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As CHIP Expires Unrenewed, Congress Blows Chance to Save Healthcare for 9 Million Children


As CHIP Expires Unrenewed, Congress Blows Chance to Save Healthcare for 9 Million Children

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Michael Hiltzik

Officials predict California, Arizona, Minnesota, and North Carolina will run out of funding by December or early in January


I can’t wait to see the tweets on another “good news” story from our president. Not.


Why help all those babies with nothing better to do than ask for a handout? Where’s the financial return on helping children? Those are the burning questions in the GOP.


Here’s the Senate contact page:

United States Senate

some potential text from the article to contribute to an email to your Senator:

The main problem facing CHIP… is congressional resistance to making it permanent. Under current law, the program has to be reauthorized every few years; Saturday’s deadline was the product of a two-year extension negotiated in 2015, the most recent episode of brinkmanship over whether Congress would act in time to avoid disruption. This time it failed.

To avoid the chaos, the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC), a nonpartisan congressional advisory body, recommended in January that CHIP be extended by five years to 2022, the better to inoculate the program from “heightened…uncertainty about the stability of the exchange market” and proposals to “change the structure and financing of the Medicaid program.”

MACPAC also recommended extending the 23-point funding bump to 2022 and eliminating a six-month waiting period imposed on children who lose employer-sponsored insurance.

Please take action to ensure that the most vulnerable children among us have access to medical care.


In AZ…I called McCain before the last healthcare shitvote…told him if people die from trumpcare it is state sanctioned manslaughter, 2 days later he said he’d vote NO and the thing hit the skids…if any sick kids die, guess what…“they”, whomever they are, are starting to cull the herd folks; sure seems that way to me anyway…I’m 66, broken, wornout and it’s a good day to die…but kids??? I’M GOING TO EXPLODE NOW…


Interesting how the so-called “family values” crowd DON’T include HEALTH CARE FOR LOW-INCOME CHILDREN in their “vales”. There’s a contradiciton to being all about "saving babies"BEFORE they are born by opposing women’s right to autonomy over our own bodies–but, saving ACTUAL LIVING BABIES with HEALTH CARE AFTER they’re born—NOT so much. In fact, ANYTHING that the ALREADY-BORN CHILDREN need from WIC (basic nutrition for pregnant or nursing mothers, infats & children under age 5)/food stamps, child care, after-school care and EQUITABLE SCHOOL FUNDING for ALL children–NONE of these are in the FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL or “Christian” Coalition agendas. What is? TAX CUTS FOR CORPORATIONS…CRIMINALIZING abortion & (ENDING ACCESS for MOST CONTRACEPTIVES), Discriminating against LGBT people. When will people realize that these theocrats do NOT care about ACTUAL children & families–but, instead want to CONTROL WOMEN & IMPOSE their FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGION on ALL through the power of the State.


Here is your opportunity to oppose (not resist cause that is not going to work) this dereliction of responsibility by congress. You can e-mail (the addresses posted on this site), call. or visit your representative and object. Because they are not going to stop with children.