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As California Burns, It's Time to Elect Climate Leaders to Deal With This 'New Normal'


As California Burns, It's Time to Elect Climate Leaders to Deal With This 'New Normal'

Bob Burnett

In case you missed it, California is beset with an unusual number of intense wildfires; the state is covered by smoke. In response, on August, Donald Trump tweeted: "California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws..." Hmm, so California "environmentalists" are responsible for the fires? Or is someone else to blame?


Before we make the phrase “new normal” normal, let’s pause to recognize that what is happening now is just a point on a curve of increasing destabilization. Who dares describe today as a “new normal” while we teeter-totter at or over the edge of myriad tipping points, with more yet to tip? The “new normal” won’t be established for a long time–not until well after the impending collapse and all of us are dead. Or, to put it another way, the new normal is only that nothing will ever be normal again in our lifetimes.



I truly hope and pray that you are wrong about nothing ever again being normal for the rest of our lives.


I think the US is unique in that it has a major political party that largely denies climate change. It appears that over decades of bringing right wing extremists into the Republican Party it has been taken over by these extremists. Because of this efforts to fight climate change in the US are going to be quite limited even though an all out effort is needed. The states probably have the biggest role in fighting climate change in this country but here again, many states are controlled by Republicans. Almost all large cities are making a pretty good effort but they can’t do that much and in some cases the state government is trying to hamper their efforts. People who are committed to fight climate change must do what they can. We have hope in particular that China and India make a tremendous effort because they each have over a billion people. The EU countries also need to make such a effort. And deforestation in counties like Brazil and Indonesia must be halted. In addition agricultural practices around the world must be improved. And the list goes on.


i cringe when i think of the world we are leaving our children etc to deal with. it is good that the younger generation is getting involved in politics, but we need more then that for climate control, it starts with each person being responsible for their space. if you see a bottle on the ground, pick it up. if you can walk to a destination do so, save that gas and the emissions coming out of it. there are more things we can be responsibie for and help our planet just a little. don’t burn brush close to the woods. dispose of it. such simple things.



The term “new normal” is asinine, as the new report by Johan Rockstrom and others indicates. Global warming is at a point where various positive feedbacks are being activated, meaning that we can not only expect continued warming, but an acceleration of warming–likely to a point where our species will be joining the many other species now going extinct!


Yeah, me too. The magnitude of impending change–the potential for collapse–is, however, terrifying.


I don’t think the positive feedbacks have reached the point yet where they are significantly affecting the temperature but it could happen very soon.Nobody knows for sure. This lack of knowledge is probably one of the factors that is holding back the urgent action that is needed.


I hate to tell you this denial will not save us. Agencies that you rely on to tell you the truth about the climate have been lying . We are way past the point of normal. Temperatures that official agencies tell main stream news is most likely a lie. We are already in right now abrupt climate collapse. The powers that be will pacify the public till the very end


I’m counting on the potential for indictments.

Massive numbers of them.


I am not listening to a conspiracy theorist. You are wasting your time communicating with me. If you don’t have any trust in official scientific agencies that is your problem. Anyone who is smart should tune you out.


Maybe. Certainly we will not know until afterwards.

But each of the last 4 or 5 years have been hotter than the prior. If our changes map to something like a “strange attractor” graph that would produce a “new normal,” it’s likely that we moved out of the usual cycle in about 2013 or 4.

In the graph, you see how the point has cycled through a series, then moved to a fresh and different cycle, a “new normal.”

[Sorry, the link is not loading and the pic won’t embed. Anyone interested can search “strange attractor” and then go to image search. The various examples should all share the relevant characteristics.]


If one could not get any more cynical there this.

George Soros gives speeches about climate change and the need for Society to address the same. George Soros claimed that the use of Coal was like a bullet being shot into our heads and would kill us all. George Soros is a big backer of the Democrats.

George Soros recently invested millions into Peabody Coal buying up the stock when it crashed in part due to pressures on the use of coal from Environmental groups. George Soros invested over 160 million dollars last year in Fossil Fuel companies including 56 million in Columbia Pipelines.

The Democratic party has voted to accept monies from the Fossil Fuel Industry.

In other words , as usual , there people making money off this and parasites that they are they make money by manipulating Public Opinion and harnessing the desire to do good by the populace to line their own pockets with Ill gotten gains.


As California Burns, It’s Time to Elect Leaders to Deal With the Real Cause of these wild fires-irresponsible management of our forests.

FIFY-you’re welcome

CA signed off on a Federal report showing over 100 Million! dead trees(and counting) While the REgressives running CA spend billions on a worthless high speed rail system(to no where), they can’t find the pales in comparison funding to eliminate this tinder.

When proper forestry management is implemented, which includes a variety of different types of harvesting trees, there aren’t 10s of Millions of dead, dried out trees and Millions of tons of dried leaves, branches and other tinder just waiting for a spark.

Gov Brown makes the false assertion that “clear cutting” CA forests will not be happening when in fact no one is saying that. But even clearcuts are an efficient way to convert unhealthy stands to healthy, productive forests because they allow forest managers to control the tree species that grow on the site through natural or artificial regeneration.

Besides clear cutting, there is harvesting done with thinning, shelterwood and seed tree methods.

But the knuckle headed thinking that leaves these Millions of acres with an underfunded Forest Service is short term thinking that results in these horrific wild fires.

Decades ago CA was a leader in forest management, water diversion & storage and it’s roads & highways. Now after years of backward thinking by the REgressives, it’s the most poorly managed and heavily taxed state in the union.

AGW is BS even though you REgressives believe it is “settled” But periods of drought are real. Leaving forests to completely burn away is also clear cutting-one way or another, the earth abides.


One of Obama’s first acts taking office in '09 was to sign off on an array of strip-mining and mountaintop removal projects for the coal industry.


People we are doomed. Can any of you actually imagine a scenario where this cluster fuck of a world actually gets better and not worse? If you can I want what you are smoking because our civilization is toast.



Clearly you are not smoking the good stuff.

Feelings of helplessness in regards to our current political system are perfectly normal. Becoming depressed about it when you have little to no ability to change it as an individual is extreme.

This is something that requires all of us to commit to changing, as a group.

Real change will require us to organize as a group.

At that point, we can feel energized, committed to a goal as a group.

Until then, stay positive and confident that we all can bring real change.

And, go roll a Doobie and chill.


If you take all that carbon out, a good deal of the soil and fertility is gone–as will also happens when it burns. The soil washes away, and the desert grows. Harvest can be made to work, with a lot of conditions; clearcutting won’t.

That does not mean that there should not be some harvest. It means that harvest be done selectively, materials returned to the soil, earthworks done to retain water where possible, return of animal populations to graze and browse in control or balance, and managed groves the result–yes, with a variety of trees for harvest, to be productive, and to help care for the people who manage the forest.


Efficient forestry can and does include some clear cutting but as you note, it takes responsible management.

This is 180 degrees from allowing millions of tons of debris and 10s of millions of dead trees to accumulate in our forests. And this is exactly what CA is doing and why they’re having these horrific wild fires.