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As Brexit Battle Enters Final Week, New Poll Shows Shift Towards Leaving EU


As Brexit Battle Enters Final Week, New Poll Shows Shift Towards Leaving EU

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A week ahead of the so-called Brexit referendum, new polling shows the British public now leaning in favor of leaving the European Union.

The results of the Ipsos MORI poll published Thursday in the Evening Standard show 53 percent now in favor of leaving the EU and 47 percent in favor of remaining.


Admittedly speculative because of the assassination of Jo Cox, still there seems an economic pattern occurring in at least the Western World (if such an entity has any clear identity). Especially in the U.S., after 36 years of "supply side" economics since Reagan, including Bill Clinton's adherence to "The Third Way" (as laughable a term as that exercise into neo-classical economics can get), the public is growing weary of what has effectively become the shifting of economic resources to the upper class. Kansas is a dismal failure, as is Louisiana. Illinois is cutting services while in a financial crisis. Wisconsin is a disintegrating wreck; Maine has a narcissistic a governor who seems to conceive all matters as a personal issue. And on, and on, and on. Like Janus, however, the response to neo-classical economics is two faced, like the Ancient Greek god Janus. Donald Trump and his supporters speak to the ruin of neo-classical economics, however terrifyingly representing the right wing fascistic face of populism. Bernie Sanders and his supporters similarly speak to the ruin of neo-classical economics, however representing the left wing socialistic face of populism. Internationally, the EU has wrecked Greece, not just economically, but socially and culturally. Wreckage of Portugal and Spain may not be far behind, and even Belgium and Italy are feeling the harmful effects of austerity. Incredibly, even a primary European financial institution has very recently effectively declared its austerity policy a failure. And now, there is a real chance for a Brexit from the EU. Might Greece not be far behind if there is a vote for Brexit? Why so, at least in part, is the effective conversion of the EU into a German fiefdom, the Germans avenging for loss in WWI and WWII. With right wing policy failing throughout the Western World, independently of the EU and its policy of austerity, this neo-classical stance has proven itself quite mistaken, especially in the wake of French Revolutionary democracy. Correspondingly, continued adherence to these policies takes on more of the character of social rather than economic policy, a striving for a neo-feudalism privileging the very wealthy for little more than the sake of privileging the very wealthy. Effectively, the wealthy and political classes are expressing "To hell with the French Revolution and its democracy"! What appears to be occurring in response, is a reawakening of the very social forces which led to the French Revolution.


The 'progressive' Bremain arguments regarding what they believe will be a far right led Brexit equally applies to their own remain argument in that a remain win will be a neoliberal Tory led Bremain which on the surface will be a win for global capital. Considering that global capital has already captured the eu, we can only expect to see more hollowing out of national democracies and so more radical discontent across Europe.

However, what Brexit people truly want, including the far right, is the reinstitution of national democracies and the democratic management of human and ecological resources that this brings. In this respect, Brexit will pacify the far right whereas Bremain will further inflame the far right and so Id argue a Bremain win will actually result in even more of an exodus to Ukip if we remain in the eu.

Im Brexit for similar reasons in that sustainability and national resilience can only come about through effective management and the four economic freedoms simply do not facilitate the required degree of management.

Like everyone, the far right are sensitive to threats to their security and like everyone are loss aversive and since most constitute the working class this is the socio-economic group that are most vulnerable to the four economic freedoms which is only now being acknowledged after years of being ignored.

So the question arises which option, Brexit or Bremain, provides the best option to take care of all members of society. I think Brexit because this is the only way to democratically manage human and ecological resource flows.

When these deeper considerations are taken into account, the oft quoted binary polemic between Trump/Farage et al and progressive Lefts is way too simplistic and often seems to ignore tbe reality that we are all in it together. In this I would argue that liberalism has had its day as has neoliberalism and conservative politics. Basically left/right politics is insuffucient to deal with sustainabity and resilience and some sort of synthesis is required whereby survival needs are satisfied though democratic socialism and prosperity needs are satisfied through democratic capitalism thereby giving people a choice to what extent they wish to satisfy their needs, wants and desires. Of course this will mean fundamentally rebalancing the flow of resources between the public and private spheres of economic activity.

This article provided a much more indepth analysis.


My political stance these days boils down to this:

If the establishment is pushing for it, then it's not good for the ordinary citizens.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              They're letting the people vote but these refrenda are easily fixed. The voters in Scotland were cheated when bundles of ballots were not counted. Hillary Clinton just recently stole a nomination for the Dems. Dubya in Florida. Expect controversy in the UK next week.


A phone poll finds 53.3 percent of Britons want to remain in EU and 46.7 want Britain to leave the Union, less than a week before vote.