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As California Burns, It's Time to Elect Climate Leaders to Deal With This 'New Normal'


Ahh, you has the sadz.

The worm always turns. The feelings you’re experiencing because of MAGA are exactly the ones us sane people were feeling during the Obama nightmare. W & Clinton too although W had a few bright(er) spots.

When your side is running on not much more then TrumpHate…oh and raising taxes, returning to disastrous trade deals and lots more job killing regulations, get used to it because it’s going to be a long time until the worm turns again.

Keep Pelosi and Schumer front and center, Ortiz too-winners, all of them!


Try, if you can, to understand that it’s not TrumpHate, as you call it that 2/3 to 3/4 of the country is feeling towards the Resident of the White House, the Republican Congress, and the Keebler Elf posing as an AG, it’s the fact that the House of Representatives is refusing to perform their Constitutional Authority to exercise constraints on the Executive Branch which has shown a complete lack of Ethics and Morals.

And, I’m not a Democrat, so, you can have Schumer and Pelosi who are both political dinosaurs destined for the Tar Pits.

Mikey, if you really agree with the massive theft from our treasuries to give tax breaks to the .01%, and the cruel and unusual actions this administration has wreaked on our nation, you, are the one who has embraced Hate.


Your fractions are not only waaaay off but delusional.

Believe me, our side has BIG problems with Sessions-don’t worry though, after the mid terms he should be gone and someone like(or pray to God) Joe diGenova will take over and cut this Mueller BS off.

Yes I do have problems with the massive deficits, but for entirely different reasons than you.


Thank you! New, certainly. Normal? Not at all.