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As Centrist Democrat Who Lost Reelection Attacks Medicare for All, Progressives Respond With the Facts


As Centrist Democrat Who Lost Reelection Attacks Medicare for All, Progressives Respond With the Facts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite losing reelection in November after running on a fervently anti-Medicare for All platform, outgoing Sen.


This tactic the means by which those of power try to SHAPE Public perception rather then deliver on what the Public in fact wants.

Mr Donnely is subtly trying to stroke the egos of Midwesterners suggesting they “special” and a “breed apart” from those Easterners. This will be mixed in with messages of them being more “self reliant” and wanting to earn all that comes to them. The intended outcome is this. The people hearing this message will want to be part of that Midwestern group because it makes them special and stand out. They then nod along and say “Yes I am independent and self reliant and want to EARN what I get unlike those other peoples and Mr Donnely is correct”.

It a con and the people are cluing in.

The Centrists are a greater enemy to the progressive platform then are the far right. They are the ones tasked with getting the progressives to ACCEPT what the Far Right in fact wants.


This is why calling them “centrist” is so infuriating. They are only a notch or two away from the Republican party that they vote with, some of them over 60% of the time.

But tell that to the “centrist” Democratic voter, who is willing to lose their Social Security, Medicare, justice system and more for the privilege of “winning.” In some places one could run on a platform of 100% Trumpism, and be elected as a Democrat, just because “any Democrat is better than a Republican.”

Arizona just elected Kyrsten Sinema to the Senate in the “Blue Wave.” Sinema voted with Trump 62% of the time, but for voters in Arizona, that’s a liberal, folks.


“Centralist” are out on the end of the right wing gang plank … so close to the end that Republicans are getting their fingers stepped on. They say: ‘We’ are fighting for the things ‘you’ believe in … like tax cuts for billionaires and eternal warmongering? They know you Joe. Too bad someone better than your sorry a… was not on the ballot.


Donnelly is a sore-looser “centrist” stooge for corporate health-care and rule of big-money just like Claire McCaskill who said: “I’m a little confused why she’s (Alexandria O-C) the thing. But it’s a good example of what I’m talking about, a bright shiny new object, came out of nowhere and surprised people when she beat a very experienced congressman” - what she means by “very experienced” (Joe Crowley) is a cog in the wheels of business as usual, and sabotage of progressive/left politicians and our issues! “Centrist” Dem equates to "sellout!

Yeah, the “centrist” Dem’s “don’t get it” and never will as long as they embrace the increasingly right-wing “center” and the Quisling big-money whores of the DINO leadership!

The DINO strategy since at least “slick willie” has proven to NOT inspire, not support issues, support progressive politicians, or create the base of voters needed to actually win elections (except when the DP candidate speaks “progressive” then betrays his base, ie Obama). Such failure is insanity inspired by corruption and self-interest!..doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!


The UK passed universal healthcare just after the war I believe 1948. Canada passed “Medicare” in 1961for all of Canada. Donnelly & McCaskill are fucking losers and should get out of the way or get run over by the liberal/progressive train. Fuck both of them, ya lost, get the fuck off the stage.


Same kind of crap I hear in Arizona. Many people from the midwest Bible Belt are anti-environment, anti-clean energy, anti-union, and anti-single payer and they love to retire in Arizona. Unfortunately, they also like to vote and that is one of the reasons Arizona is so backwards. Looks like voters are changing though, even in the midwest, so I see some hope.


Great idea, but where will the money come from? The devil is in the details. It is time to do some serious planning.


Sinema started out as a Green Party activist. So, what is actually in a name, label or a political policy agenda?..Did the Greens change their policies so radically that Sinema and Trump are now kindred political soulmates?
Btw- Questioning the vagueness of the term " progressive " is laughable in the context of politicians like The Beto or Sinema who vote for far right and reactionary Trump acolytes’ political prescriptions. What is green when mixed with MAGA bright red? A darker red is a possibility, correct?
The difference between a liberal and a progressive is the difference between Sen. Sanders and Sen. Kerry or President Obama on tax and other policy matters, foreign treaties and trade agreements being an obvious rift. The difference between The Beto and Sen. Sinema is the difference between Roosevelt ( FDR ) and President Reagan. So, " and never the twain shall meet " becomes a real difference with real and measurable distinctions.
Just sayin’.


Same place every other civilized nation on Earth gets it—from taxes.

When Businesses are not subsidizing the corporate insurance policies of their employees along with the bloated salaries of the insurance execs; when individuals have the burden of overpriced, for-profit insurance lifted from their shoulders along with the outrageous price gouging of the pharma corporations, and when every taxpayer is contributing via a progressive system such as we had for three decades when the middle class was an actual thing, there will be aggregate savings in the trillions of dollars and no one will be left out of the health care loop. We don’t need insurance companies whose sole role in this fiasco is to make a profit off our illnesses.

That’s where the money will come from…


You have fallen into the standard neo-liberal and conservative trap. A road block for any legislation that will benefit the masses over the MIC or the rich. Bringing this point up gives them [false] ammunition to use against progressive legislation, and scare the under educated into voting against their own interests. Does the right ever consider the costs associated with what they want for themselves or their protected interests ?
I suggest we stop this narrative and self defeatism, and when pushed on the subject, offer up items dear to them:
Reduction in our ridiculous military and spying budgets,
Rollback the tax breaks for the rich,
Increase the tax rates on the wealthy,
Increase the tax rates on corporations,
And if all else fails, just print the money (they use this method all the time),
All other industrialized and some 3rd world countries have found ways to fund universal healthcare to benefit their citizens, it’s beyond comprehension to assert the US can’t afford it.


The USA claims itself as the richest Country in the world but can apparently only afford to spend on its Military.

There LOTS of money to “pay for it”. The issue is not the money. The issue is that this impacts profits of the Health Insurance industry and the for profit health care industry. When a Politician in the USA claims there no money to pay for it he or she is saying “We would rather that MONEY go into the pockets of the 1 percent”

That is it.


55% needs to be improved–Activists in Indiana start knocking on every door!! Get your library to host and other groups to sponsor events that educate the public on how HR 676, Expanded, Improved Medicare For All will work. Write many letters to the editors of papers in your state, organize demonstrations in support of HR 676. Town hall meetings and lots of pressure on elected officials.


Defeated “centrist” senators Donnelly and McCaskill aren’t headed for the unemployment line. They are staying in Washington as lobbyists serving Big Money. Already they are working their new jobs when they attack the rising stars of the progressive movement. It’s predictable that they are attacking Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just as another turncoat lobbyist, Howard Dean, has attacked Tulsi Gabbard. There is nothing personal in any of these attacks; it’s just part of the job.


Leave it to a Canadian to set the US record straight!


Donnelly sez:
“When you talk ‘Medicare for All’… you start losing the people in my state.”

Oops. May have just torpedoed your shot at that lucrative Canadian lecture tour there, Joe.


Here is another from this Canadian:

From The Real News:


Progressive tax rates. But your’e also asking the wrong question. The question you asked should be applied to the items at the bottom of the priorities list. Healthcare should be at or near the top, along with dealing with the climate crisis and housing the homeless. I nominate the Defense Department budget to anchor the bottom of the list. Then we can apply your question there.


The coasts are where the centrist Dems like Hillary did best. They were rejected in the middle of the country, where first Bernie and then Trump beat them badly enough that an overwhelming margin in CA and NY could not save them.


I am seeing a mob guy in the late 1920s shooting down a bunch of other mob type guys with a tommy gun saying, “It ain’t nothin’ personal; it’s just part of the job.”