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As Cameron Bangs War Drum, Voices for Peace Rally Around Corbyn


As Cameron Bangs War Drum, Voices for Peace Rally Around Corbyn

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As British Prime Minister David Cameron declared from Paris on Monday his desire to escalate the UK's military campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS) in both Iraq and Syria, campaigners are looking to Jeremy Corbyn to see whether the Labour Party leader can temper the nation's march to war.


By participating, Cameron is placing Britons in danger of terrorist attacks on their soil.

“An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind”.


My response would be 2 political cartoons:

In the first one, a bomb is dropped onto a small fire. The caption reads, “Sending Help.”

In the second, a variety of airplanes (with insignia of different nations) drop bombs on a large group of people seeking to escape an already destroyed city.

The caption reads: “N.A.T.O aids refugee problem.”

I hope Corbyn listens to the Peace Group and has enough clout to stop the madness.

One wonders if mass media were not itself an organ of the global military State, and true leaders willing to speak truths far broader than cowboy-indian, good guy-bad guy scenarios spoke to their viewers about real causes and real effects; and after that public education, genuine referendums were taken and ALL citizens’ opinions tallied… if the seeming enthusiasm for so much costly carnage would still prove the case.

Typically, it’s rich white males who answer to rich white males and the institutions, corporations, and banks that they own and control who fund the narratives (and those who speak them) told often to the public. On the basis of that faux food for thought, IDIOT decisions–like the redundancy of war when the planet itself cries out for international efforts aimed at ameliorating climate chaos–are put into action.

It’s the Monty Python flying circus where uniformed soldier after uniformed soldier follows orders and marches right off the roof following in formation where no one bothers to stop to question the logic.


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Pretty good comment, Siouxrose, but I know of one rich white female who wants to become President, who out-hawks the hawks and out-greeds the greedy. Yet she is considered the “good” candidate for the office. She has already stated, many times, her approval of a growing military, wider wars, more repression, more protection of the uber-wealthy, yet she is still considered the answer by many. Is this nation that wedded to war profits and faux “protection” by the government?

  • The mind boggles…
  • I just glanced at another article on the subject of Clinton. This seems to fit in with the above.
  • "The two leading recipients of Wall Street donations in the presidential money primaries are, not surprisingly, establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. “They are both known entities with familiarity of the marketplace,” Richard Hunt, head of the Consumer Bankers Association, said of Bush and Clinton.
  • As one Wall Street lawyer put it, “If it turns out to be Jeb vs. Hillary, we would love that and either outcome would be fine.”
  • I’m sure it would.


Cameron now wants more F35s and a larger fleet of nuclear subs, because fighter jets and submarines will surely stop ISIS in their tracks. Do people really comprehend the amount of wealth the MIC receives during war time? It’s enough that perpetual war is good for the bottom line.


Lauren McCauley should, when reporting a link to what human rights groups say about civilian casualties from Russian bombings in Syria, point out that the ‘human rights groups’ in this instance are nothing more than western propaganda tools for fools. It would be much more challenging and indeed productive to point out this fact about both these organizations in particular. It is a media driven war path that blinds many. For Common Dreams to have articles written well then spoiled by
suggestions of credible reference to such organizations is unworthy of any cause to justice and peace… Be it HRW or Amnesty in other contexts, readers should become informed and inform others to believe nothing unless verified. Disinformation and propaganda reign supreme and shine a light when imbedded in an otherwise verifiable and newsworthy report. This is the stuffing of MSM. It’s a shame really!


Systic issue. War is wrong. All of everything that forwards war is wrong. Inappropriate levels of corporate influence at the Paris COP to come proves that the full measure of what’s ruling the human way is off course.
No one involved in the fight being waged, even around doing a better thing, is respecting any legitimate level of honesty or transparency. There are too many too big hands in the pie for intelligent maturity to rule. It is very sad to be compelled to sit and watch vision and hope die of abuse by greed.


The problem is no large group wants Peace on Earth even though we are approaching Christmas…we should start with United Nations but it never happened…We need a Gandhi for the planet.


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It’s damnably difficult to say who is the greater friend to whom

The jihadists

Or the warmongers and profiteers?


Squishy, about guns & war


Ah, the Lady of Sarajevo…

What a liar she is! Claiming she was targeted by sharp shooters when she walked the stairs down the plane and on the tarmac at Sarajevo airport. For this coming presidential election, she has accumulated (I’d say: has been offered and couldn’t refuse…) tons of USD… There’s MIC contributions in there, AIPAC’s $$$ returns from US’ yearly 3 billion $ gifts as well. I wonder who would be worse: Killary Klingon Klinton or any GOP next prez?


The answer would not conform to what a decent, morally intact person would take as possible.

Here’s a mosaic of what’s going on:

  1. Chem trails in our skies
  2. Acidifying of the oceans–dying of corral reefs
  3. Food adulterated in untested ways by bio-genetic manipulation
  4. Babies infused with 27 vaccines
  5. Children’s minds being formatted to conform to standardized tests in ways that inhibit genuine learning
  6. Women being conditioned to get fake lips, breasts, etc.
  7. Men requiring a pill to get an erection, with sperm counts down
  8. Entire ecosystems turned into DEAD moon-like landscapes
  9. No matter the number (several million) of refugees suffering in ways we can only imagine, the leaders’ cure-all is to bomb, bomb, bomb! (Should we call it the McCain Disorder?)
  10. Giant priceless forests burning down
  11. Entire river beds and aquifers drying up
  12. Shoot-outs just about every week AS a norm
  13. Cops gunning down Black kids for the sheer “pleasure” of unmitigated sadism
  14. Proliferation of Porn that DEGRADES women
  15. Worldwide levels of matricide but it’s politically incorrect to discuss it
  16. Gargantuan investments in yet more armaments with the war on terror serving as the catalyst for its manufactured necessity
  17. The bravest and most truthful, in fear for their lives
  18. Corporations enacting a coup against the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Labor Laws, Environmental Laws (as TIPP and TPP contravening all prior established laws)
  19. A set of open racists practically frogmarching in front of live audiences as an audition for the Presidency
  20. A media full of persons willing to lie in ways that bring about the death and dismemberment of so many others
  21. Psychologists designing manuals for torture with judges and lawyers authorizing it

I think David icke is right. That some kind of OTHER race, melded with our own thousands of years ago retained its lineage through royal blood lines. And that the very rich, marrying into this bloodline or born to it truly have the soullessness of reptiles.

None of this is human.


I borrowed the premise from this: (It’s 3+ hours so it’s best to watch it in segments. I think it’s one of the most significant documentaries ever made):


False flags in every country EXCEPT Israel…


Israel first traitors are behind the UK efforts to encourage more war in the ME… 80% of politicians in thr ruling conservative party are ‘friends of israel’… WHY … in 2009 Peter Oborne reported on the Israeli lobby in uk politics and media the conclusions are staggering …


It is not IS that must be confronted, but rather its godfathers. That includes the CIA (of course!), Turkey, Israel, Saudi, and Qatar. Their involvement in creating and directing IS benefits them as follows:

  • they all get to keep control of the emerging Sunni nation state and it’s local military power. They are the reorganisation of Iraq Sunni armed forces and intelligence services + a huge number of mercenaries.

  • Turkey gains an ally to confront and offset the PKK and Peshmerga

  • Israel gets an ally to confront Hezbollah

  • Saudi and Qatar get an ally to confront Iran and the Shia spread (and so does Israel)

  • and of course the CIA gets all of the above.

This British war drums and French bravado is a waste of time. By all means attack pockets of IS fighters, but the greater evil lies with the countries above, and if you want any change to IS fortunes, it is those countries that must be confronted.

Since this is unlikely to happen things will get steadily worse (as I just read a Russian jet was shot down by Turkey)

Know thy enemy. It is not the puppet, but rather the puppet master