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As Call for Trump Impeachment Soar, Watch James Comey Testify Live


As Call for Trump Impeachment Soar, Watch James Comey Testify Live

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the nation's attention Thursday morning focused on live coverage of fired FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, fresh calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump are reverberating after the director's "extraordinary" prepared statement was released Wednesday.


Comey is a corrupt political hack.
All the Democrats were screaming for his removal until they decided maybe they could use him to attack Trump. Which tells you all you need to know about the Democrat leadership.

I particularly love Hillary's complaining that his interference in the investigation coat her the election considering that twice he interrupted the investigation to proclaim her innocence.

If the Obama administration really believed she was innocent, he should have simply stayed out of the process and allowed the grand jury to hear the agent's report, as the process is designed to work, and officially close the case.

His inept political maneuvers on her behalf is what caused all the uproar in the first place.


Trump is bad because he's a Republican, everything else is self-serving noise.


It would be so 'sweet' to have a camera and microphone on Trump as Comey is testifying(in split screen on our TVs) and watch him squirm and throw expletives.

I wonder if someone is holding him down so that he won't Tweet during Comey's testimony.

I hope not.


This is the proverbial double edged sword. The status quo is frightening. The team waiting in wings is frightening. The "opposition" party is frightening. And equally important the government needs to look in a mirror, if it can clean all the dirt off enough to see itself, and reflect on how much 'corrupted democracy' it has foisted on the world by interfering with multiple countries elections to support horrendous dictatorships.


There are at least two givens in this whole fiasco of not so prime time political pissing-into-and-out-of-the-tent contest and that is that both Trump and Comey are liars! We should believe very little that these two congenital liars have to think much less say! We know that Trump is a liar if for no other reason than he is a failed reality TV star and con artist billionaire wannabe. Comey, like the vast majority of lawyers is nothing more than a paid professional liar and has demonstrated that he would rather embrace a lie than the truth as demonstrated on July 5, 2016 when he let Hillary Clinton walk on charges of violating The Espionage Act by concocting elements not found in the Act (intentional negligence required to violate the Act). This whole dog and pony show is brought to us by Hillary and Bill Clinton and their Clintonista Democrats who are unwilling to accept responsibility for her loss to Trump in what should have been a highly probable win over the Orange Is The New Same Old Evil. Comey is nothing more than an Establishment Hack who has served power for his own prosperity the entire span of his of his "me first" career. The Democratic Party left me with the election of Bill and Hillary Clinton as Copresidents and standard bearers of the DLC New Democrat Party (See the rise of the quintessential New Chameleon Dixiecrats selling their souls for the Wall Street version of a 50 cent gratuity). This entire fiasco is brought to you by bored establishment politicians of both wings of the Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) who would rather waste tax payer dollars attempting to distract us and pretending to do something constructive rather than attempt to actually solve problems affecting the everyday lives of the vast majority of the American populace. I do not care if Russian Oligarchs financed Trump Hotels, Golf Courses and/or other business interest. Such deals are simply the American Capitalist Way! As that great economist Wimpy once said: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Capitalist Burger today." We all know that the founding fortune of Koch Industries was made by Daddy Fred Koch serving none other than Joseph Stalin. Are we investigating the Koch Brothers for their well known Russian economic connections? After all they are two of the biggest political players pulling some of the heaviest political cables in Washington. While they are not elected they most certainly can through provisions favorable to them instituted by members of Congress on their behalf prosper in and/or through foreign nations under the auspices of the federal government. Did Hillary and Bill Clinton prosper through facilitating the sale of 20% of the US uranium interest to a Russian company and the receipt of over a hundred million dollars, if I remember correctly, in contributions to their private slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation? If we are investigating Trump for his Russian connections the Clintons most certainly need to have their shady transactions examined. Furthermore, there is no credible scenario where a 50 state decentralized system of voting can be hacked into and dramatically change the results of an American presidential election. Of course the US hardly has clean hands in meddling in the elections of other nations - including those of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, it is historical fact that the US has on several occasions used violence to meddle in other nations elections to the point of financing and/or orchestrating the overthrow of democratically elected governments that we considered adverse to our American Capitalists' economic and/or political interests. So who is snowing whom? Simple. The Clintons and the Establishment of both wings of WOOPS. What a waste of hard earned taxpayer dollars this all is.


No. Trump is bad because he, just like The Clintons, and the rest of the political and business class these days are the socially and politically corrupt that passes for good these days.


Senator McCain came off as a bumbling fool.


Ah, were not talking about past American interference in foreign elections. Or, the seemingly 30 years of never-ending, grinding, pulp fiction litigation regarding your personal hatefest on the Democratic Party. This is not about you, or them.
It's not working. The DLC is not being investigated today.


That's one thing everyone agrees on here ( here being where we're watching ).


Comey for president.