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As Chilcot Inquiry Nears, Tony Blair Hints He May Fight Verdict


As Chilcot Inquiry Nears, Tony Blair Hints He May Fight Verdict

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has hinted that he would refuse to accept the verdict of the highly anticipated Chilcot Inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq if it concludes that he privately signed the country up for war while publicly claiming a final decision had not yet been made.


Blair needs to occupy one of the empty cells at Guantanamo.


Yeah, let's make damned sure we "have a full debate" on this verdict Tony, just like you fought hard to ensure "we have a full debate" about all the issues and implications about launching your war of aggression.

Fucking turd.


Also the question is not "Did people know that Tony Blair wanted to launch a war?" nice shifty move to try to make that the question. The question is "Did Tony Blair lie, cook the books, and rig the game behind the scenes, before any public "debate" happened?"


I would like to open this discussion by stating that there must be full and open investigations of all of those responsible for taking the world into the conflagration in Iraq after 911 to include another investigation of 911 itself. All of those responsible, if the evidence so directs, must be be brought to speedy trial for prosecution before a special court of law assembled for this purpose. Without proper investigation and prosecutions, if warrented, there will never be closure on this issue; and like the JFK, MLK and Bobby Kennedy murders, among other high profile assaination-murders, the questions of what really happened, by whom and why will forever linger over our people and those future elected officials who try and lead our country's citizens through the maze of ever more complex issues facing the world today and into the near future. In other words the shadow government and dark money, if it exists, must be exposed to the light of day. As Leonard Cohen said, "everything has a crack in it, that's what let's the light in." Trials just might let us see the cracks in our two governments, widen them to expose what is behind the wall, real or imagined, and began to allow the repairs to begin.


Tony Bliar may not accept the results of the report, but most everyone else will, hands down.


Excellent typo!


The advance statement that he will "fight the verdict", before it has been pronounced, is a de facto admission of guilt. I knew that he was a war criminal, but I had given him some credit for more brains.


Tony Blair, always in the running for the Universe's Most Preeminent Prick.

"…I don't think anyone can seriously dispute that I was making it very clear what my position was."

Oh yes, you made your position clear alright Tony you fucking war mongering prick. The problem is, that "position" was intentionally selling that war, and knowing full well that "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

If there is any justice Tony, you would be shoved out of a helicopter (with a parachute of course) over Baghdad, with your name tattooed across your forehead.

We'll get Bush to skydive with you, you fucking schmuck.

Imagine the Shock and Awe.


I think he should have cellmates. Those falsely accused of being terrorists, and then having to endure torture would make great company for Tony.

Conversations over tea.


The real experts in Middle East affairs warned TPTB that invading would destabilize the whole region
and lead to more terrorists. Blair, Bush, Cheney, etc knew the risks and that there were no WMDs, but invaded
anyway. The blood of innocents is on their hands.


Criminal war pimping politicians must be stopped.Putting people like shady Tony in prison would send out a great message.


"National Security" will be the last refuge of all of these scoundrels.


Agree with you.
None of this will happen without taking the pitchforks out of the barn.


In James W. Douglass' 2008 heavily footnoted work of Historical Non Fiction "JFK and the Unspeakable- Why He Died and Why it Matters", which the NY Times, to this day, has chosen not to review, the Who's, Why's and What Happened Then's are all laid out for the world to see
It shows, very clearly, where this All Started, how the foundation was laid for all the terrible events that would follow, right up to now.

The Evidence is there for any Prosecutor or Committee to see.


Whatever happens, the people of Great Britain at least had a process to question government officials over the decisions leading to the Iraq War. At least Blair is under a spotlight on the International stage.

Meanwhile, Bush is painting portraits at his serene multi-million-dollar estate, protected from the people by the secret service (at the people's expenses), so he can live out the rest of his life in total comfort and security.


It's been a while since I've thought about it, but does this go back to
the Downingstreet Memos?


Blair is a miscreant mouthpiece for the global totalitarian cabal that is oppressing, impoverishing, and murdering the world's citizens for their own gain. They compose way less than ten percent of one percent the population. Blair and his paid for corrupt contemporaries, for example Bush, and the cabal members should all be rounded up and tortured each for three days with needle-nose pliers and a blow torch.


Thanks for reference to "JFK: And the Unspeakable" for all to see. I have read that book and find it a must read for all. Most Americans are blind to the subject; many because they were either too young to remember, or not yet born and have grown up with what the propaganda (lies) of their school history uhbooks portrays. I recently was practically laughed out of a community gathering when I questioned the JFK assaination, and I live in a fairly progressive - liberal town. The identical Marilyn Munoroe dolls are ever more aligned and are moving neatly along the conveyor belt.


Hopefully the inquiry goes into that, and perhaps even digs further to uncover communications we may not have heard of. Doubtful, but we'll see.