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As Cage-Free Momentum Soars, Companies Like Wendy's Lag Far Behind Competitors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/cage-free-momentum-soars-companies-wendys-lag-far-behind-competitors

Thanks for this article Michael Windsor !

Progress of a kind - I’ll take it.

I remember now the article here on Common Dreams about regenerative farming, and this caused me to watch the documentary “Kiss the Ground.” In this movie the animals are integrated into regen farming practice - in what is at least a semblance of balance. I remember distinctly the chickens free ranging and eggs being collected.

How to view both regen farming, Kiss the Ground, and the subject of this article ?

We are still headed towards the cliff in a veritable stampede, like Bison over a buffalo-jump, like “Head Smashed In” here in southern Alberta, which I have visited numerous times - and talked to Peigan Elders.

How to view the “Green New Deal”, which is sort of this article writ large ?

Fighting a modern war with past tools is a death sentence.

The Green New Deal is a GDP stimulus package which will make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

But it is all full of well meaning people and good intentions, i.e., the road to hell.

We need a Strategic Retreat - a most difficult maneuver. Not at all full of the feel-good vibes of yet another New Deal.

We can’t even maintain the infrastructure built in the first New Deal and the period surrounding it, when the great dams were built and destroyed every last wild river.

This latest New Deal will have the same result. The Green Revolution made Paul Ehrlich a laughing stock - but he was right in the most consequential way. And look at “Planet of the Humans” and the massive opposition to it - tragic. “The Age of Stupid” and “Planet of the Humans” - that’s us - clusterf*** to the max.

We are just kicking the can down the road, whistling past a graveyard.

But I am glad some of these chickens are free from their unconscionable cages.

But people, real people, put them there - and thought nothing of it. People with wives, sons, daughters, half probably go to church and pray.

We will get a Green New Deal, and a flood of gen four and five nuclear reactors - you can always count on Big Money to recognize a good thing when they see it.

I’m going climbing - where the air is clear - and largely free of dementors like Musks and Bloombergs.

And I’ve yet to see Al Gore on the side of a mountain.

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Unfortunately, about half of the voting population can be persuaded that since hens are not protected under the Constitution they should have no rights. We all know who’s watching the henhouse and advocating such manure.

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I can’t freaking believe what I’m seeing Owl.

I am going to eventually get Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb”, as it is not his predictions that one wants to read - but his deep natural science perspective.

We bend the population curve down - willingly, or it will be bent down for us, unwillingly.

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I did go climbing Owl. Saw a small weather window here in Calgary. It snowed last night, about 4 cm, but we;ve been experiencing a chinook for several days, and this is just a passing small cold front.

The wind was west, the sky clear only where I needed it, around the setting Sun, about ten degrees above the western horizon. Temp hovering around freezing. So I did the half-hour trek out to SGCR (Astonishingly Good Climbing Rock), a synthetic outdoor feature in a school yard, Naturally I was the only one there. The south aspect was clear of snow and ice, but I had to hand clean the ice out of the north face. Picture a very small Arc de Triomphe, and you’ll get a pic of the feature.

Felt awkward - out of practice, approach shoes on instead of my rock shoes, but the views to the west of the Front Range were awesome - topsy-turvy heap clouds, some with pillars of vertical development, and backlit by a strong Sun. To my North, all gray, a thunderhead or towering cumulus, to my South, cumulus congestus - but right where I needed it - warm and sunny.

Five minutes before I got back home - wind shift to the North - sun down - perfect window of opportunity seized - over to Tim’s to read the “Horse Dance” chapter of “Black Ek Speaks” - then home to fam.

So freaking disgusted by politics I have to do this to stay sane - and I’m gonna keep right on doing it.

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Good for you! I am sure the focus helped you to still your mind from the bs of our insane world, even if only for a while. Now that we Yanks have moved on it is easier to find a moment of peace here and there. I was out in the national parks just west of you with my hound back in the summer of 2019. Wow, such splendor. Don’t take it for granite, except for the parts that are…

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Maybe the key here is to stay in shape personally to the best of one’s ability ?

We can pie in the sky all we want here on CD - but reality is already setting in - it is only a return to business as usual in a novel propaganda sort of way - pure BS, as you so succinctly put it.

Have you been up the road to Jasper from near Banff ? About half way to Jasper the Athabaska Glacier (Columbia Icefields) is open to walking tours in the summer. If you are not familiar with glacier walking, guided tours are taken out daily on foot - for relatively cheap, considering you get a fully qualified Canadian Guide to keep you safe. Pick a sunny day - wait on it in other words, and a glorious experience is in the offing. Tours are from a few hours to a bit more. You can go in one of the snow cats - but that would be cheating - by foot and by ‘fair means’, that’s the ticket - ‘for to see an’ for to admire’.

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Loved it and loved the town of Jasper, especially the relaxed manner in which the trains rolled into the station. Very friendly people minding the stores, glad for for the business and the weather. I didn’t get to play on Athabaska glacier 'cause I don’t plan too well (I travel by the ramble method) and do tend to pick things to do with hound for excursions. Been to glaciers in Alaska, though, and they were a great experience. Even seen some big ones from afar in Bolivia, but never got to scratch their surfaces either. Have flown over Greenland and that knocked my socks off. You might just have bailed out at 12,000 m.

Again I’ll be the Debbie Downer, “Cage Free”, although slightly better conditions than in cages, is not what most in the general public believes it to be. The major producers will always “ride the line” when it comes to the rules on production, instead of living in individual cages, they will live in a giant enclosed cage. With no fresh air, no sun, and breathing their own fecal matter that’s turned into dust when it dries and becomes suspended in the air inside their houses. I would guess for most people, cage free means they will have access to fresh air and sunshine, they won’t. There is also the loss of nutrients in the eggs produced by chickens not on outside ground, able to eat plant seeds, grass, and bugs they scratch up.