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As CETA Advances, New Reports Warn Deal Will Ruin Economies, Cement Corporate Power


As CETA Advances, New Reports Warn Deal Will Ruin Economies, Cement Corporate Power

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As the pro-corporate Canada-Europe trade deal notched another victory on Monday, a pair of new studies underscored how the health, rights, and livelihoods of people on both sides of the Atlantic will suffer under the pending deal.


The election in Germany over the weekend showed some interesting results.
Merkel’s Christian Democrats got drubbed along with the Social Democrats.
The SPD won 21.6% of the vote, down 6.7%.
The CDU won 17.5% of the vote, down 5.8%.

The anti-Capitalist Left Party got 15.7% of the vote, up 4%.
The nationalist, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany got 14.1%. (Trumpism in Germany.)

Merkel will remain in charge, but only by a whisker.


Wh not decide these things by referendum?


Can someone explain to me how it is possible for sovereign governments to subordinate themselves to corporate interests? Oh wait…never mind.


Simple: They would be defeated. So much for democracy!


Just the opposite. See this example:



I think, you misunderstood my reply above. These things will never be put up to referendums, because the would be voted down. As far as direct democracy is concerned, we live on a different planet from the Swiss.


Why would the people vote against their own interests?

In peaceful or violent revolution everything is possible. The odds favor the ones who plan ahead.


The “election in Germany” was simply an election in the city state of Berlin with only limited impact on the federal scene. The next federal election will be in November next year and the situation will be a lot different by then.
For explanation see: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/merkel-reelection-chances-remain-good-despite-poor-results-a-1112916.html.
Having said that, it is clear that Merkel’s adherence to the unpopular trade deals have had an impact on he popularity.
Any dissent based on her acceptance of that huge flood of refugees will be largely flattened out by then as the newcomers will have been absorbed by then.


They wouldn’t, that is why those in power will not give them that choice.


A revolution usually deposes those in power.


They’re doing It to you as we speak. Your U.S. democracy is but an illusion. Your politicians and institutions dance to the tune of their money.


Because they believe what they are told is in their best interest. Jump to the tune of what their Corporate controled media tell them. People are lemming. Too busy trying to earn a living, to be entertained, focused on the mundane, etc. No time to be informed, to critically analyse, to be informed, too tired to get involved, etc. See themselves as powerless. etc. Don’t really know what 's in their best interest.


And that is why governments are militarizing their local police. The new enemies of the élites are the domestic masses that are there to seek their fair share. Multinational Corporations have no national or cultual allégeances, unlike governments they have no citizens whose wellbeing they are there to arrive to ensure. Their workers are not citizens, they are expendables commodities that can be located anywhere in the world. The Lower the costs of their commodities, the greater the bottom line returns that end in the oockets of their élites.


When their governments are in the oockets of the Corporations.


Follow the money.


“So what are we getting out of this?”"


Right, until it hits them hard in the gut. I hope that this is starting to happen now.


Being a first-generation Swede, I wonder how long it will take the U.S./CIA/banks to decide we need regime change in Scandinavia? I know the RW fascists are moving in all over Europe; and to think my uncle Carl died in “The Battle of the Bulge.” My dad begged him to enlist in the Coast Guard as he and another uncle did the day after Dec. 7. My uncle and his wife had no children, so of course he was drafted into the ARMY, where all the grunts go.