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As CBP Orders Medical Checks for Minors in US Custody After Two Deaths, Critics Ask, 'Why Are They Jailing Children' In the First Place?


As CBP Orders Medical Checks for Minors in US Custody After Two Deaths, Critics Ask, 'Why Are They Jailing Children' In the First Place?

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that it would order medical checks for all minors in its custody following the deaths of at least two children in recent weeks, critics expressed alarm at the neglect that children have faced in immigrant detention centers thus far—and issued reminders that they shouldn't be detained, especially for long periods of time, in the first place.


The Nazis in America must be proud to have Hitler reincarnated in the form of bumbling orange baboon.


Ideally, they wouldn’t be jailing anyone because no one would have been able cross the border illegally.


Do you ever wonder why people choose to leave home and attempt a risky passage to somewhere unfamiliar, where they’re plainly not wanted (at least by some) and where their prospects are uncertain?

No, probably not—even though your ancestors, unless you’re Native- or African-American, did exactly that.


A firing squad is too good for these A $$ wipes dealing in human suffering and death.


Asylum is a guaranteed international human right, agreed to by the U.S. People from Central America fleeing political or criminal violence have the right to seek asylum.


I do not get why they take the migrants over the border instead of sending them back. Personally I think any business should be closed down when they hire illegals.


What would happen if people from the USA sought asylum in their countries?


Excellent question.

All I ever hear on this site is what a shit hole this country is and how much most folks (claim) they’d like leave if only they could.


Thanks for asking. I live in Central America, and I can tell you that there are many thousands of US citizens living in the countries of Central America (CA)–not as asylum seekers, but there are plenty of those, which I will get to in a moment. First I want to tell you what I, as a foreigner, am entitled to here. As a resident of this country, here are a few of the benefits I can receive: I can take advantage of the public health care system, apply to the government and be accepted (as one US citizen I know, was) for a government program that gives grants for needed home remodeling/repair, and be granted discounts in many businesses for enrolling in a program that offers benefits to older people.

There are also asylum seekers here from other CA countries, who have been welcomed and accepted–they don’t all head for the US, as you seem to believe. Here, they can work and receive all the benefits that are offered to me. This is also true of other countries in CA. For instance, if I go to Nicaragua, which is not where I live, I can get medical treatment from the public health system there.

You may not remember, or weren’t paying attention, but two (or three) years ago there were hundreds of people from Cuba who wanted to get to the US–the only group that’s allowed into the US w/o question–you know, because the US government has never forgiven Fidel for taking his country back for his people. These Cubans, rather than risk the boat trip to US shores, flew to Ecuador, the only country they could enter w/o a visa. Ecuador made a deal with Costa Rica to accept them, on their way to the US. While the government of Costa Rica was working on a plan with its northern neighbors in CA to get them to the US border, it provided them with shelter and food for something like two months, in some pretty nice places. Finally, a plan was worked out with El Salvador to fly them to that country , where they could make their way to the US border. This is certainly NOT the kind of treatment immigrants/refugees receive from the US government, as you will have to admit.

So, I’d respectfully ask you to get off what looks to me like your high horse regarding refugees from the South, and maybe feel some compassion for their situation. You do know that US foreign policy in the region is the overwhelming reason for this crisis of people fleeing their countries, don’t you? If you don’t, I’d suggest you educate yourself.


Please see my reply to mealouts.


Says who? What international organization can force a country to let anyone in who wants in?

No, application for asylum is common around the world, but it’s not guaranteed by any enforceable “legal controlling authority”.

Getting to simply enter any country and establish residence for any reason whatsoever isn’t guaranteed by any country on earth as far as I know.


Two errors:

  1. “for any reason whatsoever” : WRONG. Application for asylum includes reasons, not “any reasons whatosoever”.

  2. “establish residence”: WRONG. asylum does NOT include “residence”, because asylum is NOT the same as residence, let alone citizenship.

If you have NO compassion for people fleeing threats to their lives, there is no reason to discuss any of this with you. Closed-minded bigots never learn anything from history, facts, nor arguments. They simply sit in the noxious stew of their closed-minded bigotry and expect others to come to agreement with them. Nope. Arguing with closed-minded bigots is a waste of time. Don’t bother replying, because you won’t get any response from me, except contempt.


Look , this is fine, but it is also a distraction of the main issue in the USA- that the economy is designed for and only works for the rich. You live in Central America- is there a connection there- family work etc,? Living off of the citizens of another country- not cool.


There is Israel with the Jewish diaspora- but there are rules, regs, laws etc. Also Israel is a high tech country, and people are not going to live there for free. I get your point. Also, interestingly enough- many people ( including people on this site) would rather “support” migrants than what they look down on as the labor/union class right here in the USA. It’s the ivory tower. Perhaps they look at these migrants as the latest “cause” or as their future maids and butlers.


They can seek it- but why not go to Mexico? I understand that Mexico even gave them rides to the US border- in other words- let once again the USA pay for them- we do not want them. Let Mexico and other nations stop being helpless and donate their share.


The treatment of all these immigrants who are trying to immigrate legally is a crime against humanity. The treatment of children simply drives home the cruelty that is behind it. Bolton wants to withdraw from the International Court because he knows this policy, and many others, is criminal behavior. This Junta of Cruelty and Incompetence needs to be held accountable by the international community and it’s leaders indicted and brought to trial. There is no justification for what is happening on our southern border.


I’m a bit confused by your response, so will answer it the best I can, given my uncertainty as to what you are saying. You asked what would happen if USans sought asylum in the countries of CA. I answered as best I could, regarding immigrants from the US and from countries in CA who have arrived where I live.

Yes, the economy only works for the rich, but blaming that on immigrants doesn’t make sense. Immigrants in the US end up largely doing jobs that USans don’t want to do–pick crops, clean homes and hotels, lowly service jobs, iow. The same is true of the immigrants from CA in the country where I live–they largely do jobs that the citizens here don’t want to do–pick coffee, work banana plantations, etc.

I live in CA because I visited here before I retired and fell in love with the people and the country, so decided to move here after retirement–another reason being that my SS and pension are not enough to support me in the US. I can’t imagine what you are thinking of when you speak of living off the citizens of another country. Do you mean because I’m entitled to use the public health care system, for instance,just as I could if I were a resident of any of the western countries who have public health care systems, such as Canada, Germany, Great Britain, etc? Each person here, including me, pays a small monthly amount based on income, and is therefore entitled to medical care, prescription drugs, hospitalization, etc.

If that isn’t what you were referring to, I am totally lost as to what you are thinking. People aren’t living off another country, nor do immigrants to the US wish to do so. Their lives have been destroyed by the conditions in their countries, largely created by US policies, and they are merely trying to stay alive. The least we can do is to treat them with respect, not treat them as invaders, IMO.

One thing I learned from a beloved poli sci professor in college, a man who had lived and worked in CA, is that the culture of peoples in Latin America is much more inclusive and community-centered than US culture, where we are taught to take care of ourselves, work hard, make good, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, yada, yada. The US has a much more individualized culture than those to the south–here where I live people are much more likely to take care of each other, look out for each other–it isn’t me versus him/her. They don’t view me as the ‘other’, as you seem to do, regarding immigrants, they view me as another human being. I have seen the people here, when there is a natural disaster, such as flooding a few years ago, band together and donate from what little they have in the way of food, to give to their neighbors who were flooded out of their homes and had nothing. Quite a difference from flood victims in Calif recently, who were camped out in a WalMart lot because they had nowhere else to go, but were told they had to leave. Welcome to the United States of Animosity.


So now Mexico ought to be held accountable for the horrific conditions caused by the US in Central American countries? The US can screw any country on Earth, and its neighbors should be responsible for cleaning up the mess? If, as you say, “we don’t want them”, then perhaps ‘we’, rather than blaming the victims, should demand that the US government quit destroying other countries for the benefit of its corporations and military interests.

BTW, I remember reading that Mexico did offer asylum to some of the migrants, and some accepted the offer. Mexicans also offered food and shelter to those in the migrant caravan, as they made their way north.


Then why didn’t Mexico have them stay? Not buying it.