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As Category 5 Dorian Devastates, Pope Francis Urges World to Act Fast on Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/02/category-5-dorian-devastates-pope-francis-urges-world-act-fast-climate-emergency

I wonder when he’ll address the population crisis instead of allowing the Catholic Church to fight abortion and all forms of birth control. Especially among the poor, large Catholic families are the norm. Like most religions, they know that the more babies born, the more church members who donate money. Losing membership is not an option for them, even if it means the carrying capacity of the earth will be compromised.


Thanks, Pope, for the input. You are correct. Now, addressing your side of the street, please “act fast” on pedophilia, homophobia, misogyny, women’s health, overpopulation, and, while you’re at it, bring back liberation theology and consider dispersing the wealth of the Vatican to those who need it now.


Dom Helder Camara — ‘When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.’

I’m going to ask why we have climate change. Nobody at all on earth is doing the necessary engineering to solar-heat and solar-cool buildings. There’s a contest at MIT to come up with a cooling solution, but my comprehensive solution was excluded because it also heats buildings in winter. So tough luck, world. Funny how often tough luck happens again and again.

We’re studying rare earth and lithium batteries, where there isn’t much lithium on the earth, so that only rich people can store their electricity for after dark, but we’re not doing the engineering for everybody.

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And while he’s at it, maybe he can release the unpublished (and only authentic) parts of the “dead sea scrolls” which have been incarcerated in the vatican since they were found.

The Pope controls tens of Billions of dollars. What would Jesus do Francis?

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Sheer Hypocrisy!!  A major cause of the excessive pollution that is driving global warming is the GROSS Overpopulation driven for hundreds of years by the policies of the UNholy catholic church (aided in recent years by far-right “christian” funny-dementalists).  Overpopulation is also driving the worldwide over-consumption which results in excessive resource use leading to the degradation and diminution of the grasslands and forests that absorb CO2 and keep the earth in balance.   Urging the rest of us to “Act Fast” in remediating a problem due in large part to his own cult’s actions for more than 1,000 years – and which he is doing NOTHING to reduce, much less eliminate – is the ee-pitomization of hypocrisy.

What you mean-um “will be”, Kemo Sabé?   The carrying capacity of the earth has already been seriously compromised, and the extinction of numerous species, including humans, within the next
100 years or so is a distinct possibility.  The current melting of the polar icecaps, and especially the devastation of the Amazon forest, may be a ‘tipping point’ beyond which life on Mother Earth will be radically different from today.


It’s not just the Amazon. The video in this article had me in tears because of the hapless creature tortured by human stupidity:

If you live in a small Indigenous community, subsistence farm 100 acres, have 7 children, 1 small tractor/utility machine and practice a hybrid form of Catholicism and ancient nature/ancestor worship: do you have a greater negative environmental impact than if you live in San Francisco, have a 1/4 acre lot, 2 children, 2 cars, a riding lawnmower, a heated pool and no solar panels, buying all your energy in the conventional USAin manner we call " the dream "?
Just wondering???

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It’s true. The most equitable distribution of battery resources is via plug-in hybrid PHEVs, not all-battery BEVs like the Tesla. Daimler Truck now manufactures a BEV with a huge 550kwh battery pack. Tesla ‘S’ is an 85kwh pack. Ford/Prius PHEV rated an effective 110mpg has a suitcase size battery pack of 5kwh. Should we direct resources to “ONE” freight truck, 6 Tesla ‘S’ sedans or 110 PHEVs? The freight rig discharges twice daily, so double the numbers to 13 Tesla, 220 PHEVs or the ONE truck. Don’t be surprised if Daimler ‘grabs’ all the PV solar arrays it can for huge solar farms in rural locations along freeways near truck recharging facilities. The rich will maintain profitable markets of dependent consumers this way.


I’m not sure if I agree if the Catholic Church is one of the big causes of overpopulation, will need to research more on the topic, but I do agree the Church is, like all institutions of the powerful, is an organization built to serve the greedy elite. While the current Pope talks a whole lot better than his predecessors, if he really wanted to walk the walk he would use all that money and “tithes” the church has accumulated and actually put it into something actually humanitarian. But hey protecting child rapists takes a lot of money I guess.

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