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As Bump Stock Ban Proposal Signals Power of #NeverAgain Movement, Students Demand Gun Control Reforms in Nationwide Marches


As Bump Stock Ban Proposal Signals Power of #NeverAgain Movement, Students Demand Gun Control Reforms in Nationwide Marches

Julia Conley, staff writer

As protests demanding common-sense gun control reforms began across the country on Saturday, hundreds of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and other advocates flocked to the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., as well as demonstrations in hundreds of other cities and towns.


All I have to say is this: I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF THESE STUDENTS!


The political power led by a new generation, expressed so strongly today must not be focused solely on school shootings, even tho they are the catalyst for the movement to end the horror for families and friends of the innocent victims.

Pressure on legislators to end violence, including school murders with guns, in all its forms and causes must include police shootings with impunity of people of color, foreign wars against civilian populations like Yemen, the military arms industry and the diversion of trillions from critical civilian needs/priorities t military and endless for-profit wars of choice, corporate banker/Wall Street economic violence, and violence against Mother Earth and Her creatures - if we are to succeed in school violence and shootings, we must not allow the promoters and profiteers of the other numerous forms of violence to divide us OR limit the focus on violence itself and all its causes and champions, political and corporate!

Violence assumes many forms beside overt gun violence and all are obscenities we as a nation must challenge and defeat in all its forms!


Your post sums it up very well.


Very,very, well said!


Be nice to see AT LEAST this many people come together to protest the war machine and its suppliers! WHERE ARE YOU???!!!


Right wing pundits and other kowtowers to the NRA may opt to ignore them, dismiss them, even attempt to discredit them … but these are the voters of tomorrow and their voices will be heard.




I was happy to see the County Supervisor of Elections at our local gathering distributing and collecting voter registration cards. Kudos to her and her staff.


Emma Gonzalez for America
In 2036!


“We Are Here” and soon to disappear from the conservative media.

Lower the voting age!


In the town to the north of me in rural Idaho, people have come together to protest the protest and defend their gun rights. I am sickened.


Just got back from the St. Paul, MN “March for Our Lives.” Wow! What an emotional and powerful experience. Humanity coming together in one collective voice to denounce gun violence and to demand change! I am so proud of our young kids across the country who organized these events and showed up.


I can see her campaign slogan… “I’m here to tell you the truth, no BS”.


Inspiring, truly inspiring fight back by the young. The very apparent solidarity across racial, gender. gender identity and religion are pointing the way to the future that cannot permit itself to tolerate any form of violence and the facilitation of it by a corporate bought government whether in the nation’s streets or on the streets abroad. Fight on!


Let’s just hope the establishment doesn’t ruin her between now and then.


Miley Cyrus Performs ‘The Climb’ At The March For Our Lives


“The political power led by a new generation…must not be focused solely on school shootings…Pressure on legislators to end violence…must include…violence itself and all its causes.”

This morning, in New York City, on Central Park West, I listened to several people of color’s stories of loved ones killed by gun violence caused by easy access to guns. I’ve long known about this, of course, but today I listened. For me, that was one important experience of today’s march.

I hope that, as a NYC school teacher, I can find ways to work with the parents of my low income, people of color students - ways to join forces with both them and the ‘Parkland’ gun control forces to get rid of guns.

Although, as a progressive, I have protested and voted and given money and made a point of understanding the many forms of global violence the US is engaged in, I do not feel that I have the right to tell those people of color that spoke today - or the organizations they belong to - that they must go beyond the violence that tears apart their communities and “focus on violence itself and all its causes.”

But perhaps you do feel comfortable reaching out to them with your message.


For those who cannot remember back 15 years ago, let me remind you that millions of people of all ages demonstrated similarly against what was to be the upcoming wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and look what it got them as well as the peoples of those countries–death, destruction, and a situation worse than what it was beforehand. All in the name of a pack of lies parroted by lying GW Bush.
Weapons manufacturers have their own set of lies which they will trot out to sell to the US population in the name of maintaining their profits and the jobs of their hired hands. Death, destruction, and war profiteering is simply too lucrative a business to give up for research into renewable and non-polluting energy sources, inexpensive means for producing clean potable water from the polluted sludge that poisons our lakes, rivers, and streams, or using the discipline, equipment, and training of the military to distribute food, medical care, and education to the sick, starving, and ignorant billions who inhabit the planet.
May the youths so aroused by the unending tragedies that provoked their outrage not grow weary in the midst of the withering heat of oppressive indifference of those who surround them.


“Please forgive us. We didn’t know how many deaths it would cause, and we didn’t know how relatively easy it was to go in a better direction.”

I’m equally writing about climate change.