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As Centrist House Democrats Attack Medicare for All, Fox News Poll Shows 72% of Voters Want 'Government-Run Healthcare Plan'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/centrist-house-democrats-attack-medicare-all-fox-news-poll-shows-72-voters-want


Too BAD, the Creative Class & Yuppie Liberals don’t NEED it. Must be us Rooski BOTs, sowing divisiveness AGAIN? DNC must need us actual Democrats to go out by the millions and get our asses gassed, arrested or shot so they can tell us how we’re “all in this, TOGETHER?” There ARE an awful lot of BMW, Tesla, AMG Daimlers, Geeley Volvo EVs every where in Manhattan’s UWS this lovely 72° evening; a FEW are even wearing masks (while the "essentials"are suited up in Level A HazMat suits to deliver sashimi… Here, we go, yet AGAIN!) I wonder, if they’re AFRAID to hide from our COVID germs, upstate? Wonder if them MAGA is looting, raping & burning all their $12K artesian free range gelato freezers?


…primary these motherphuckers from the left and hit em hard.


And yet they have the gall to blame progressives when they lose.

Progressives: Hey Dems, will you do anything for us?

Dems: No. Now go vote for our corporate picked stooge. And if we lose, it’s your fault.

This is literally what is happening, folks.


Pelosi and the Centrist Dems are the problem. Nobody is excited for status quo Nancy.


Who Needs Trump, when you have these Dems supporting Medicare for None


But, if our government actually took away our beloved ACA, which mysteriously… we’ve all lost, along with any W4, living wage job (they’d off-shored or replaced with indentured 1099 virtual sharecropper gigs) just as we’re evicted and the surprise out-of-network ER, ICU, PhARMA bills roll-in!

~https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html (Make America GAG Again)

~https://www.dissentmagazine.org/blog/a-blow-for-labor-rights-in-california (take THAT, “essentials!”)

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/the-aca-is-becoming-a-political-problem (some, more “essential” than others?)


Parties lose elections when they do not pay attention to what people are thinking and saying. Biden is only close to winning because Trump is so awful. Democrats ought not take this year’s election as a vote of confidence in their plans.


Hey, Beautiful, can I cry on your shoulder?

So I’m calling in Tennessee for Marquita Bradshaw. This fellow says he’s not voting.
“They’re both racists”, he says.

“Don’t vote for either one! Marquita is a great candidate running for Senate.” I told him about her.

“What does she think about Black Lives Matter?” Well, I didn’t know exactly and was worried about turning him off. But I told him about my daughter getting tear-gassed in Portland, and singing in a gospel choir in Oakland, and that I believed she supported the movement.

“What does she think of the Proud Boys?” She hadn’t made a statement about the Proud Boys as far as I knew, but I told him I was worried I’d get into it with one of them and get myself strangled or shot.

I have no idea if this fellow ended up by voting. Marquita lost. But I learned, over and over, how fed up people were with the top of the ticket. How could I tell him Biden wasn’t a racist? I’m with you, and we have to get our message out.


So, this worthless, corrupt, out of touch party, run for and by rich people, is saying (during a pandemic, and with the healthcare system killing up to 70,000 a year before the pandemic, forcing half a million a year into bankruptcy before the pandemic, locking people into jobs, and costing individuals thousands more and society trillions more than single payer would) that people don’t want to radically change this system. This is what happens when corrupt rich people that are opposed to the left control a party when the country is falling apart thanks to their corruption and rotten policies. They are no more logically reachable than Ted Cruz. They must be confronted and beaten. It is a class war and they aren’t in my class. We have two right wing parties in this country, and I am ready to fight back for once in this class war.

I hate these people.


Your daughter is a hero (my hero). Thank you for raising her the way you did (however that was, it produced the kind of woman our planet - and the Life inhabiting it - need).

i “get” where brothas (im assuming the man you were talking to was an african american, based on the questions he asked you) like this are coming from, but they need to do their own research. Not that you’re not trustworthy (quite the opposite!), but… y’know 🤷

I’ll just say that men like the one you spoke to (and myself) should make it our personal mission to ensure that nice ladies like yourself (or your daughter) need not fear that kind of thing - EVER again. It’s way past time for that much…


The real progressives - midwest - were at hard work for Bernie five years ago. They are not johnny come latelies getting two stories a day here at common dreams. But they are the correct, real future of the democratic party.

Today, the Clinton, Obama, Cuomo crowd are running the DNC show. Please notice that this group of dummies spent how many millions for senate races and unseated how many republicans?? Schumer may shake the wall street and bank bushes for easy campaign dolloars, but the dems wasted it all to failing consultants: Do this, don’t do this = reublicans won.

Then some house mouse Clyburn, who gave us Biden, backs off medical himself while publicly accusing Trump and republicans of doing the same.

Dems get drubbed 2022 so bad that they fail again in 2024. Probably still have nancy and hillary running the dem party. (sarcasm)


Health care is logical, not left.

A healthy population produces more and is better able to apply intelligence to complicated problems.

No farmer denies health care to plant or animal production. Rich people with no common sense and major political power are driven by senseless incurable insatiable want. They would go broke as dirt farmers.

Healthy people also live well and have mire fun.


Gawd, i wish i could “heart” your comments more than once…


Uh, what? Farmers routinely deny health care to their plants and animals, depending on which decision makes the most profit. Cow broke a leg? Slaughter today instead of next year. Although the analogy makes sense, that the ruling class sees us as their livestock, and ruins our lives at their whim, depending on what decision makes them the most money.


Whimpy liar vs. Whomper liar gets us a nowhere president as we plunge into radical rapids. The other government leaders are mostly following flapping jaw the oligarch.

Now that the election is over, perhaps you will help devise a five or six choice policy heading (Let’s avoid complex monetary theory for now). ≈https://www.autonomousdemocracy,org

A set pf preference choices is need to continue development.

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Totally off-topic, but i really wish that this forum wouldn’t limit the number of “hearts” i can give out in a given period of time. I love a lot of what you guys are sayin’…


Interesting… How many hearts per hour are we limited to?

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You are not familiar with farming. Profit for a farmer is maximized with a healthy farm. It’s a very simple formula for a nation or a farm.

Maximum health = Maximum long term profit

Many books are written about mortgages to buy two hundred horse power tractors etc. Farmer suicide rate is high. This is not good health. It describes imminent bankruptcy for farm or nation.

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Exactly so. But Nancy is not listening as usual. She’s shoveling THIS manure…

Pelosi: Biden has ‘tremendous mandate’ to push Democratic agenda

Tossing the ‘M’ word around quite freely