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As Buttigieg Attends Fundraisers of Ultra-Rich, Sanders Reminds Voters Billionaires Not Donating 'Through Goodness of Their Hearts'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/buttigieg-attends-fundraisers-ultra-rich-sanders-reminds-voters-billionaires-not

Hobnobbing with the rich and famous makes Buttigeig feel better about himself. After all if they accept him into their circle it must means he has arrived and it validates his own success. That his opposition to all his fellow citizens having access to health care might allow for further bankruptcies or tens of thousands more dead because they lack the financial resources to pay for health care in a for profit system does not concern him because he is NOT about those people. He is all about Buttigieg. He only cares about Buttigieg and his words and actions and causes he supports are the ones that will be good for Buttigieg.

That is it. There nothing else to this guy.


“Look pal, these people paying me all this money? Oh, pay no mind to them! i’m not actually doing anything for them, they’re not going to get anything from me! Put me in office, and i’m just as likely to hurt them and take away what they love, as i am to give them what they want! Their sponsorship of me is purely no-strings attached! And hey buddy, while you’re here – you wanna buy a bridge?”


Is anyone actually inspired by this tool?


Soooo, Warren is now adopting his framing on single payer and is essentially focusing on “choice” and the public option. Can we please stop grouping her with Bernie? There is Bernie and there is everyone else. She is the left flank of everyone else. Thank god that she didn’t run in 2016, we are better off that it was Bernie, regardless as to what happens in this primary. But this silly person Pete has no chance in the general election, none what so ever, nor should he. It is an insult that a person with his horrible record impacting black people, his corruption and his constantly shifting policies dares to continue on in this race. Screw the largely white people in Iowa and similar places that don’t seem to care. And screw the media that last time attacked Bernie for not getting enough support from people of color (never true) but then propping up this corrupt ghoul. What a crappy and sick media system and country.

Oh, and the corrupt Democrats that helped to rig it in California for Clinton last time is up to their bullshit again, throwing voters off the rolls will an “error”.


Pete’s, his focus on choice and the public option. There is only one person supporting single payer in the primaries. Another sign of the breakdown in democracy, not that the Democrats want their party to be actually democratic:

“When people have a chance to try it—when you’ve had the choice; nobody has to, but when you’ve had the choice—and tried full health-care coverage, where the decision is between you and your doctor or your nurse practitioner or your mental health professional, or your physical therapist, with no insurance company in between, then—let a lot of people try it—and then we’ll vote,” Ms. Warren said in Washington, Iowa, on Sunday. “And I believe America is going to say we like Medicare for All … and we’re all going to be on board.”


Hmmm, Mayor Pete. Trump is a “quid pro quo” person- for corproations —and sadly, I think that you, Mayor Pete are too : (


The bill prohibits insurance from being sold for anything already covered under M4A.


And since it is so comprehensive, it wouldn’t make sense to create insurance pools for what remains. It would be possible to have supplemental insurance I guess, maybe an option for a nicer room at a hospital or whatever, I don’t know. But, it would cover things Canada’s system doesn’t even cover, like dental. We could leap from having a horrific healthcare system, the worst system of any developed country, to one of the best.


This plan is ridiculous and not really serious, and Warren is a very smart woman. So, she isn’t proposing this for any other reason that to say she supports something she doesn’t to get votes, which is pretty bad if you ask me. As of a few years ago, she said that she didn’t support single payer. Instead of pretending to be like Bernie she should have just stayed consistent. But, she now is no different than racist policy lapdog Pete on this, and the left was attacking and mocking him for his Medicare for all the want it bullshit. The left might want to get around to being honest about what Warren refuses to be honest about, her clearly not supporting single payer. I would respect her more if she just held her ground and was honest from the get go. She has some strengths elsewhere, but then again, many Democrats pretended to support this and didn’t.


Bourgeois bullshit such as described makes me sick. The extreme wealth of these monsters is just part of the problem with the state of the planet as the lower classes are crushed under the weight of capitalist excesses resulting in unprecedented global poisoning/warming. We need a complete realignment in cultural priorities if humanity is to survive more than a century or two, tops. Bernie or bust.


I never much trusted Warren from the get go. I was giving her the benefit of the Doubt until it was revealed that she had Consulted with HRC as to how her campaign should be run. That meeting confirmed my suspicions she just another Obama saying the things she think will help get her elected but having no real commitment to those things.

I might be wrong but her vague messaging does not sound sincere.




I just had that argument with one exactly like that at HufPo. She even deleted my reply a couple of times. I’ve never done it before but I deleted hers twice right back -LOL both of or posts reappeared! That’s never happened before either. HP is a cesspool.

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Ooh! I read What Happened, Hillary’s book, which is a great read, by the way. Like Moby Dick, the main character is fatally flawed, and you know it doesn’t end well right from the start. In her book she talks about her wonderful staff coming up with policy solutions to everyone’s problems. The problem was that nobody knew what she was really for. But, hey, yay policy experts!


To be fair, Mike Elk did come off as a bit testy and combative.

Bernie continues to fight the good fight in the senate, where he (and to a lesser extent Kamala Harris) may be most effective in creating positive change. But as a chief executive? Not going to happen. The reason Pete and other centrists gain traction is that their message resonates with Americans tired of the drama and divisiveness caused by our current President. If we can’t agree on anything else, can we at least agree that Trump has to go?

Absolutely. And, that left flank is still pretty far right as is clear from her pandering to billionaires by saying she’ll only add a tax of 2 cent to the dollar on their billions, her support for a imperialist militaristic foreign policy, her refusal to critique racist practice in US primary system, and more.

So true. The DNC may give the nomination to Biden or Buttigeig, but they’ll be trounced by Trump.


These accusations are bit unfair, folks. To put things into perspective… the highest ticket price for Buttigieg was the maximum federal contribution: $2,800 - which is EXACTLY what SANDERS was doing in 2016 when his fundraisers were charging $2,700.

As for WARREN, she was slated to appear at a fundraiser in San Francisco in August 2019 and (quote) according to a copy of the invitation, donors will be able to pay $10,000 to attend a private cocktail and dinner reception. A $50,000 ticket promises “premium seating” and a “photo opportunity.”(end quote)

Also both SANDERS and WARREN had their claims of “grass root” fundraising fact-checked at TWO PINOCCHIOS earlier this year. :lying_face: :lying_face:

They both transferred more than $10 million dollars from their previous campaigns and they both continue to accept contributions to the maximum federal amount, $2800. We have to be fair here: Buttigieg isn’t any worse than what the other two have been doing for decades.

If Big Donor money doesn’t influence political outcomes, then why do the donors keep giving?