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As CDC Says 'Do Not Go to Work,' Trump Says Thousands With Coronavirus Could Go to Work and Get Better

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/05/cdc-says-do-not-go-work-trump-says-thousands-coronavirus-could-go-work-and-get


I know what to do…elect Biden! He will know exactly what needs to be done - cut social security, start a new war, bail out the banks and strengthen Obama care so all will be well.


You beat me to it. I’m sure ol uncle Joe has a plan for that, he’s just keeping it to himself for a while longer, “ oh a squirrel! Boy that takes me back Jilly. Remember the squirrels at our old house? When their little cheeks were filled with nuts they looked just like Jean Kirkpatrick. Wow, was she an ugly broad! Great handshake though, firm, like a mans. Jilly! Is there any hot chocolate left? Man I could use a good hot chocolate right now. And Irish that up a little, will ya baby? Nothing l like more than sitting here watching the squirrels and getting hammered on a Thursday morning. Oh, what were we taking about? Healthcare? Shit Jilly, just tell them to pay for their emergency room visit with a credit card. That way the debt becomes securitized and those lazy pieces of shit can’t declare bankruptcy to welsh on paying. Hey, who am I, fucking Santa Claus? Speaking of that, what are you getting me for Christmas this year Jilly? I hope it’s something that begins with a B, heh…?”

We are so screwed.


Trump said that people may have the coronavirus with mild symptoms snd not even be aware they have the coronavirus. THEY are going to work and recovering. He is NOT encouraging people who know they have the coronavirus to go to work. Is the “journaist” intentionally misinterpreting Trump’s words or has a comprehension problem.


Mr.Trump is the virus we need a cure for…let us hope there is a cure before the end of the year… I mean 4 years has been so long to have this fungus among us.


Trumps incoherent ramblings sounds like something mentally challenged Biden would say.

Go to work and spread it to your fellow workers. Be sure to blow your nose on your sleeve.


"They don’t even see a doctor, they don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people."

Hmmm…could it be that possibly they lack health care insurance or if they do they can’t afford the co-pays and high deductibles?


Can there really be any doubt now that Trump wants coronavirus to spread and cause chaos - chaos he will use to further consolidate his grip on power?


All too true. It is often estimated by the CDC that for every reported case of the flu at medical facilities every year, there are ten people that have it that just didn’t get medical treatment. And the majority of them either just couldn’t afford it, couldn’t take a sick day from work to go to the doctor, or a combo of both.
This nation is ripe for a pandemic for the simple reasons that over half of us just can’t afford to go to the doctor, and most of us go to work or school when we are already sick.
Well this, and for the most part Americans no longer believe in collectivism, so they feel they have no obligation to community well-being whatsoever.


What he is saying is to not take this coronavirus “flu” too seriously, that people could keep going to work, and be fine. He wants it to spread, and to me it’s quite obvious why he would do that. He wants chaos.


Trump is enamored with the word, “hoax”. Could it be that he is the hoax made possible by the business party (both wings)? Is he that ignorant or is he actually deflecting attention away from his own con?


I totally support our President in urging people to keep working sick or not - especially White House and Senate Staff members. They should not let a little thingk like coughing, sneezing, and fever deter them from their important work. LOL


And spend as much time as possible in the company of our presidunce, thereby increasing the chances he will get it.


Coronavirus or not, I ALWAYS encourage my staff and co-workers to stay home no matter HOW sick they are - even just a head cold. Because I don’t want to get sick! How is this NOT common sense???


You don’t understand.
This is Trump’s answer to Social Security and Medicare.
If we can kill off the people who have paid into it for all of their lives, then we can come our ahead as these people will no longer will be collecting the benefits that they earned.
You have to look at the big picture.

Plus, if enough people are infected, President for Life Donald Trump can declare martial law and call of the November elections.


I bet SNL borrows this one! Jason Sudeikis as Biden. So sad and sorry about the ending though.

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trump IS the Monster, the psychopath, the leech, the fungus,that we were all warned about as children! This trump thing really needs to GO, yesterday if possible! Being as how the brain of this president does not seem to work quite right, that reminds me of another high profile criminal by the name of Al Capone, yes, that Capone, the one who was brought down by tax avoidance, BUT…also the victim of the brain destroyer AKA syphilus! (spelled correctly…?) Remember trump bragging that NOT getting an S.T.D. was his VietNam…very interesting thought/idea. Can’t think of a more suitable victim than trump for the Big-S!!


You obviously have no clue about protecting public health and vulnerable fellow citizens. Going to work spreads this virus no one has immunity for. No one. Not even the One you so slavishly quote and interpret for.

Maybe you cannot understand 3.8% death rate, latest observation by World Health Organization: WHO. That’s 3.8 deaths per 100 cases, nearly 4 out of 100 people. In days after getting it. Usually flu has 0.1% mortality or death rate. That’s 1 death per 1000 cases.


It’s obvious he means to kill us all. Can we call the guys on the grassy knoll now?


I think those dudes were put through a wood chipper a long time ago.