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As Britain Exits, the Need for a Strong Climate Movement Remains


As Britain Exits, the Need for a Strong Climate Movement Remains

Kate Aronoff

Britain’s vote last night to leave the European Union will be a disaster for the climate — both physical and political — on both sides of the Atlantic.


By Jove, isn't that Trinity... straight out of the Matrix protesting all those "Mr. Smith" clones!


Britain isn't nearly as important as the US when it comes to the Paris climate agreement. The US is absolutely central to the agreement working. It is the working relationship between the US and China that made the agreement possible.The other major country is India because it could potentially surpass both the US and China in emissions. From what Trump as been saying the whole agreement would be in jeopardy. While Trump lies constantly so that one cannot believe what he says still there is little recourse buy to go by his latest statement about what he plans to do. Even if the next president was Al Gore and both houses of Congress were dominated by climate hawks it is unlikely that we could stay below 2C. But with Trump going beyond 4C and even much higher seems like a strong likelihood. Certainly the collapse of civilization and the loss of 95% of the human population doesn't seem so far fetched. If anyone can keep us on the disastrous business-as-usual emissions course that he have been on for decades it is probably Donald Trump.


The vote will not be "a disaster" - read "the disaster" for the climate. It will make no difference at all to what the British (or English when the Scots, Welsh and Irish defect to the EU) will do about slowing down the inevitable scorching that will cause world-wide hunger, storms and rising seas; the further collapse of the EU will have no effect on the inevitable loss of species, including the human.
Meanwhile, the undemocratic EU bosses in Brussels will continue to screw up everything and screw everybody they can, starting with signing the TTIP, despite hundreds of demonstrations against it by European "citizens".
Sure we need a "climate movement", isn't it a shame there isn't going to be any support from any political organization, in or out of the EU, this or that side of the Atlantic?


The global economy, as directed by the .001%, undermines the functioning of the lesser scales of economy - National, State, Regional and Local which transport goods less distances therefore require less fuel/energy and produce least emissions. Some amount of global trade is justified, but all nations and states within nations and within states metropolitan regions should develop the means to produce and distribute essential goods, food, clothing, housing and transport systems that reduce driving. The global economy is designed to benefit the largest manufacturers and longest distance distributors. The truth is, we drive too much, fly too much, truck and ship goods around the world too much at too high a cost and impact.