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As Bump Stock Ban Proposal Signals Power of #NeverAgain Movement, Students Demand Gun Control Reforms in Nationwide Marches

I do not feel that I have the right to tell those people of color that spoke today - or the organizations they belong to - that they must go beyond the violence that tears apart their communities and “focus on violence itself and all its causes.”

But perhaps you do feel comfortable reaching out to them with your message.

Well Paul, I don’t think i advocated “telling” anyone, much less “people of color” or organizations, what they should or should not do. I did suggest that unity of purpose and a broad coalition is needed - critical - to ending school and neighborhood murders, and tragedies; violence in many forms.

As I saw the people that participated in the nationwide demonstrations and speakers they represented a wide demographic, especially young people, not only “people of color”… The Parkland murders and young people might be the catalyst that unifies people of many backgrounds to stand-up and fight for real change - together…
My activism reaches back to the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement, and continues today. My message was that to end specific incidents of murder, the movement should not be limited - AKA divided - by a narrow focus; we need a comprehensive unity and broad coalition to end those individual acts of violence. By identifying the larger issues of violence, all its forms and causes, we might effect real change. United we stand, divided we fall…

As a NYC teacher you must realize we will never “get rid of guns” but we might change the dynamic to radically reduce access, types and causes of violence, including gun violence.

Teachers don’t “tell” students what to do, they inspire and lead, and individuals, especially teachers, have both “the right” and responsibility to go beyond a timid narrow focus to a larger inclusive movement that works together for real change. The examples I noted in my original comment was an attempt to do just that.

The various forces that commit madness and murder themselves and those that profit from terror and chaos and usury and racism/bigotry, in one way or another, would like nothing better than for people to focus on their own interests and ignore a wider unity - a unity that can bring real change.

Some of your other comments on this issue of gun violence are confusing to me, such as:. “Maybe you can explain the “big picture” to her and she’ll build it into her next talk - maybe even with a personal shout out to you for opening her eyes”. - I might suggest a clarification of your meanings. peace

No one is taking away their guns. Why do they need assault weapons? They are NUTS! Also they are in the minority.

Give them some credit, also remember the voting booth does not give the one with the most money the prize all of the time.

Unfortunately, many were for those wars.

Schools are supposed to be among the safest places- that is why they are focused on this for now. Get real- when causes become more spread out- the message can be lost. I am proud of these people!

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This sn’t just students- it’s parents, people in general and this movement is not stopping. Next big meeting April 20th walk out!

These young adults may be our salvation and hope yet. They have performed with a true sense of valor and honesty not seen in this country for a long time, overcoming greed hate and pure political rot. They have proven even stronger than the merchants of bent truth like Hannity, Ingraham, and Pirro. Their message is simple straightforward and honest and unwilling to compromise with false bromide fixes and reactionary doublespeak from the likes if Ted Cruz

Do not forget the NYT report that Senator Marco Rubio received $3,879,064.00 from the N.R.A. and now offers his thoughts and prayers for Florida’s Douglas High survivors. His high seat among the devils of our land seems so secure he lectures the students on their “arrogance” in demanding that he represent their views in Congress.

Rubio’s Twitter: The debate after #Parkland reminds us We The People don’t really like each other very much. We smear those who refuse to agree with us. We claim a Judeo-Christian heritage but celebrate arrogance & boasting. And worst of all we have infected the next generation with the same disease!

8:47 AM - Feb 28, 2018