisfied with only being as overly strict with the law as those Old Testament Jews or OT Pharisees were, men whom Christ often criticized for passing off the tenets of men as if they were the tenets of God, but now these Pharisees have worked very hard to greatly outdo Moses for his over the top legalistic cruelty by going much further and by creating even more restrictive and punitive laws, such as by making having or causing an abortion punishable by life in prison or by the death penalty, and by making laws where any woman who ever miscarries must then be investigated for possibly having an illegal abortion and therefore might perhaps be charged with fetal murder, and where all forms of contraception may soon become illegal and banned. These overly strict and overly harsh laws, all with correspondingly very harsh penalties, have already taken effect in several third world countries where there is also little to no access to proper medical or prenatal care and where a woman can be imprisoned for life if she ever miscarries or ever delivers a dead baby, even though these events were both completely beyond her control. In these third world countries these laws have caused massive unspeakable cruelty and injustice, death, and severe trauma to millions of women and girls, and yet at the same time, and due to rampant corruption, profitable, unsafe, black market abortions have now become even more common than they ever were before and the mortality and morbidity of women and girls and their unborn and newborn children is also rapidly rising. Because of these misguided laws banning abortion and contraception, there are now even more abortions and fetal deaths and much more suffering for women and girls than there ever was before.

Therefore, the evidence is now very clear that the entire purpose of these anti-abortion and anti contraceptive laws have nothing to do with morality, and are not about saving any unborn lives at all, but are solely about harming women and girls and are about keeping them all helpless and destitute and under the absolute control of men, no matter how abusive and cruel that these men ever are. Much of this massive horror and abuse caused by these unjust laws and because of a complete lack of protection against rape and sexual assault committed against young girls and women, has caused an increase of immigration to more northern countries like the United States so that these women and girls can try to get away from this tremendous physical and sexual violence and abuse. This is partly why so many immigrants are attempting to enter this country at our southern border. So the very same Religious Right’s own policies and laws are part of what is causing America’s immigration crisis that these very same republicans so vehemently oppose. Unfortunately, because of the massive bigotry, cruelty and injustice of these very same republicans, these desperate female immigrants are subjected to even more cruelty and injustice when they arrive at our southern border. Trump and these republicans completely lack ANY understanding or compassion for the plight of these poor people, many of whom may risk uncertain death to come here because of certain death if they do not come here. Therefore they will come no matter how cruelly that they are treated when they arrive, and so therefore there is no deterrent possible that will ever stop them from coming. The only way to avert this influx of desperate immigrants is to drastically improve conditions in their original home countries. One step forward would be to repeal these horrible unjust bans on contraception and abortion in these countries, as well as by making more of an effort to reduce gangs and mafia corruption, and by improving protection for women and girls by arresting the perpetrators and by prosecuting those men who commit the massive number of violent sexual assaults that are now being committed by males in these home countries. It would also help to provide better health care to women and girls, especially to provide better prenatal, well baby, and child health care. Unfortunately, the agenda of the Religious Right in these countries is so powerful that the citizens of these countries are being forced to obey their extremely unjust and draconian laws, bans, and restrictions on the very contraceptives that these extremely poor and even destitute people truly need because they are not capable of feeding or caring for so many children, and men refuse to avoid sexual activity during women’s fertile periods as in the recommended rhythm method of contraception. Women and girls in these countries lack the skills, the education, or the equipment to determine their fertile periods anyway, and they are all mostly unprotected from sexual assaults and are at the mercy of men without any mercy in their home countries. Then, should these females ever conceive an unwanted pregnancy, even one due to rape or incest, and even if the new mother to be is an extremely young girl, or if there are threats to maternal or unborn health, there is zero access to any abortion services due to the extreme positions of these wealthy and powerful “religious” fanatics. In addition there is little to no access to prenatal care, labor, delivery, or postpartum care, or any well baby care. Under these primitive circumstances, the health and well being of these women and girls in the 21st Century is not much, if any better than it was during the Bronze Age! This appears to me to be more about using religion as an excuse to fail to provide for any medical care of any kind to the poor peasants in the general population in order to try to satisfy the massive insatiable greed of the wealthy elites who run these countries while they plunder them dry of all of their natural resources and rob the country of all of its wealth only for themselves, and these despots dare to deprive their own citizens of basic health care while the spend all of their time, money, and effort on only enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense, and they even dare to do so in the name of God Himself! The degree of sick greed, bigotry, selfishness, cruelty, and hypocrisy involved in doing all of this is truly and sickeningly stunning!

These vicious attacks on all human beings who are not wealthy able bodied white heterosexual so called “Christian” males are actually a group of people who commit these ungodly, demonic, evil, abominations, and their own behavior reveals the underlying grotesque and malignant beliefs and attitudes that are held by these bigoted, hateful, vengeful white males and their allies, all who desperately fear losing the white male privaledge that gives all of them absolute power and control over millions of lives and entire countries. These despots are using this brutality in a desperate attempt to restore the patriarchy that is now being threatened by the emerging success of human and civil rights finally being given to multicultural non white and non male human beings. This proves to me beyond any doubt that they are all completely unwilling and incapable of even having the slightest degree of human decency or compassion, as they know nothing about, and care even less about any of the real tenets of what real Christianity actually consists of. If these people actually worship any god at all, it must be simply a white male version of Mammon or materialism, and this is NOT at all anything like the real Christian God at all. It is completely disgusting to me that any of these people even dare to call themselves Christians, because their massive imaterialism, greed, cruelty, hypocrisy, misogyny, and bigotry all bears witness to their true belief in and their worship of the evil one Satan instead, even if they still dare call their god “God.”

We can discern them by their fruits, or by what kinds of spiritual things that they actually do and say and by what good or evil that they produce. Those who spread lies and who live for greed and selfishness, and who indulge in massive mean spirited cruelty, injustice, bigotry and hate cannot ever be followers of Jesus Christ or the Christian God, because due to these attributes they MUST instead be followers of Satan, and cannot be followers the real Christian God at all, because Christ stands opposed to all of these things. Jesus Christ and God both stand for truth, brotherly love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and the true spirit of justice. Satan is the father of all lies, a being who is full of bigotry, hate, cruelty, selfishness, greed, hypocrisy, unforgiveness, and injustice. God wants to free ALL of the prisoners and to save ALL of mankind and to save ALL of His Creation, whereas the evil one wants to imprison people, and to destroy ALL of mankind and to destroy ALL of God’s Creation in order to establish his own Satanic kingdom where he will then make himself into god.

Getting rid of Trump and his corrupt and evil administration will help, but this will not put a stop to the evil agenda of Trump’s followers, as they are deeply entrenched in a protracted battle to control all of America’s wealth, power, and military might only for themselves. They are very well financed by evil billionaires like the Koch brothers, are well organized, and control a vast right wing media propaganda empire. Those of us who oppose this abomination are poor, poorly organized, and control very little to no media outlets. Contrary to popular belief, there truly is no liberal media anymore, if there ever was any in the first place, but we desperately need some liberal media. They have been hard at work for over fifty years, and we have just begun to fight. Therefore, we have a lot of work to do and have all of our work cut out for us! We must keep busy and keep up the fight for our and other’s freedom for as long as we can or else we will all lose all of our freedoms forever! We must also maintain the separation of Church and State that these theocrat wannabes are trying to destroy, and we must NEVER allow these dominionists to succeed. The price of our liberty is truly eternal vigilance!

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I know I’m often the cynic, but I worry that some of these children are being abused beyond what we see. Are they all accounted for, and are there any sexual abuses happening.
These kids need at least a screening before being sent on their way.
Documentation, mental health as well as physical health signed off on.

There’s delegation to fly-by-night (often literally fly-by-night) contractors, no record-keeping to speak of, chronically underpaid white-supremacist boots on the ground, and a ready supply of lovely, available, handily detached boys and girls. What could go wrong?

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We Need Nuremberg 2.0. Accompanied by mass televised hangings.