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As Christine Blasey Ford Details Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kavanaugh, This Is What She's Looking At

As Christine Blasey Ford Details Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kavanaugh, This Is What She's Looking At

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Dr. Christine Blasey Ford detailed her sexual assault accusation against Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, a photo taken by New Yorker staff writer Osita Nwanevu shows that Ford was positioned directly in front of seven male GOP senators who have worked to ram through Kavanaugh's confirmation as quickly as possible without an FBI investigation.

Not only weird, but how stupid! I am sure Brett would have written on his calendar: ON THIS DATE I RAPED A GIRL! The fact that Brett would even think of using a personal 1982 calendar for evidence shows me he is totally unfit to be even a judge let alone a Supreme Court Justice.


The calendar episode certainly seems to speak of how Brett Kavanaugh values his ‘legacy’.
Might this calendar be a valuable treasure to show to his two daughters, or an employer evidence of the need to write schedules as means of obfuscating all else NOT recorded?
Might his high school activities provide object lessons in how he defines his place in history/time/space/legacy?
Interesting that he says that what happened at Georgetown prep stays at Georgetown prep, but now that he has, at his own convenience, negated that, it would seem most revealing of deeply institutionalized hypocrisy to refuse equal access, something the effete are notorious for.

Time for Ford to step forward. That is, if what motivated the book has not yet been oppressed by the members of his whateveryouwantocallit. If its ‘class’ - its certainly lacking in it; if it’s elite, its definitely effete; if its ‘well educated’ its is certainly proving more ‘conditioned’ - one could continue down the line of claims made by those who attend ‘elite’ schools as the result of their demonstrably ‘effete’ consequences are killing the planet. But… never mind.

I always study Body Language and these Male Chauvinist Pieces of … really show their true nature.

This says VOLUMES about how GREAT the ol USA really is



This is not a He said, She said situation.

This is a She said, He continues to perjure himself situation.


Well, it strikes me that these men are, effectively, Kavanaugh´s ex post facto accomplices. It´s all of a piece with the rape and pillage of the country they have collaborated in, if not orchestrated. Indeed, one wonders how many of them have engaged in their own personal variations on such sexual assaults as Kavanaugh is alleged to have participated in, if not perpetrated himself.
There´s no question but that, in any case, these power monkeys consider themselves exempt from legal restraint, else how is it that they did not toss the baggage out when the first evidence of his lying under oath came to light? Is this what “defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” looks like to them? Perhaps they themselves actually regard their own oaths of office as having as much value as a frozen turd on a winter sidewalk–as their actions throughout this hearing process demonstrate with an unparalleled vengeance.

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What a portrait, the stench of entitlement and hypocrisy hangs over this gang like a rank chili fart.

VOTE THEM OUT! And keep voting them out until every last one is GONE!

As re: the calendar, he said he didn’t jot down everything like church on Sunday and brushing his teeth. Maybe he just didn’t jot down the assault, it was as insignificant and meaningless TO HIM as brushing his teeth. Oh, but he still attends church on Sunday. Wonder if he goes to confession?

Does anyone here have a 1982 calendar in you’re possession ? Unless he’s a hoarder, this is total BS.

Take a good look at the picture, most in it can’t even fake interest.

If he did he would have to ask forgiveness by saying: “I raped a girl and lied about it!”

I thought you could bypass rape in the confession booth ?

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